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Divination for marriage: when I get married

Divination for marriage: when I get married

Many girls can not wait to find out when they are waiting for the most exciting event in their lives — the wedding. When I get married? The answer to this question today can be obtained with the help of special tests and free online divination.

However, most of them show an incorrect result.

We offer you true divination for marriage. Its main advantage is that the result of fortune telling is built on the basis of your personal energy, which no online fortune telling or test can count. Our divination for marriage will allow you to know the exact date of the wedding.

Take a deck of 36 cards, shuffle it, remove the top with your left little finger and move it down the deck. Focus on your question. Close your eyes and ask mentally: when will I get married?

After that, select any nine cards from the deck and place them in three piles of three cards each. The first stack means the day, the second — the month, the third — the year. Expand the first pile and analyze what fell in it.

To obtain the result, it is necessary to calculate the numerical values ​​of the cards.

Discover numerical value of low cards very simple: six — 6, seven — 7, eight — 8, nine — 9, ten — 10.

Meaning of high cards It will be as follows: Jack — 1, Queen — 2, King — 3, Ace — 11. Calculate the amount of the cards in the first pile and then you will know your wedding day.

Example: a six, a nine, and a king fell out. Add up their values: 6 + 9 + 3 = 18. In this case, the wedding date is the 18th.

If the result is a number greater than 31, then you need to bring it to a monosyllabic form. For example, the number 42 must be reduced to the form 4 + 2 = 6. Wedding date — the 6th.

Next, go to the second pile and do the same. The second stack defines the month of the wedding. If the number is greater than 12, then we calculate the month by adding.

The third stack will indicate the year in which your wedding will take place. As in the previous cases, add up the value of the drawn cards. For example, if you get the number 15, it means that your wedding will take place.

If the fallen cards show the past year (for example, if the number was 13 — a year), then you need to draw another card from the deck and add its value to the existing one.

Guessing on marriage, remember that the result obtained in a couple of months may change. Your actions and decisions can change your Destiny, therefore, the prediction will change.

This free divination for marriage will allow you to find out the exact date of your wedding. And to attract love in marriage, do not forget to click on the buttons and

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