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Divination of the Tarot on the feelings of the chosen one

Probably, it is safe to say that any girl in love is eager to find out what her chosen one feels for her. Guessing Tarot feelings allows to clarify the situation and choose the right style of behavior.

Simple enough layouts can give a complete answer to a question about the relationship of a loved one.

You should know that you should not trust to solve the feelings of the chosen one to another person, because the process of divination is very simple. But at the same time, it should be remembered that in order to obtain reliable information your sincere belief in magic is important.

Tarot divination for the feelings must be carried out with its own deck of cards.

Divination of the Tarot on the feelings of the chosen one

Alignment, allowing to assess the feelings of the chosen one, involves the use of four cards from the deck, which contain only Senior Arcana. This fortune telling on the tarot of a person’s feelings is called the “Pyramid of Love”.

After the deck of cards has been carefully shuffled, four cards are randomly pulled out of it.

They are laid out before the questioner as follows:

  • The first card will be located in the center of the bottom row;
  • The second card is laid out on the left side of the first card;
  • The third card is located on the right side of the first card;
  • On top of the first card is laid out the fourth card.

Thus, the resulting alignment is a pyramid, the basis of which is three cards.

He treats the positions as follows:

  • The card in the first position characterizes the guessing person in terms of his attitude to the chosen one;
  • The map in the second position tells about the feelings of a loved one, as well as about his influence on the questioner;
  • The map in the third position describes the relationship between the partners as a whole, which makes it possible to draw certain conclusions;
  • The map in the fourth position indicates a possible development of relations in the near future.

Divination of the Tarot on the feelings of the chosen one

Guessing at the Tarot on the feelings of a person involves a careful study of the values ​​of the cards.

To decipher the fallen cards in the scenario, you can use the following interpretations that relate to people’s relationships:

  • Jester — the ease of relationships and full confidence in the partner, based on spiritual closeness.
  • Magician — recognition of the partner’s skill and appreciation of his natural abilities, as well as the desire for complete mutual understanding.
  • The priestess is a complete mutual understanding and respect for partners, absolute satisfaction in the sexual sphere.
  • The Empress — sincere concern for the partner and the preservation of loyalty.
  • Emperor — the desire to dominate and the lack of flexibility in relationships.
  • Priest — complete harmony with a partner, based on the natural wisdom of man and his life experience.
  • Lovers — real and sincere love, based on sexual compatibility and the desire to care for a partner. But on the other hand, the card symbolizes the thought of a possible choice.
  • The wagon is a force uniting partners, is the pursuit of a common goal, but not love feelings.
  • Balance — smooth and friendly feelings in a relationship based on reason and the desire to understand a partner.
  • The hermit — the lack of understanding and desire for intimacy, as well as the unwillingness to listen to the opinion of a partner and share with them their secrets.
  • Wheel of Destiny — a keen desire is always near the partner and constantly communicate with him. Full understanding and sexual compatibility.
  • Strength — conflict due to dissatisfaction with a partner, which may lead to a break in relations. Very rarely such a card can symbolize a strong sexual passion.
  • The hanged man is a disappointment with a partner and dissatisfaction with relationships, which can lead to a crisis.
  • Death — the threat of a complete rupture of relations, sometimes aggressive behavior.
  • Moderation is love based on kindness to a partner. Consent, honesty and harmony in relationships.
  • The devil is a selfish attitude towards a partner, internal fears and suspicion that can provoke dishonest deeds.
  • The tower is a very tense relationship with a partner, sometimes physical abuse. Disappointment in a partner, due to the fact that he did not meet expectations. Very often the card is a harbinger of parting through severe pain.
  • A star is a complete understanding based on respect and friendship. The euphoria of relationships with a partner and the desire to be with him is always there.
  • The moon — distrust of the partner, and sometimes fear of continuing the relationship. In some cases, the card symbolizes treason or the impossibility of overcoming contradictions.
  • The sun — a strong negative tension in the relationship, due to misunderstanding and constant disagreement with a partner.
  • Court — addictive partners to each other and the beginning of a serious change in life.
  • The world is complete satisfaction with partner relations and interchange in various areas. Maturity and stability of relationships, and a full understanding of the partner.

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