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Divination & laquo; Three cards & raquo; for the near future

Guessing «Three cards» for the near future

Everyone wants to be able to look into the future to find out what awaits him. It is not so difficult, because there is a huge number of rituals and divinations. One of the most effective is card divination.

Guessing «Three Cards» will help you find out the future concerning the most important areas of life: love, work, finance and health. To do this, you only need a regular deck of cards, preferably a new one.

The beginning of fortune telling

So, you need to get the cards in the way. As the time of day is better to choose the night, closer to midnight. The most truthful fortune-telling will be in the Full Moon and the New Moon.

Considering that these two states of the moon are about two weeks apart, we can say that this period is quite suitable for fortune telling.

Sometimes it can happen that one forecast comes true in less than two weeks, and everything predicted happens within two to three days. And it also happens that you lost your fortune, but the predicted events do not occur or happen after three weeks. No one says that divination will be extremely accurate every time.

It depends on you and on your strong or weak energy.

So, you interfere with a deck of 36 cards, which should be new. Psychics advise not to play these cards — they should be hidden from prying eyes absolutely always, like tarot cards. You take out three cards from below, and then put them on a table or other flat surface face down.

Divination for love

The first thing that everyone always wants to know is how things will go in relationships, marriage, family, searching for the second half. The first card is your love for the near future. Say: «Raise the map, shed light on love.»

In love is important suit. If it is hearts or diamonds, then the changes will be positive. Trees and spades suggest otherwise.

Figures from 6 to 10 is an indicator of how strong the changes will be. 6 — weak, 7 — noticeable, 8 — very tangible, 9 — serious, 10 — momentous.

If you get a card with a picture, you will not know the degree of change, but you will know who will help you or prevent you from seeking happiness in love. Black cards will disturb you and red cards will help. Jack: your friend, colleague or friend.

Lady: woman. King: man. Ace: your enemy.

Divination for money, work and success

Suit is not important. Before opening the card, utter a conspiracy: “I consider my money and always check it. Who will help, who will not.

Here, now I will find the answer. ”

Six. Monetary success will come to you if you follow the generally accepted rules and do not break the law.

Seven. If you come across this card, then in the near future you will find a pleasant surprise associated with work or money.

Eight. During this period, old problems and turmoil will be outraged. Perhaps you will feel the first echo of the rash decisions made in the recent past.

Nine. Solving problems with money is near — you just need to find the right key to this door.

Ten. You can be deceived or betrayed, so that important negotiations can be thwarted, transactions canceled.

Jack. Many people can provide you with serious help and support. Feel free to ask for help.

Lady. Intuition is not the best assistant for the near future. Money loves caution and calculation, not impulsiveness.

King. There will be only one person who will make you richer. Find it to you yourself.

Ace. No gambling. If you start playing, suffer an inevitable defeat.

Perhaps you will be asked to lend money — do not do that.

Fortune telling

Look at the cards that fell to you before. Random luck will visit you more often if the third card converges with one of the two previous ones. In the first case, when it comes to the love sphere of life, the color may coincide.

If only the color matches, then luck will be with you, but only in critical situations. If the card matches completely, then you will be driving almost all the time. If neither the color nor the value of the card matches, then luck may turn away from you for the near future.

In the case of money, you should pay attention only to the value of the card. In money, luck can be predicted less often, because the value can only coincide with a probability of 11%. Look positive in everything, because if you know that good luck is indifferent to you, you will be fully armed, ready for anything, for any adversity and problems at work and in money.

This divination has been used for hundreds of years, but from time to time it undergoes some changes. As it is now, it can be seen for more than a century. Divination on the cards came to us from Europe, where noble ladies tried to find out the future, but so that they were not considered witches.

They turned to fortunetellers, who taught them the skill of fortune-telling on playing cards. One important rule has been preserved until now. It sounds like this: when you guess cards for the future, remember that you are not just trying to find out what awaits you tomorrow.

You take a step towards discovering yourself, because any fortune-telling connects a person with his energy and shows attitude. This means that to some extent your mood determines your destiny. And so it is, for fate is a choice, not something predicted.

You can always change destiny, so predictions limit you in some way. Use them as a motivator who says: «Act, do not rely on luck or chance.» Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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