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Divination for love in wax and water from Marilyn Kerro

Divination for love in wax and water from Marilyn Kerro

Psychic Marilyn Kerro shared an old fortune-telling on love, which her grandmother had taught her. This ritual was very popular in the old days. Unmarried girls who wanted to learn about their future groom were telling about love.

Marilyn Kerro on the pages of her official website has published an interesting method of divination, which will reveal all the secrets of the future. For fortune telling you will need to take a few white or red candles, a jar or bowl of water and a tablespoon.

It is best to guess after midnight, all alone, with the windows and doors closed. First you need to arrange the candles in a circle. In the resulting circle you need to place a container with water.

Before the fortune-telling, Marilyn Kerro recommends closing his eyes and mentally asking his fate about what kind of man will become a husband and how his family life will be with him.

After this short meditation, you need to take one of the candles and pour all the wax into a spoon. If wax is not enough from one candlestick, then you can drain it from another candlestick. After the spoon is completely filled with wax, it is necessary to hold it over the candle flame and say out loud the interesting question about your future husband.

After that, you need to pour the wax into the bowl, wait a few seconds and then carefully look at the resulting wax shape. The way wax lay on the water will be the key to the future. Special interpretation of this fortune-telling on love, according to psychic Marilyn Kerro, is not and never has been.

The interpretation of the wax figure is intuitive. In order to understand what kind of image fate has drawn on the water, you need to show imagination, imagination and think about what or what the resulting figure looks like. It is also important to compare the result of fortune telling with your past and present.

It is likely that the wax image will remind someone, or will be the answer to the main questions.

Often guessing about love Marilyn Kerro does not advise. Such rituals should be performed no more than once every six months. Estonian witch claims that this way of finding out the future is one of the most effective. By the way, Marilyn Kerro Alexander Sheps and Marilyn Kerro have recently met to admit that a few months ago she had predicted herself a love for a young man.

It is not difficult to guess that the fortune-telling has come true, and now the participant in the “Battle of the Psychics” season 14 is happy with Alexander Sheps. And to attract love in your life, do not forget to press the buttons and

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