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Divination on playing cards: love and desire

Divination on playing cards: love and desire

Of all types of card divination, fortune-telling on simple playing cards is the most accessible and easy way to know the fate. Despite the simplicity of the layouts, fortune-telling on playing cards can tell you in detail and accurately about everything that you wish. The only condition that exists in this type of fortune telling is that playing cards you are guessing on should be used only for fortune telling.

You cannot play them, otherwise all the predictions of the future will be wrong.

Guessing cards on love is increasingly popular with women. And if most of them are fortune telling about love and relationships, then this fortune telling will tell you about the feelings that the men you are interested in feel for you.

Take a deck of 36 cards and take four jacks. Put them in a row in front of you and guess on each of these cards the name of the person who interests you. In other words, each jack would symbolize one particular man whose feelings you would like to know. Shuffle the remaining deck, remove with your left hand, and begin, in order, to lay four cards in rows up to the top of the card until the entire deck is finished.

As a result, eight jacks laid out vertically should be under each jack.

After that it is necessary to find paired cards in each column. For example, two sixes or two aces. All cards that match the true value should be placed above the jack in the row of which they were.

After all the paired cards are over, you can collect all the remaining ones, shuffle them, reload them and distribute them in pairs again. Then you can proceed to the interpretation of divination.

If the jack has formed two aces, then the person who is thought has a passion for you.

If the jack has formed kings, then this person is jealous of you.

If ladies fell out, then he has another woman who competes with you.

If dozens fell out, then you are interesting to this person.

If nines have fallen, then the one whom you have made, loves you.

If the eight fell out, then the person is waiting for a serious conversation from you.

If two sevens fell out, he is looking for a meeting with you.

If there are sixes, then this person does not take you seriously.

If there are two equal pairs in the row at the same time (for example, four nines fell at once), then this reinforces the value of the cards during divination. If one of the jacks did not have a single pair, then this is a sign of that, then you are indifferent to this person.

Guessing a desire can tell you about whether your dream will come true or not. In order to guess the fulfillment of a wish, you must take a deck of cards, shuffle it and make a wish. After that, put 15 cards face down.

Aces that will fall must be postponed. This alignment must be repeated three times. If in the process of this fortune telling on the playing cards all the aces come out, then your wish will be fulfilled.

Before guessing the future, it is necessary to remember that in order for the fortune-telling to be truthful and give an exact answer to the question posed, you need to properly tune in to this ritual. If you think that guessing playing cards is always and everywhere, then you are mistaken. For an accurate prediction, you need to familiarize yourself with the lunar calendar for a month and find out which days are best to guess. Choosing the right good day for divination, you need to tune in to the information you want to receive.

To do this, in the room where you are going to guess, you can light incense and candles. All this will create a certain attitude and your consciousness will naturally prepare for the divination ritual.

To believe the cards or not is the business of everyone. However, the very fact that fortune-telling on cards is one of the most ancient ways of obtaining information about the future can already play in favor of choosing this particular fortune-telling method.

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