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Divination in the Christmas night

Christmas is a special, mystical and magical holiday. Christian traditions in it merge with ancient pagan magic and mysticism. This holiday is celebrated in that period of the year when short winter days are only beginning to grow after the winter state.

This is the moment of the very beginning of the next cycle in the great circulation of natural elements. This makes divination on Christmas night extraordinarily exciting, filled with the mystery of magic and mysticism.

Divination in the Christmas night

Traditional divination on Christmas night is very diverse. Girls are wondering about the future husband of a boyfriend, children, wealth and well-being in the family, their fate.

In order to determine the nature of the future husband, they use fortune telling with a rooster. For this fortune telling, water is poured into one plate, grain is poured into the other and both plates are placed next to the mirror. Then they let out the rooster and watch its first actions.

If the rooster first drinks water, then her future husband will be a drunkard. If he immediately began to peck at the grain — it would be prosperous and economic, there would always be wealth in the house.

If the rooster, before drinking or eating, began to look in the mirror, it means that the betrothed will be a walker and a womanizer.

Also ancient and divination are also popular on the night before Christmas for a future life. For such a fortune telling in the Christmas night in the boots or bag put different items.

One of the girls randomly gets these items, handing them out to her friends. Another item is taken leading into the hand, but not pulled out before one of the girls wants to get it. Those of the girls who will get the golden ring are waiting for a life of prosperity and wealth.

The girl who stretched the cloth, on the contrary, the husband will be poor and unlucky in business. If a girl gets sugar, it means her life is sweet, if the glass is riotous.

That girl who gets a handkerchief gets married to the most beautiful guy.

Divination in the Christmas night

These divinations are very similar to those on Christmas night on bread, wood and a headdress. In order to tell fortunes in this way, you need to put in a bag any hat (or some element of it), a piece of bread and a small wooden bar. It is desirable that these items were the same size.

Then you need to stick your hand in the bag. The forecast for your future life depends on what item you grope before.

If you get bread first — stay for you in the maids, if the headdress is a wedding is waiting for you, if the tree is a coffin.

Another type of ancient fortune telling on the night before Christmas is fortune telling with a ring. In this fortune-telling girls gather in a circle and take turns rolling the ring on the floor.

That girl, whose ring will roll to the front door, will be the first to get married.

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