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Divination on playing cards — layouts and values

Guessing on playing cards, popular layouts and their meanings

When an important question arises in life or you do not know how to act in a given situation, you can try to get a hint with the help of fortune telling. Many fortune-telling on playing cards — layouts and meanings are simple.

This makes fortune-telling rituals available even for beginners.

Divination on playing cards - layouts and values

Allocation of cards for divination can be used to solve a variety of problems. To divination was true you need to focus on those issues that interest you.

Be sure to shuffle the cards for a few minutes before the layout. In this way, an energy bond is created with a deck of cards, which helps to obtain true information.

This method of fortune telling is very popular and in demand. It was also used by our great-grandmothers, but in the modern world the interpretation of maps has changed.

This fortune telling allows you to predict the events of the past and the future. In addition, it is very important that this alignment of cards during divination can give a hint how to act correctly in a certain situation.

You need to lay out cards at night, but always until midnight. In the fortune rite, a regular deck of 36 cards is used.

First, you should carefully shuffle the cards, and then carry out the following actions:

  • Remove the cards with your left hand toward you.
  • Lay out the first five cards in front of you on the table.
  • Again, remove the cards with your left hand toward you.
  • Put the following five cards on the previous ones on top.
  • A similar action is repeated again.
  • Put one card separately.

Alignment consists of five columns of three cards, in addition, one card lies to the side.

The interpretation procedure is as follows:

  • The cards in the first pile tell about your character traits.
  • Cards in the second stack will point out the problems that are most troubling you at the moment.
  • Maps in the third stack give a description of your home and close environment.
  • Cards in the fourth pile describe what was.
  • Cards in the fifth pile predict future events.

Divination on playing cards - layouts and values

For the most various layouts, often, the classic interpretation of the cards is used, namely:

  • Ace: heart of — family well-being, as well as advice that you need to love and take care of loved ones; Bubnov — a warning that you need to follow the news, so as not to miss something important; club — wait for interesting information in the letter; peak — bad news.
  • King: Chervovy — a stranger; Bubnov — secret admirer or just a friend; Trevovy — married man; peak — the enemy or foe.
  • Lady: Chervovaya — a stranger; Bubnovaya — familiar woman; club — a married woman; Peak is an envious person, making intrigues and spreading gossip.
  • Jack: heart of — friend or friend; Bubnaya — a warning that someone is trying to deceive you; club — pleasant chores; peak — empty household chores.
  • Ten: Hourly — making a profit soon; Bubnovaya — emphasis on the fact that everything in life will go well; club — expensive purchase; peak — you can commit an act that can repel a loved one.
  • Nine: Chervovaya — evidence that in your environment are good and reliable people; Bubnaya — evidence that the started business will end successfully; clubs — positive changes are outlined in life; peak — pay attention to your own health.
  • Eight: heart — you need to overestimate your life preferences; the diamonds are an indication that one should not doubt the sincerity of a person; clubs — you need to expect a gift from a loved one; peak — tears and disappointments caused by betrayal.
  • Seven: heart — do not be afraid to take risks, it will lead to success; diamonds — next door is a true friend, relations with which you need to appreciate and cherish; Trefovaya — the period of luck has come and you need to use it; peak — an unexpected, but very unpleasant turn of events can occur.
  • Six: Hearts — lucky or unexpected luck; diamonds — all desires will be fulfilled; clubs — it is important to listen to the opinions of other people; peak — forced separation.

Divination on playing cards - layouts and values

Guessing on playing cards, the layouts of which can be very diverse, should also be carried out taking into account the combination of different cards that fell in close proximity.

In addition, when interpreting, you should consider repeated maps in the immediate vicinity:

  • Two sixes indicate that the kindness of the soul will contribute to the realization of the most secret desire, you need to have patience and just go through difficult times.
  • Three sixes foreshadow unnecessary trouble, and the life situation will develop in such a way that the help of an influential patron will be needed.
  • Four sixes predict a pleasant and successful journey, but you should expect conversations behind your back and envy.
  • Two sevens foreshadow vivid life emotions and events.
  • Three sevens emphasize that you can not deviate from the chosen course, otherwise there will be serious problems.
  • Four sevens indicate that soon it will be necessary to clarify the relationship with the chosen one or the chosen one, in addition, they may be a precursor of the trip.
  • Two eight or nine say that you need to act in no doubt, only in this case everything will turn out.
  • Three eights or nines foreshadow troubles in the near future, it is very important during this period of life to work responsibly.
  • Four eights foreshadow the onset of life chaos.
  • Four nines predict great joy ahead, so do not be upset over trifles.
  • Two dozen portend serious problems, but at the same time friends will support in difficult times.
  • Three dozen indicate that you should prepare for serious life changes.
  • Four dozen foreshadow the fact that in all endeavors will succeed.
  • Two Jacks warns about gossip and intrigue.
  • Three jacks predict a conversation with a person who will influence your life.
  • Four Jacks foreshadow a fun pastime with friends.
  • Two ladies indicate that in the current situation of life it is necessary to find a compromise, otherwise you can lose a lot.
  • Three ladies warn that women need to be cautious.
  • Four ladies warn you that you will be in the center of gossip.
  • Two kings need to be attentive to avoid problems.
  • Three kings foreshadow a business meeting.
  • Four kings symbolize familiarity with an important person.
  • Two aces recommend to help a loved one, in addition, it should be remembered that the rush in this life period can be very harmful.
  • Three aces — luck will accompany in everything.
  • Four aces predict the implementation of all plans.

It is very important to consider any alignment on playing cards in general. It is important not only to use the values ​​of a particular card, but also to listen to your own intuition.

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