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Divination on bread: how to know your destiny

Divination on bread: how to know your destiny

Since ancient times, bread is considered a sacred product. It is a symbol of life and energy. If you believe folk signs and beliefs, then the bread can determine the future.

Known ancient custom, when the future bride before the arrival of matchmakers baked bread. By baking, the groom’s relatives learned everything about the girl: her character, whether she was healthy, what awaited her in the future. Many centuries have passed since then, but this custom can be applied in our time.

Bioenergy says that when making bread, a person puts into it a piece of his soul, which affects the quality of baked bread, its appearance and even taste. We ourselves often noticed that the same pastry always turns out differently: for someone it is more lush, and for someone it is hard and dry. To determine your future, you need to bake bread and carefully look at what happened.

Take the simplest recipe for bread or other pastries (only without the filling) and try to predict your future.

Let’s start with the taste quality of the bread. The tastier the pastry, the easier and brighter the aura of a person.

If pastries turned out light and lush, this is a sign that luck plays a big role in the life of a cook. Difficulties seldom come across on his way, and all problems are solved by themselves. Such a person has a light hand and a kind soul.

If the bread turned out tasty, but heavy, it indicates a wise and kind person. However, his fate will be difficult. Such a person will suffer a lot, resentment will accumulate in his soul.

If the baking is lush but tasteless, this indicates the stinginess and prudence of the person who cooked it. Such a person is accustomed to seek only at the expense of the labor of others. He is impudent, intrusive and selfish.

If the bread is burnt or, conversely, turned out to be under-baked, this indicates a lack of logical thinking. Our ancestors tried not to trust such people and avoided them, believing that they attract failures.

If baking is never lush, this can be a sign of damage or the presence of negative energy in the house.

If the pastries turned out neat and beautiful on the outside, and inside the pulp consists of large holes, this is a bad sign. It was believed that the hostess baking such bread awaits a difficult fate. Holes in the dough mean a bad aura, attracting trouble.

Such people, according to old beliefs, had a very difficult time away from their home.

If baking suddenly cracked — this is a bad omen. Cracks meant the death of a loved one. For the cook himself, this is a prediction of global changes in life and difficult trials.

If baking is constantly burning, then a person is promised a difficult fate because of his grumpy nature. He can change his destiny only if he changes his attitude to life and to himself.

If the bread turned out crumbly, then changes are coming in life. In addition, the social circle will change very often: new friends will replace old friends.

Whatever the predictions, our ancestors everywhere tried to keep a small loophole for themselves in order to at least somehow correct their future. If the girl did not like the prediction of fate, then she brought all the bread as a gift to the house keeper, the keeper of domestic well-being. According to old beliefs, the house-spirit could regret the unhappy one and protect her from all the difficulties of life.

If you move away from the theme of popular beliefs and look at this fortune-telling from the standpoint of bioenergetics and psychics, bread can really predict the future! After all, in the process of cooking, the hostess puts her soul, thoughts and energy into it, and what comes out in the end is a reflection of her inner state and prediction for a future life. Like this article? Then be sure to put and

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