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Divination for Valentine’s Day

Divination for Valentine’s Day, which are so common throughout the Western world, is gradually gaining increasing popularity among us. After all, what time is better suited for love-telling, than Valentine’s Day, when the atmosphere is filled with love, romance and passion.

The powerful energy of this holiday makes love-telling divinations on this day very accurate, and the process itself is exciting and exciting.

Divination for Valentine's Day

In many countries widespread divination on Valentine’s Day on the first comer. The essence of fortune telling is that when a girl goes out on that day, she should carefully look at the first man he meets.

Her narrowed will be like this man. Many girls are afraid to meet an old and ugly man, therefore, leaving the house, utter a special conspiracy:

Divination for Valentine's Day

There is also a divination on Valentine’s Day, which helps to see your contented in a dream. To do this, you need to make a tincture on the rose petals and moisten in it two identical in shape and size bay leaves.

On the night before the holiday, place these bay leaves under your pillow a cross-cross.

Going to bed, say these words:

Very popular divination on Valentine’s Day loyalty to the beloved. To this end, on Valentine’s Day, water is drawn into the basin and two “boats” of the walnut shell are poured into it. Shells must be from one nut.

From the inside a small candle is inserted into each shell. To keep the candle well, melt the wax in its bottom, before inserting it into the shell.

One of these candles symbolizes you, and the other your beloved person, to whom you are faithful. If the shells are floating nearby, and the candles burn brightly, then your love will be long and happy.

If the shells diverge in different directions, and the candles are extinguished or drowned — this does not bode well for your love.

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