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Divination of the tarot desire or cherished dream

Each person dreams that the most intimate desire in life is fulfilled. According to the laws of magic, it is believed that dreams always come true, if not to interfere with the natural course of events.

Tarot fortune telling is a very demanded ritual. First of all, its usefulness lies in the fact that a person is given a chance to understand which external energies support the cherished dream, and which oppose it.

Divination of the tarot desire or cherished dream

In order to carry out Tarot divination to desire, you need to use a special layout, which involves the use of six cards. After the deck is shuffled, you need to lay out the cards as shown below.

Their positions are interpreted as follows:

  • The first map is laid out below. Its value indicates the driving force, that is, the source of help to make the wish come true.
  • The second and third cards are laid out on the right and left sides respectively. In this case, the second card indicates what can be hoped for in the fulfillment of desire, and the third card symbolizes the obstacles that may arise on the way to the fulfillment of desire.
  • Above the second and third cards are laid out the fourth and fifth cards. They need to be interpreted together, and they indicate what a person needs to do to make a wish come true.
  • The sixth card is placed on top, and its value is the result of all divination.

This divination of Tarot to desire is simple and it can easily be spent even by a beginner on its own. Allowed to use a deck of Tarot cards, consisting of Major Arcana.

The following are the main interpretations of the maps, which can become the baseline for decoding the alignment:

  • Jester It does not give a definite answer, because a lot of external factors affect the desire to come true. In the inverted position, the answer is definitely positive, but only if the questioner has full control of the situation.
  • Magician gives a positive response in a straight line position, but at the same time portends life changes. In the inverted position, the answer is negative, due to reasons independent of the questioner.
  • Priestess gives a streamlined answer and may indicate that desire itself may have a fantastic bias.
  • The Empress gives a positive answer and indicates that there are no significant obstacles. But in the inverted position symbolizes that, then the desire will come true only after a while.
  • The emperor indicates that the desire will come true, but at the same time it may become a trap for humans. In the inverted position, the answer is negative.
  • Priest always a positive response to the fulfillment of the desire relating to the spiritual realm and negative to material dreams.

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