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Divination for the old New Year (January 13) at home: for the future, betrothed, wish fulfillment

Old New Year is a special, mystical time. On the night of January 13-14, the best time for divination comes. Old New Year fortune telling is available to all girls and married women.

There are a lot of ways to predict your destiny, each of them is interesting in its own way and can be done quite easily. There are many ancient and modern species that are fairly true.

Guessing can be alone or in a big company.

On the night of January 12-13, girls are guessing about marriage. The conditions of the ceremony are very simple:

  • loose hair;
  • a shirt with a magical ornament to protect against evil forces on the naked body (embroidery on the shirt with red threads with floral ornaments);
  • the absence of men in the place of divination;
  • midnight.

Our ancestors betrayed great importance to natural phenomena. Midnight was chosen for fortune telling because at the border between the two days the door to the world of spirits was opened for a short time, which were supposed to answer the girls’ questions.

Divination for the old New Year (January 13) at home: for the future, betrothed, wish fulfillment

In the ancient divinations for marriage use a variety of objects, animals and food. These are the easiest ways to find out the name of the man, his appearance, welfare, social status and so on.

When conducting any rite should adhere to the above conditions. A shirt with an ornament can be replaced with a cotton nightgown, worn inside out.

The seamy side serves as a talisman.

Divination for the old New Year (January 13) at home: for the future, betrothed, wish fulfillment

One of the easiest ways to see your betrothed in a dream. Previously, this used a wooden comb, today you can take the usual comb.

Five minutes before midnight, you must dissolve your hair and begin to comb your hair, saying: "Come to me in a dream, husband, comb my hair". Exactly at midnight go to bed, putting the comb under the pillow.

Hair is considered a kind of mediator between the otherworldly forces and the cosmos, so many manage to see a guy in a dream.

Any fortune telling requires a certain attitude and faith. Without this, the rite will not work.

Divination for the old New Year (January 13) at home: for the future, betrothed, wish fulfillment

Another simple and quite popular way to see the groom in a dream. For the ceremony use wooden sticks or matches. It is spent alone, without telling anyone:

  1. 1. A chair or stool is placed at the head of the bed.
  2. 2. On it lay out a square of sticks or matches. This is a well.
  3. 3. Then you need to pronounce the words: "Suicide, ryazheny, come to the well of water to drink".
  4. 4. After that, you must immediately go to bed.

If in the dream the groom did not come, then you should pay attention to the sticks. If at least one of them is shifted and "well" open, there will be a quick acquaintance.

If you managed to see a guy in a dream, but "well" intact, then the wedding with him can break, the sticks are shifted — a quick wedding, perhaps in the same year.

Divination similar "Well". Needed sprigs from the tree, peeled from the bark.

A bridge is made of them — two long ones are laid in parallel, short across to form a conditional bridge. Twigs fasten thin wire.

At bedtime, put the bridge under the pillow with the words: "Suicide, ryazheny, translate across the bridge". If the groom does not dream, then it is still early to get married.

At bedtime, a new stocking is put on the right leg. Three times pronounced: "Suicide, ryazheny, come undress me".

In the dream, there should be a guy who will be the bridegroom. If he has not dreamed, and the stocking has slipped — a quick acquaintance, if on the spot — you need to wait.

Use a ring with or without a stone. The place for the ceremony should be a central room, for example, a living room or a hall.

At midnight, the ring needs to be thrown up and see how it falls or rolls. In the direction of the kitchen — life will be full, and the groom is rich, in the direction of leaving the apartment — a quick marriage, in the direction of the bedroom — life will be calm and happy.

You can guess the day. The girl remains in the room alone. To her let in a dog.

If the dog immediately runs up to the fortune teller, then the marriage is quick, flickering and wagging his tail in a friendly manner — the husband will be kind and gentle, first he smells the floor — the marriage will be difficult and the husband angry.

In the fortune-telling usually take part several girls who take turns to stay in the room.

Easy and fun fortune telling with a bucket at the same time is a game. Young people are going to someone in the yard shortly before midnight and embarks on a ridiculous rite.

