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Divination in the name of the future husband

Divination in the name of the future husband

At all times, young girls wanted to know how their future spouse would be called. We have reached several divinations in the name of the future husband, which will help to find out the whole truth and answer all the questions about the second half.

Divination in the name of her husband by passersby

Divination by passers-by — the oldest and most accurate way to find out the name of the future husband. Here it is only recommended to guess during the national holidays (Christmas, Baptism, the August spas, and others). The essence of fortune telling is simple: in the morning a girl needs to go out and ask the name of the first man he meets.

This name is her foreshadowed by fate.

In our age of advanced technology, it is possible to guess the name of the future husband in such a way without leaving the house — the phone would be only at hand. You just need to dial the first number, and if the man takes the phone, ask him for his name. Do not forget that these fortune telling should be carried out only on significant dates.

Divination for the future of her husband on paper

This fortune telling can be done any day. To do this, take a few pieces of paper and write a male name on each one. Put all the pieces of paper under your pillow and go to bed. In the morning the first thing you do not look without looking at the first piece of paper with the name.

So they will call your future husband.

Guessing on the name of the future husband on a pendulum

This fortune telling is the most difficult, but, as they say, misfires does not. Guessing should be after 11 pm. To do this, you need a ring, thread and a piece of paper. On a sheet in a circle, you need to write the letters in a circle at approximately the same distance.

Hang the ring on a string, then lift it over the sheet in letters and call your betrothed with the words: «Taught, numbered, what is your name, tell me.» This phrase must be repeated until the ring begins to move towards the letters. It is necessary to trace which letters indicated the ring and put the name out of them.

In the desire to know your future, and even more so the name of your future husband, there is nothing shameful. The only thing to consider is the frequency of divination. Do not open the curtain of your future too often. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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