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Divination for the future by the flame of a candle

Divination for the future by the flame of a candle

Many women dream to know their future. The simplest, but very effective divination by the flame of a candle will help to do this at home, independently and most effectively.

To find out your future by the flame of a candle, you will need the candle itself, as well as a white sheet of paper. An A4 sheet is ideal because it is large enough, but at the same time it will be convenient for you.

How to guess the candle for the future

For fortune telling, you only need to drive a sheet over a candle flame. The flame will leave traces by which you can find out what awaits you in the near future. It takes a little longer to drive a sheet in order for the prediction to be the most accurate.

Then just flip the sheet and see what you got.

Be careful not to lower the sheet too low. Remember that the element of Fire is not worth joking. You will judge the future only by the shadow of the Fire, by the soot left on a clean sheet.


Circles. If you have a circle, this indicates that the near future will bring you some changes. You are waiting for changes in any of the spheres of life, so be prepared for them.

Waves. If you get indirect and smooth curved lines, then all your desires and dreams will be realized, but, unfortunately, not soon. Continue to your goals, without departing from the intended path, and then you will surely succeed.

Patterns. If patterns appear on the sheet that look like stars, then you may soon smile a great fortune. In order not to miss it, it is better to move along the beaten path, continuing to do what we started.

This applies to all areas of life, especially love and relationships.

Complex drawings. If you see something complicated, but taking the shape of an object, animal or plant similar to you, then you should wait for certain problems in the business sphere of life. This will also affect financial well-being. Be as careful as possible.

Sometimes it is possible to determine from such drawings what exactly threatens your well-being.

Line. If you notice a long, brightly expressed line, then it symbolizes the person who comes into your life to change its direction and development. Unfortunately, fortune telling does not specify the time of arrival of this secret person, but this may happen in the near future.

Remember that the best fortune telling is simple. They are most effective because they do not require training and a great esoteric experience. Such divination comes to us from ancient times, when people relied on them in all life issues.

We wish you success in divination and prediction. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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