An unmarried girl is wearing a bucket on her head and is forced to whirl around on the spot. After that, she must take a few steps. If you go to the gate — to be a wedding this year, if you go deep into the courtyard — then there will be no marriage, if you fall down — it will remain unmarried.

Divination is repeated every year.

For fortune telling girls gather in the same house, where they stay overnight. Each one brings with it a new cotton towel.

In the evening, they are hung on a rope in the yard. Girls sentence these words: "Come, betrayed, wash the well water and wipe out my towel".

Those whose towel will be wet in the morning will be married this year.

If there was a strong frost at night, then a towel is considered wet, "stake". Sly and sneak your towel impossible.

This fortune telling has deep roots. In the old days, when the girls were not allowed out onto the street on January 12, young guys were spinning under their windows and in every way scared.

Among them were potential suitors who liked this or that beauty.

After midnight, already on January 13, the girl ran out into the street and asked the name of the first comer."First counter" tried to be the guy who had the most serious intentions. For this reason, divination was very accurate.

The essence of the ceremony: immediately after midnight, you need to go out and ask the first passer-by to say any male name. So they will call her husband.

An ancient rite, which was carried out in many villages. It will need a rooster and a chicken, as well as:

At a short distance have: a handful of coins mixed with grain, a plate of water, a mirror and clay. The chicken is held in the hands and released when a rooster appears near a separate plate with grain, so that it remains in place.

The rooster is brought into the room and lowered to the floor. The result is considered to be the choice of the bird: what will it fit earlier, this will be the husband. The treatment is as follows:

  • grain with coins — well-fed and prosperous family life, rich groom;
  • the mirror is a selfish, selfish lover;
  • water is a condemned drinker;
  • clay or earth — the bad character of the groom, misfortune and misfortune in family life;
  • chicken — the husband will change.

Also fortune-telling on the Old New Year is associated with the period of winter holidays — from January 7 to 19.

The evening and night of January 13-14 is a Slavic holiday called "Generous evening", or "Rich Vasiliev evening"in honor of St. Basil the Great. It is still popular in many countries.

There are many signs associated with these days, and methods of divination for the future.

Young girls gathered together and held special rites to learn about their future. In each village they had their own.

Couples wanted to know about the birth of children, the relationship between spouses and the future of the family. Many of the rites have survived to our days and are successfully used today. The most popular topics still include:

  • marriage;
  • gender of the unborn child;
  • family fortress;
  • fulfillment of desire;
  • love and money;
  • wealth and well-being.

Married women and married men are interested in their own family. To conduct any rite must be together. Family fortune telling is not different.

Divination can be arranged as a game.

If there are disagreements in the family, the ceremony should be postponed until better times.

A young couple can find out the sex of the child in the easiest way To do this, pour water in a spoon and put it in the freezer. In the morning, look at the formed ice.

If it is convex — there will be a boy, concave — a girl, even — you need to wait.

You can pour water into a mug, and carefully consider the result in the morning. If there are bumps on ice, then a boy will be born first, a dent or fossa — a girl, and both of them will be twins.

Divination is suitable for a family in which there are matured children. They put a plate with ordinary water on a festive table and put a piece of black bread without a crust into it.

The next morning, watching the result.

If the bread is preserved whole, then everything will be fine in the family, the children will stay with their parents. A piece fell off — one of the children will soon leave his father’s house. Two — both children will leave.

The bread has completely crumbled — the family will fall apart.

Each family member is given a pinch of any cereal. Grains are recalculated.

If the number is even, then the year will be happy and prosperous, an odd one — there will be problems.

For the smallest, if it is, the father considers the grain.

The dish is prepared as usual, with any filling. Add to some dumplings "surprise". Depending on what happened in the dumpling, they will know the future:

  • Coin. Prosperity, comfortable life. Man will not need anything.
  • Little ring For an unmarried girl — a quick marriage. For a guy, marriage. For married and married — happy married life.
  • Beans. An early addition to the family.
  • Olive. For longevity.
  • Garlic. Large spats in the family, you need to think about mutual concessions. For idle — the upcoming marriage will not be happy.
  • Raisins. Disputes and squabbles at work.
  • Buckwheat. Unexpected money: wage increases, winnings, bonuses, and more.

