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Divination for the fulfillment of desire

Divination for the fulfillment of desire

If you want to know if your dream will come true, take advantage of a special fortune telling. There are many different divinations for the fulfillment of desire. Consider them all in order.

Guessing the book for the fulfillment of desire

Take the oldest book in your house. It is desirable that this be a work of art. Make a wish, close your eyes, put the book in front of you and open the first page that you’ve found with your left hand.

Then, still without opening your eyes, poke at random with your left hand finger on the selected page. Open your eyes and read the line on which you hit your finger. The essence of this line also will tell, your desire will come true or not.

Sometimes it is not so easy to interpret the prediction of this fortune-telling by the book. It happens that the resulting line does not reflect the essence of the thought. In this case, you will have to show imagination and ingenuity, perhaps, to cling to individual words or to rephrase the contents of the sentence.

Divination by wax on desire

This divination is necessary to carry out before bedtime. In order to find out whether the plan will come true, take a small round mirror, a match and a wax candle. Sit in front of the mirror and put some wax on the reflective surface of the mirror. Then write your wish with a match on wax and put out the candle.

Put the mirror under the bed and go to bed. In the morning, first look at the mirror: has the inscription been erased? If yes — the desire will not come true.

If the record remains, then wait for the execution of your dreams in the near future.

Guessing cards on desire

Take a deck of playing cards, shuffle it well, and think about your desire. Then remove the deck with your left hand and start arranging all the cards in a row. If in this card divination two cards of the same suit fall out at once or they are placed through one card, they must be removed. A wish will come true in the event that in the very first scenario all your cards turned out to be paired.

If there are few cards left during the scenario, then your wish will come true, but not as soon as you would like. If there are a lot of cards left, then your dream will not come true.

Divination for the fulfillment of desire by the windows

This fortune telling can be used in the dark. Go outside, turn your back to a multi-storey building, shut your eyes and make a wish. Then turn to the house and count how many windows the light is on.

If their number is even, your wish will be fulfilled, if it is odd, then no.

Guessing the desire for the first comer

In the morning, go outside. Crossing the threshold, make a wish and see who will be the first to meet you. The first you saw a man — the wish will come true.

If the first woman was a woman — the desire will not be fulfilled. Saw the child — the wish will come true, but not immediately. Seeing a dog is a sign that you yourself must make an effort to fulfill a dream.

They saw a cat — the ill-wisher will prevent it.

These simple divinations for the fulfillment of desire will allow you to find out whether the plan is destined to come true and whether it is worthwhile to achieve your goal. But we must not forget that the realization of the dream depends only on you. Go to her no matter what! And so that all your desires are fulfilled, do not forget to press and

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