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Divination Lenormand: alignment and the value of cards

Divination Lenormand: alignment and the value of cards

Divination on Lenormand maps appeared in France at the end of the 18th century. The name of these cards received on behalf of their creator — the seer Maria Lenormand. In those days, this woman was very popular. Even high-ranking officials knew about her abilities and unique method of divination.

Lenormand predicted the fate of Napoleon himself and was able to see the political fate of France.

Maria Lenormand invested her gift in the creation of maps, which subsequently acquired special value. One of the main features of Lenorman cards is the comparison of each card with a particular animal, phenomenon or object. This makes it easy to interpret the result of divination and to see in more detail the situation of the future, past and present.

In order to ensure the uniqueness of Lenormand divination for the future and find out the answers to all the questions of interest, we suggest you try the situation «for the situation.» This divination will help to understand the complex problem, to see the causes and effects of all that is happening, and, of course, it will show the future.

Before fortune telling, select your card. If you are a woman, then your card will be the 29 card of the deck “Woman” (ace of spades). If a fortune-telling man, then his card will be the 28th card “Man” (ace of hearts). Put your card in front of you and shuffle the rest nine times.

At this time, focus on what worries you most.

Lay out the first nine cards in three rows of three cards. From left to right and upwards. After that, you can proceed to the interpretation of divination by Maria Lenormand. Maps are analyzed from left to right:

The first map (in the upper left corner) means the past. Through it you can find the events that have already occurred, as well as the reasons for the problems in the present.

The second map (central in the top row) is the present. This is what worries the guessing person, the situation that is happening at this time, the details of the case and so on.

The third card is perspective. This map indicates how the case will evolve, based on the current situation.

The fourth card (left in the middle row) — action. The card indicates what a guessing person should do in order to influence the current situation or in order to realize his plans.

The fifth card is the relationship. This is what connects past and present. An indication of the means by which to change the course of the current event.

The sixth map is influence. The map indicates what influences the guessing person.

The seventh card is the future. This is the direction and development of the situation.

Eighth card — potential. The map indicates the resources of the power that a guessing person has to fulfill their desires.

The ninth map is the total, the likely result. This is how it ends.

The interpretation of divination is based only on the value of the cards. That is, in this scenario, there is no need to look at the relationship of the underlying cards.

Let us turn to the value of Lenormand cards:

  • The rider — the good news, the visit of a good man, new beginnings.
  • Clover leaf — good luck, success, fulfillment of desires.

Guessing cards Lenormand allows you to find out the details of your future and thoroughly understand the problems. This method of fortune telling is not as popular in our time, but in many cases it is much more effective and truthful than the fortune telling on Tarot and ordinary cards. Guess on the cards, know your fate in advance and do not forget to press the buttons and

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