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Divination Lenormand: how to know your future

Divination Lenormand: how to know your future

Divination Lenormand in our time are very popular. With them, anyone can predict their own destiny with incredible accuracy. In addition, the Lenorman layouts allow us to find out exactly how the course of events in this or that situation will turn, and what consequences a particular act may entail.

In this article we will talk about how you can find out your future with the help of Madame Lenormand cards.

Alignment «Five Elements»

In order to predict fate, we use the fortune-telling «Five Elements». Each of the cards in the scenario will correspond to a certain element and will give you information about how things will work out in various areas of the life of a fortuneteller, and in conclusion will summarize and tell you exactly what to do to avoid trouble.

Before you use the fortune-telling Lenormand, you need to choose your personal card. It is called the «blanca». If the person you are guessing on is a man, then preference should be given to a 28 card (ace of hearts), if a woman, then a 29 card (peak ace).

The blank card must be placed at the head of the whole layout.

Now you need to concentrate on what exactly you want to know. Think about your desire and alternately pull out and put 4 cards next to each other. Then pull out another one and place it under the next row.

Open the cards and you can begin to interpret divination.

Interpretation of cards in divination

In order to understand what you are trying to tell Fate through this fortune-telling Lenormand, you should pay attention to the position of the cards. To begin the interpretation of cards in divination, it is necessary from left to right:

The first map will denote the element of Fire. She will tell you about your secret desires and plans for the future. Also in this scenario, Lenormand Fire Card may indicate exactly what you should do in life.

The second map in this fortune telling corresponds to the elements of the Earth and tells about the state of your work and projects. Also this card can indicate your financial situation.

The third card is your personal life. It corresponds to the elements of Air and tells the person about the role that surrounding people can play in the planned situation.

The fourth map is your inner world. If you want to know your future, then you should pay special attention to this value, because it reflects your feelings and emotional state at a given time. The interpretation of this card in fortune-telling will indicate how you should better act in a certain situation in order not to harm yourself.

Finally, the fifth card is your soul. Professional fortune tellers also call it a karma card. In Lenormand divination, she points to your mission, to those events that will certainly occur in the future, and which you cannot influence.

So, if you want to know the future, you can use this simple fortune-telling on playing cards, which can give you answers to any questions. In order for the result of fortune-telling to be the most reliable, try to resort to ritual only on odd days of the month. We wish you good luck and do not forget to click on the buttons and

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