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Divination in wax and sand: looking for love and looking to the future

Divination in wax and sand: looking for love and looking to the future

Summer is a time of divinations and rites. There are calendar rituals dedicated to church and folk holidays, but there are also rituals for every day. We will tell about them in more detail.

Divination for love and the future are considered the most common. However, it is often advised for them to take something difficult to access, for example, to acquire Tarot cards, to get bird feathers or clay shards. But not everyone has the opportunity to look for pigeon house throughout the city or to say goodbye to a pot for baking.

So, you can focus on available, but no less effective ways of fortune telling. One of them is, of course, divination by wax candle.

Divination with a candle for the future and love

For fortune telling on wax, paraffin from a candle will actually go. But on a wax candlestick divination will be more in line with the old tradition of this rite.

Let the candle burn a little before proceeding to the ceremony. During this time, you tune in to the desired mode, and the candle is saturated with the energy of flame and fire. Prepare in advance all that you need: a bowl of water (it is better to take an iron), a tablespoon and a knife.

After putting out the candle, cut a little paraffin or wax with a knife. Next, melt it in a tablespoon on the fire, gently heating it. Do not burn your fingers and be careful: the fire does not like to be treated frivolously.

When wax or paraffin has melted, everything is ready for fortune telling. Having formulated your question into the Universe, pour the wax into the water. This should be done in one motion, not too quickly, but also without dosing the wax (or paraffin) drop by drop.

The resulting figures can be judged on what awaits you.

The initial wording of the question is very important. As the decoding of the wax figure depends on it. For example, if you asked if you would find a promising job, and paraffin showed you a ship figure, you are probably in a position with business trips. And if you wanted to know if you will find your love this summer, the same answer can be a pleasant journey.

Perhaps — a holiday romance on vacation.

Arab sand telling

This fortune telling came to us from Arab countries. It is called geomancy, and all you need for it is to find a little sand, a horizontal surface, and liberate consciousness. Meditation is good for the latter.

Pour a handful of sand on a flat and smooth surface, smoothing it with a thin layer. Then focus on the question. When setting it, mark points in the sand with a thin wand. Do it arbitrarily, following the flight of thought, and not the desire to create a concrete image on a sandy surface.

For loyalty it is better to close your eyes. So it’s easier not to be distracted from the main thing — from the mental formulation.

Then decipher the resulting figure. To do this, connect the dots. You can use the same wand by drawing lines in the sand.

To enhance communication with the universe, you can immediately prepare a special sand. Extend the boundaries of fantasy and do not be afraid to do something wrong. For example, you can take sea or river sand, if your questions concern the future — changeable, like water. Then divination will help you pave the right course to the goal.

And for questions of love sugar. And, of course, do not take the earth from those places where it absorbs negative energy. For example, from crossroads.

These simple but effective fortune telling will help you find out what awaits you in love and in further destiny. Remember that any result of divination is only the probability of an event, albeit a very significant one. However, fate still remains in your hands. Follow the call of the heart and do not forget to press the buttons and

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