Divination on wax and water are more complex rites. When performing, you must adhere to certain rules:

  • Wax. Must be exclusively natural. It absorbs the energy of the person and gives an accurate result, which is not the case when using paraffin candles.
  • Water. Any suitable, but preferably well, spring or consecrated in the church. Ideal — Epiphany.
  • Wax candle. It uses only the new, having a natural color, with the exception of some ceremonies that require colored candles.
  • Time. From sunset to sunrise. Ideally — midnight.

You can correctly guess alone or with a company. Wax will tell about the near future, prosperity, marriage, about enemies and friends.

For interpretation, use special tables describing the meaning of the figures.

It is necessary to put out the light and light a candle, next to put the wax that will be used in divination, to put a container with water. The flame will tell in general about the near future:

  • even burning is joy;
  • crackling and shaking the flame are important news;
  • the fire does not burn for a long time, the light is dim — disappointments and tears.
  1. 1. Peering into the flame of a candle, you need to tune in to conduct the ceremony, mentally repeat the questions in your head.
  2. 2. A piece of cooked wax should be slightly kneaded in your hands, not forgetting to formulate questions. If it is a candle, then it is used entirely, without cutting and breaking off pieces.
  3. 3. Put the wax in the dish for melting and bring it to the burning candle so that the upper point of the flame touches the spoon or the ladle. While the wax is melting, questions are being asked mentally. Do not rush, it is an important point in divination.
  4. 4. When the melting process is over, turn the dishes in a sharp movement over water. Waxy cakes are formed. Two minutes later, it is carefully removed. Turning the back side, spread on a napkin.

When the wax is completely dry, you can consider the resulting image, mentally dividing the cake into five parts:

  • the upper part is the near future;
  • right side — the future within three years;
  • the left side is the past;
  • the lower part is the present;
  • the center is a state of mind, something personal.

Everyone sees wax drawings in accordance with their imagination. If several people are involved in divination, then priority is given to the images of the questioner, what he sees is interpreted.

At midnight, when the household is asleep, you need to take the chain and hold it a little in your hands so that it warms up. Shift in the right hand, shake it several times and throw it sharply on the table. Depending on the formed figure, judge the future:

  • the band — luck in everything and luck;
  • a circle is a predicament from which to exit;
  • knot — trouble and confusing life situation;
  • the triangle is a great success in deeds and love;
  • bow — fast wedding;
  • snake — betrayal of a loved one;
  • heart — peace of mind and happiness in love.

Christmas divination differs from fortune tellers. Cards are used differently, and the suit and the picture are used to determine the nature of the intended one.

This is an individual tool that should not be given to anyone, otherwise it will not work.

The deck must be new. It can not be passed into the wrong hands. Before the fortune-telling card "tame".

To do this, they need to pick up, ask for help and carry a whole day in your pocket.

Before going to bed, you must have a good wash, put on a new shirt, take out four kings from the deck and put them under the pillow. Mentally ask the night of a betrothed dream. If in the dream the groom did not appear, then from under the pillow at random they pull out the card:

  • The Peak King The husband will be much older, jealous and married at the time of dating. He will have to be taken away from his wife or another girl.
  • Hearts King. Young and wealthy guy. A great marriage option for a girl.
  • Club king. Military or a representative of power structures. A man wearing a uniform.
  • The King of Diamonds Quick marriage for love with a man who loves a girl.

You can dream about a specific person or a card king.

Towards midnight, shut the windows tightly and light the three candles. Hold a deck of cards in your hands, mentally asking for a truthful answer.

Take out only the pictures and shuffle them. Randomly draw one card. The meaning is as follows:

  • Ace. Good luck in business. For the unemployed — success in finding a good job. For employees — salary increase or career growth.
  • King. Change jobs to more profitable. For the young, a card means a definition with a future profession. For those who are afraid of dismissal — a good sign, they will not dismiss him.
  • Lady. To find a job, you have to make a lot of effort. For employees, they can "sit down" at work.
  • Jack. Conceived will not be fulfilled. Need to repeat divination at another time.

