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Divination from Alexander Sheps: when you get married

Divination from Alexander Sheps: when you get married

At all times, girls and women wanted to know about when they are waiting for marriage, and who will become their spouse. Today, fortune telling is used by many psychics, one of whom participates in the 14 season of the “Battle of psychics” on TNT. Alexander Sheps has been engaged in divination for love for a very long time. He offers to your attention a few of his most accurate divinations.

So what to do to a girl who wants to know when she will marry, and what will be expected of her in marriage.

In order to divine marriage, Alexander Sheps advises, take a glass filled with three-quarters water. You will also need a thread about 25 cm long and a ring, preferably gold or silver. Thread the thread through the ring. If you have long hair, use your own hair instead of a thread, then divination will be more accurate.

A ring hanging by a thread forms a pendulum. Grasp the tip of the hair with two fingers, lift the pendulum above a glass of water and slowly lower the ring into the glass until it touches the bottom. Then just gently pull it out of the water so that it is in the glass, but not submerged.

After that, you need to focus on the ring and watch its movements. If it hangs smoothly, then in the near future you are not destined to get married. If it swings from side to side, and still beats against the walls of the glass, then soon you will be offered a marriage proposal. When exactly this happens, you can find out by how many times the ring hits the glass.

If once — marry in a year, if two times — wait for marriage in two years, and so on.

Another fortune telling about marriage, about which Alexander Sheps spoke, can answer the question about marriage in more detail. Take a whole tear-off calendar. If you already have a candidate for husbands (your young man, for example), then it is advisable to take the calendar of the year of your acquaintance.

In another case, you can take a tear-off calendar of the year of the present or the future.

Concentrate on your wedding, the psychic advises to even mentally present it, close your eyes and randomly tear out the first available calendar page. From what page with what day of the week you pull out, and your future will depend. The value of the days of the week, Alexander Sheps defines as follows.

Monday — you expect a romantic relationship, but the wedding may not take place and you will be the reason.

Tuesday — you are not destined to marry soon. It is possible that you yourself part with your loved one or scare your betrothed with your intolerance and rudeness.

Wednesday — you are loved. If you do not see this person next to you, then look around more carefully. After you reciprocate him, approaching the solemn wedding day will accelerate.

Thursday — You will be able to get married very soon. But everything will depend on how prepared you are for this.

Friday — you will marry very soon. And even if you still have no one, then in the very near future you will meet someone who will make you an offer.

Saturday — marriage in the near future is unlikely. The reason is that you are not yet ready to change your life so drastically.

Sunday — you will find love and a long married life. Very soon you will be offered an offer, but the long-awaited event itself may be temporarily postponed.

The easiest way to guess at the future wedding, according to Alexander Sheps, a participant in the 14th season of the “Battle of psychics”, is to see your wedding in a dream. This method is preferable because it is the brightest and oldest fortune telling.

Since ancient times, girls have learned the date of their marriage in dreams. In order to find out the answer on when you get married, do the following: take a red rose, seal it in a white envelope and put it on a growing Moon under the pillow. Before going to bed you need to concentrate on your future wedding.

Imagine her, what she will be, how you would like to see her. Then go to sleep. What dreams to the outside and will be the prediction of your future.

If in a dream you saw mountains, flowers, the moon, children, silver, water or fields, then marriage awaits you throughout the year.

If you dreamed of the Sun, large creatures, birds, animals, fish or paper, then you will get married no earlier than five years.

If you see a soldier, a hurricane, gold, a bell or a snake, then this is a sad omen. According to Alexander Sheps, there is a risk of getting married very soon and you need to check yourself for a possible crown of celibacy.

These fortune telling, Alexander Sheps chose as simple and reliable enough to guess at marriage at home on their own. The only rule, Alexander, in order to get an accurate prediction, you need to focus well on the process of divination and set yourself up correctly. Remember that fortune telling, whatever they may be, requires silence, complete concentration and self-reliance.

Do not despair if the prediction does not suit you. You can always change your fate for the better, said Alexander Sheps.

We cheer for Alexander on the “Battle of Psychics” and do not forget to press and

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