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Divination for the future of the Trinity

Divination for the future of the Trinity

Trinity is celebrated on June 8th. On this day, it is accepted to guess the future and fate. At Trinity, you can learn about how the future will develop, learn about the future marriage and how the rest of the year will pass.

What divinations were popular with our ancestors on the Trinity?

Divination for the future of the wreath

This fortune telling will help to know about the near future. In the old days, according to the tradition, at the Trinity, girls went to a river or another reservoir, made wreaths and let them by the water. As the wreath floats, so will fate.

  • If the wreath goes with the flow quickly and easily — life will be happy and joyful.
  • If the wreath is drowned — it is a sign of misfortune, illness and possible misfortunes in life.
  • If the wreath is in one place, then in the near future life will not change, do not wait for a change for the better.
  • If the wreath is “stuck” near the shore, this is a sign of damage or the evil eye. In this case, the wreath was taken back and torn to protect against curses.

This fortune telling for the future was popular with unmarried girls. In this way it was possible to learn about marriage. Guessing on the betrothed taken in a large company. The girls gathered on the banks of the river and all together launched their wreaths.

Whose wreath will float faster, she most likely will marry. If the wreath was sinking, it meant that the wedding would not be long.

Guessing the future of birch

At Trinity it is customary to decorate the windows of houses with birch twigs. With the help of this tree it was also possible to know your future. To do this, they went to the forest, chose any birch tree, closed their eyes and silently uttered the words: «Birch-birch tree, tell me my future, do not hide anything.» After these words, it was necessary to break the branch with eyes closed.

What would be the birch branch, and fate.

  • If the branch is straight and flawless, life will be happy and easy.
  • If the branch is crooked or rotten, life will be difficult.
  • If there are many leaves on a branch, this is a sign of support for the genus. Such a prediction promised success in all.
  • If there are many branches on a branch, then this foreshadows a large and strong family.
  • If the branch is dry — this is a sign of disease and poverty.
  • If a branch caught with an insect, then this is for money and well-being.

All these folk divinations for the future allow us to obtain an accurate prediction of fate. The traditions of the Trinity are the wisdom of the ages, which we should not forget. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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