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Divination for love on the cards: how will fate?

Divination for love on the cards: how will fate?

You can find out the future in marriage and relationships, find out the nature of your future spouse and the approximate amount of time before the wedding by using fortune telling on cards. There are several truthful love divinations that will not require special skills from you, but will give detailed information about the future.

For fortune-telling on love, take a well of 36 cards. Find your card. If you are single, then your card is the lady of the tambourine. If you are married, your card is the queen of hearts.

If you are a mature lady, then your card is a lady of clubs.

Put your card in front of you. Shuffle the rest of the deck. Focus on your question, remove the top with your left little finger and move it to the bottom of the deck.

After that, begin to lay out three rows of cards under your lady, in each row there should be four cards. The first row is your past, the second row is the present, and the third is the future. The value of the cards in this scenario is standard for most other divinations.

In order to know the nature of your future husband, you can use the following divination for love. This method of alignment is best applied on Friday, since this day is patronized by the planet of love — Venus. Take the cards in your hands, mix them and lay out the first 12 cards.

Look carefully at the fallen cards: if the same suits lay next, they need to be removed. On the remaining cards and you need to judge the future spouse.

If the most of the color of hearts, then the husband you will get a good and open person.

If more diamonds have fallen, then your spouse will be complex. He will be rude and cruel.

If more suits are spades, then you will marry an influential and rich person. In relations with him there will often be conflicts and quarrels on the basis of jealousy.

If you fell more clubs, then you will meet a person with whom life will be stable and calm. Your husband will be hardworking and serious.

If all the cards are out, then until your destiny is determined until the end.

If among the remaining cards there will be an equal number of several suits at once, this indicates a happy family future. There will be everything in marriage: both joys and difficulties.

If you want to find out how long you will get married, then we offer another version of the divination cards for love. Take a deck, shuffle and lay out the first three cards in front of you. If among them there are coincidences in values ​​(for example, jack and jack), then set them aside. Then lay out three more and also put aside those cards that match the values ​​in this triple.

And so on until the deck is over. The remaining cards, the values ​​of which do not match, collect, shuffle and lay out in a row. Remove those cards whose values ​​match, no matter if they are near or not.

On the remaining cards you can judge the time after which you get married. If there are more than three cards left, then you will not find a spouse for a long time.

If three cards are dropped or less, this is a sign of marriage soon.

A good sign is the king remaining in this scenario. If all the cards are small, it means you will get married within three years.

In case there are aces among the remaining cards, the wedding will happen very soon.

If there is a lady among the cards, then a rival may interfere in your relationship.

Divination for love on the cards will tell you the truth about your future only if you do not often make these decompositions. Such fortune telling is recommended no more than once every three months, only then the prediction will be correct. And to attract love in your life, press and

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