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Divination on Christmas Eve January 6

Divination on Christmas Eve January 6

On Christmas Eve, each person can feel the energy of magic spilled in the air. Many use this magical time to look into the future and find out what destiny is preparing.

Our ancestors used Christmas Eve to learn about things to come. The magic of this day fills every person, and the ability to feel magical streams increases. Traditional divination passed on from generation to generation and survived to our days.

It is possible to use the wisdom of ancestors even now in order to be ready for all the turns of life and not to miss significant moments.

Divination on the nature of the betrothed

The ancient ceremony is aimed at finding out what husband is being prepared for the girl by fate. In the evening, the girl should dress in a loose bright dress and put 3 cups of water on a tray. In each you need to put different flavors: sweet, salty and sour.

It is necessary to turn off the light and light a candle, then turn the tray several times with closed eyes and choose a glass at random. Sweet water means a kind and gentle husband, salty prophesies that many tears will be shed and there will be disappointments in life. Sour taste means a sad and boring life filled with disappointments.

Divination for a prophetic dream

On the night before Christmas, 4 cards are taken from the deck. These can be jacks, kings or aces. For each person makes a certain person. Cards are removed under the pillow.

In the morning after waking up, you should approach the mirror and carefully peer into your reflection with the words: “You told fortune-tied to your betrothed, you learned your fate. Kohl is not nice man, leave him forever. » Then the pillow rises neatly.

The card, which lies separately from the others, will denote the hidden fiancé.

Guessing on the mirror

At night, 2 mirrors are placed on the table so that a peculiar corridor is formed. A candle is lit between them. The girl sits down and peers into the depths of the reflections. After some time, your own reflection will fade and begin to manifest the appearance of a man destined by fate.

If a girl recognizes a boyfriend and he likes her, she says: “My condemned man, come to me, take me to you. Our love is strong and eternal. » If she sees the features of an undesirable person, then she says: “Chur me, mind you”, blows out the candle and wipes both mirrors with holy water.

Then she herself washes herself with the words: “Holy water, wash away the sorrows from me, protect you from danger, save you from trouble.”

Divination by phone

Modern divination helps to look into the future and find out whether the wedding will be soon. The girl is alone and dials a random number. If the man answers, then the wedding rush is not far off. A female voice will postpone the celebration indefinitely.

If you are unbearable and want to get married, you can repeat the fortune-telling and directly ask the question to the invisible interlocutor. Dial any number and ask if you will get married soon. Do not forget to thank the other person and wish him a merry Christmas.

Love ceremonies are considered strong and powerful in their energetics actions. Their influence occurs on the subtle level of emotions and feelings. Self-confidence and a desire to change life for the better will set you up for success and goal achievement in the shortest possible time. We wish you success on your personal front, and do not forget to press buttons and

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