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Divination from Natalia Vorotnikova

Divination from Natalia Vorotnikova

Each of us at least once in his life thought about, and what, in fact, awaits him in the future. For many girls who have not yet met their soul mate, one of the most relevant types of divination is divination for the betrothed. Psychic Natalia Vorotnikova shared with us one of the surest ways of divination to the groom, with which any unmarried girl can find out who her second half will be.

Natalia Vorotnikova recommends that this fortune-telling be on the groom on Friday evening on Saturday. Ask a married friend or relative to attend the ritual. For the most love of divination, you need a glass cup with water, two church candles, a sheet of paper, an iron tray and a wedding ring.

Place two candles parallel to each other and light them. Place a tray between them. Take a piece of blank paper and write your wish on it.

In this case, you need to describe your future beloved: his appearance, character, habits, what kind of future do you see next to him.

In order for the fortune-telling to the groom not to give a false result, Natalia Vorotnikova advises to concentrate as much as possible on her question. Try not only to imagine yourself, but also to feel him. So, after you have written your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper, it should be carefully crushed and set on fire from the flame of a candle. When the paper is lit, place it on an iron tray and wait until it is exhausted.

In this fortune telling, love should not be rushed, it is important to do everything correctly and measured.

When a piece of paper is exhausted, take a faceted glass and pour water into it, so that three-quarters of the container is filled. Ask your married assistant for a wedding ring, warm it in your hands and lower it to the bottom of the glass, and then place the glass on the ashes. The result of this fortune-telling at the groom you can observe in the wedding ring. Natalia Vorotnikova says that now it is necessary to peer inside the circumference of the ring.

It is there that the image of your lover should appear.

Chances are good that you will not be able to see the very face of your future loved one in the ring. This love fortune telling can also let you know the main features of his character. For example, if an animal muzzle with a grin appears in the ring, therefore, the man will be evil. If a jug or glass — drinker.

Here you will have to turn on your imagination and independently make the necessary analogies.

Natalia Vorotnikova said that this fortune-telling at the groom is considered one of the oldest and most faithful. It is important to remember that if you constantly wear a cross, then you must remove it before fortune telling. Otherwise, you will not be able to make contact with the other world. The best time for love divination is the period from 9 to 11 pm.

At this moment, our feelings are most acute, and we more easily perceive information from another world.

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