In today’s world, you can guess at anything, if we are talking about simple answers "Yes" or "not". A typical example is divination for the fulfillment of a wish:

  • By the windows of the house. In the evening, when the light comes on in the apartments, you need to make a wish and count the lighted windows of any chosen house. An even number — the wish will come true, the odd one — will not come true.
  • By the thread. The thread, attached to the clothes, is wrapped around the index finger, making a wish. The answer is similar.
  • By croup. Making a wish, any cereal is poured onto the table and the grains are counted.
  • Over the grass. Tearing a blade of grass, counting how many times the pads of the fingers fit along its length.

Options divination infinite set. You can get a more detailed answer in other ways.

The first glass you just need to drink for the farewell of the old year. Guessing is necessary on the second glass, carefully considering the game of bubbles:

  • come from the middle of the glass — a good year without much trouble;
  • uneven — difficulties in business and a lot of emotions;
  • rise in parallel rows — interesting things and dating;
  • intertwined — love, meeting your destiny;
  • hit in the face — trouble in the relationship;
  • only half of the glass reaches — two-faced people in close surroundings.

Divination suits people with good imagination and developed intuition. For the ritual will need:

  • newspaper;
  • candle;
  • fireproof stand (tray).

Hands crumple the newspaper and put it on the tray. The candle should be lit and set so that a distinct shadow from the crumpled newspaper is visible on the wall. Mentally ask a question and set fire to paper.

Carefully observe how the pictures will appear and change on the wall.

In the shadows decipher the message. Approximate interpretation of silhouettes:

  • cross — an event that determines fate;
  • head with horns — danger;
  • bag — profit wealth;
  • butterfly bird — romantic relationship;
  • baby doll — addition to the family;
  • weapon — quarrels and conflicts;
  • coffin — death of a loved one;
  • the mountains — difficulties;
  • vehicle — travel trip.

If the final figure is incomprehensible, then the tray with the newspaper is slowly turned until a clear picture appears.

Any gadget can serve as a tool for fortune telling. You can invent a rite yourself, based on the traditional interpretation of the results.

Such methods of divination arose relatively recently, but they are interesting and have the right to exist.

On the morning of January 14, you need to take a picture of the street. In this photo you can interpret your future:

  • the predominance of male passers-by — luck in all undertakings and deeds;
  • most women are love;
  • empty street — the disease is likely.

It is necessary to take pictures right away, and not to take time, waiting for the right moment.

You need to go to any forum and ask the name of the man in the top line of messages. If he answers — it will be the name of the future husband, if not — as long as the marriage is not expected.

The method is cool and can give a completely unexpected result — a new acquaintance with a pleasant man.

Dial an arbitrary number. The treatment is as follows:

  • short beeps — hopes will not come true, efforts will be empty;
  • long beeps and no one picks up the phone — illness, loneliness or disappointment in love is possible;
  • the woman picked up the phone — for love or a date;
  • man — problems at work;
  • a child is a successful marriage, the appearance of a child, joyful efforts;
  • hit the familiar — happy future.

The first digits of the operator are typed as usual, then — at random.

Gathering the company at home, you can have fun. Collective divination is more of a game, but some predictions are worth paying attention to.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to conduct a serious ceremony, so they choose the simplest options.

Chosen a thick book, which will guess. You should not take the Bible or the gospel, they are best left for a more appropriate occasion and a serious understanding.

Each of those present asks a question and names the page number and lines at the top or bottom. After reading the text, the questioner receives an answer to his question.

The process is like a bottle game. Each of the participants wrote a note of arbitrary content on paper. All papers folded in one container.

Collectively selected "oracle"which will get notes.

Everyone sits in a circle."Oracle" twists a knife or bottle. The one on whom the choice falls, asks a question.

The presenter pulls out a note and reads it out loud.

The text is composed in such a way that it can be used as an answer.

It will take seven cups. In them it is necessary to put the objects having the following values:

  • bow — tears;
  • bread — wealth;
  • coin — wealth;
  • sugar — fun;
  • salt — trouble, quarrels;
  • ring — quick wedding;
  • water — nothing will change.

Seven people are participating in fortune telling, who in turn choose a mug blindfolded.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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