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Divination for the New Year: what awaits you in love, work and finance

Divination for the New Year: what awaits you in love, work and finance

Surely everyone wants to know what awaits his future. With the help of effective New Year’s divinations, you will find out whether there will be a change in your personal life and whether you can achieve success in the professional sphere.

Mankind has always wondered what will happen in the future. To open the veil of secrecy, our ancestors carried out various divinations. This can be done now. There are many miracles happening in the New Year, and it is during this period that you can find out what the future holds.

New Year’s divinations will help in this. In your life, there can be grandiose changes both at work and in your personal life, and you need to prepare for them in advance.

Divination for love for the New Year

Every person dreams to find his love. Single people want to get a soul mate, and couples — to find out whether their union will be just as strong. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru offer you options for love-telling, with which you can look into the future.

Matches A few minutes before the New Year, take two identical matches and firmly press them together. After that, set them on fire and watch them burn.

If they deviate from each other, then next year your relationship with your loved one will fail. If everything remains unchanged, then you and your partner will be together.

Hairbrush. This option is perfect for the fair sex. If you have not yet had a chance to meet your beloved, then on New Year’s Eve, before going to bed, comb your hair, and then remove it from the comb and put it under the pillow. Before this, say:

«My betrothed, come to me in a dream.»

After that, your lover should dream you. If this did not happen or you forgot your dream, it means that changes in your personal life are not expected.

Christmas decorations. Such fortune telling will suit both couples and those who have not yet found their love. Before the New Year, go to the New Year tree and ask someone close to blindfold you.

After that, remove any toy and untie the bandage. Pay attention to the color of Christmas decorations:

  • red — to new love;
  • yellow — to love adventures;
  • blue — to parting;
  • white — in your personal life will not change;
  • green — a fleeting affair;
  • violet — unrequited feelings;
  • pink — your union with your loved one will be strong throughout the year;
  • gold or silver — for marriage (marriage).

Do not be discouraged if the prediction turned out to be worse than you thought. You can always change your destiny if you exercise patience and try to avoid conflicts with your partner.

Divination for success in work for the New Year

To achieve promotion at work everyone dreams. Perhaps it is you who will finally be able to prove to the boss that you deserve a promotion. If you succeed or not, you will learn it by means of New Year’s fortune-telling.

Cards. Purchase a new deck of cards and light a candle in the evening on New Year’s Eve. Lay out the cards in front of you, turning it face down.

Then you need to pull out four cards.

  • If there is one or more Aces among them — expect a raise.
  • Kings mean that you will have the opportunity to express yourself at work only if you make an effort to do this.
  • Ladies — to the envy of colleagues.
  • If you got the Walts, expect help from colleagues.
  • All four cards are the same — you may take a management position or open your own business.

The result may not always be reliable, so do not forget to try and be confident in your abilities, and then you will be guaranteed success at work.

Divination in the workplace. Before the New Year, most people are in a good mood. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to talk to your boss and find out your future.

A few days before the holiday, approach your boss and start a conversation. If you hear praise in your direction, then next year expect an increase. If your communication is negative or neutral, then no change in professional activity is expected.

Notes. Fortune-telling on paper has been practiced since ancient times. They do not cause much trouble, but at the same time they are very effective, since in this case fate itself gives a hint.

Prepare several small pieces of paper in advance and make one of seven entries on each of them:

  • boost;
  • dismissal;
  • new job;
  • trouble at work;
  • love affair at work;
  • high salary;
  • unemployment.

Fold all pieces of paper into a deep container and mix. A few minutes before the New Year, take out one of them and see what is written on it, then roll up and put it back. Repeat your actions three times.

If the same record has come across you several times, then this is what awaits you in the future. If there were no repetitions, then there will be no changes in the professional sphere.

Divination for money for the New Year

In the modern world, money has become one of the main components of happiness. With the help of proven divination, you will find out whether you expect financial success.

Champagne. No New Year is complete without champagne. This drink can be used for fortune telling. During the celebration, take a five-ruble coin and lower it to the bottom of your glass, and then say:

“Eagle — to wealth, tails — to poverty. Let it be so».

What side up lay your coin, and such a result. The cause of financial failures are most often debts. Having got rid of them, you will be able to escape poverty and improve your financial situation.

Dog. Next year, the new patroness will be the Yellow Earth Dog. It is not surprising that with the help of this animal you can determine your future.

You will need wool white, black and red dogs, as well as a candle and a bowl of water. In the morning of December 31, retire in a separate room and light a candle. Light the wool and dip it in a bowl of water. At the same time say:

“The dog’s scent will tell me what to expect in the future. Will my financial situation be stable? Or will I become rich and rich? Or is black poverty waiting for me?

I hope for your hint.

If the hair of the red dog remained on the surface, then next year you will have monetary success. White color symbolizes stability, which means that your financial situation will not change. If the black dog’s coat is not drowned and disconnected — expect money problems.

New Year’s Eve Dinner After a festive meal, half-eaten meals often remain. You can not throw them away, but use them for fortune-telling for wealth.

On the morning of January 1, collect the remaining treats from the table and take them to the courtyard. If by the evening you find that the food has disappeared, it means that wealth will come to your house. Remains promise poverty and financial difficulties.

Yellow Earth Dog will give us a lot of pleasant surprises. Someone waiting for changes in his personal life, and some will be able to achieve monetary success. Financial horoscope for the year — one of the best ways to learn how to improve their financial situation, to avoid trouble and debt. We wish you success and happiness, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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