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Divination for the future: three unusual ways to know the fate

Divination for the future: three unusual ways to know the fate

There are many ways of divination, through which you can know your future. However, many of them are outdated. Not everyone today can use a rabbit’s foot in a magical ritual, or, say, cat blood, as ancient magic requires.

In the modern world, practicality and simplicity are increasingly valued. This also applies to divination rituals. If you do not have Tarot cards, a book of changes, a magic ball and other paraphernalia for ancient fortune telling, then you are not upset, because you can guess at anything.

Modern divination differs from the ancients only in its attributes, which does not affect the veracity and quality of divination. The most important thing is to believe in the power of your prediction and correctly tune in to a magical ritual. So, how can you guess at home, when there are no magic items at hand?

If you spend a lot of time at the computer, then you can use it for fortune telling.

Fortune telling by email. Everyone has an email that you can easily find out your future by the letters that came to your address for the past day. So, open the mail and see what letters and notifications you received per day.

If the mail is full of spam — it could mean that someone is manipulating you. In this case, try to be more confident and do not fall for the opinions of other people. Live your mind, otherwise someone will want to use you for their own selfish purposes.

Newsletters with tips or recipes — a sign that you will soon be able to get new knowledge and experience that will be useful to you in the near future.

Notices of sales and discounts — so you can successfully dispose of your money.

Messages related to work promise you a change in life, mainly at work. Perhaps you will find a new job, or you will be promoted.

Notifications from social networks — a sign that you will soon meet with someone with whom you have not communicated for a long time. It can also mean new acquaintances.

Divination by phone on a loved one. If you want to know about the relationship with the person you are interested in, then you need to take your phone, concentrate on washing your lover and dial the first number that comes to your mind. Listen carefully to the first phrases that you will hear on the other end of the line, because this is what divination is interpreted from.

If there are no beeps, then there is no love. You may have to break your relationship due to the lack of mutual feelings.

If the line is busy — this is a sign that you should not go on until active actions. Wait for the situation, soon everything will clear up on its own.

If there are short beeps — despite the quarrels and contradictions in the pair, you will be together. Everything. What is not happening at the moment can strengthen your relationship.

If «the subscriber is temporarily unavailable» — do not make serious decisions yet and make hasty conclusions. Be patient.

If the “wrong number is dialed” is a sign that you are idealizing your lover. It is possible that he treats you completely differently than you think.

“Hello” — everything will be fine, your partner will show care and attentiveness towards you in the near future.

“Listening” — your partner is determined towards you, appreciate him.

«Yes» — In the near future, your relationship will go well. Your chosen one will listen more to your opinion. Mutual understanding and support will appear in the pair.

“Speak” — a declaration of love awaits you. Perhaps this will be your lover, and perhaps the secret admirer.

“Where are you calling?” — a quarrel or even a spat awaits you.

«On the wire» is a sign that your partner wants you to spend more time with him. He is very attached to you.

Guessing on desires on the keyboard used in cases where you want to know whether your dream will come true or just want to get an answer to any question. To do this, you need to sit at the computer, focus on the thoughts that are of concern to you, close your eyes and, without looking, type a few characters in Word. Open your eyes and look closely at what happened. If you asked a specific question, then you need to take a closer look at the letters and try to make a “yes” or “no” out of them.

You can also consider options such as «later», «never», «soon.» If you can find a solution to your question in this secret cipher, it means, so be it.

Modern divination is good because it allows you to guess the fate at any time and in almost any place. But from this their truthfulness is not inferior to the ancient fortune-telling. On the contrary, these methods of fortune telling are adapted to our modern society, which allows us to guess at home without ancient rites and witch paraphernalia. If this information was useful to you, click on and

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