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Divination for treason by Merelin Kerro

Divination for treason by Merelin Kerro

If recently you have begun to suspect your loved one of infidelity, then in order to test your guesses it is not at all necessary to resort to the help of professional detectives or to arrange for your second half constant checks. The participant of the 14th season of the “Battle of the Psychics” Marilyn Kerro shared on her official website an old gypsy fortune telling.

Guessing for treason on the cards

In order to check if your loved one is faithful, you will need a wedding ring and a deck of cards. Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro recommends performing a ritual of divination for treason on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday or from Saturday to Sunday. As the psychic says, exactly these days the results will be the most accurate.

Light a candle at midnight and place your wedding ring on the center of the table. Pick up a deck and separate tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces from it. The rest of the cards in this fortune telling will not be needed.

Under the ring, put a jack of hearts and carefully mix the remaining cards.

Then mentally concentrate on your soulmate and say out the question of interest. Draw four cards from the deck and lay them on one card from the central one from left to right, while saying “What’s in the heart, what’s in my head, what’s right now and what I’m waiting for,” says psychic Marilyn Kerro. And then look at the interpretation of the fallen cards.

The interpretation of cards for fortune telling

Ten — your second half is true to you, but in the future there will be a difficult struggle with competitors.

Jack — Your couple is surrounded by numerous gossips and envious people, so you shouldn’t believe everything they say.

Lady — all your suspicions are groundless, so stop cheating yourself, and towards your loved one show care and understanding.

King — It is likely that someone is actively trying to steal your loved one. We’ll have to try hard to prevent this.

Ace — treason has been going on for a very long time, so it’s time to take a serious decision in terms of further joint future with your soulmate.

Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro has recently herself been in a serious relationship with another participant in the 14th season of the “Battle of the Psychics” Alexander Sheps. It is possible that during all this time Marilyn herself has repeatedly turned to the help of her fortune-telling for treason in order to check the loyalty of Alexander Sheps, because the magician on the air admitted that in all his past relations there was an infidelity of partners.

How relations will develop in a pair of Kerro-Sheps, time will tell. You can leave your comments on the topic under the article and do not forget to click on and

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