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Divination for love from psychic Marilyn Kerro

Divination for love from psychic Marilyn Kerro

Psychic Marilyn Kerro told about one unusual way of divination for love. She claims that this fortune-telling will show the future of the relationship between a man and a woman, and also reveal the nature of their relationship.

This fortune-telling, according to the participant of the “Battle of the Psychics” season 14, can be conducted independently at home. In divination, only water and needles are used. In order for the result to be truthful, Marilyn Kerro recommends using this method of divination after sunset and preferably in the full moon.

It is necessary to take a white deep plate with clean water and ordinary sewing needles. The number of needles depends on what the guessing person wants to know. If the question is connected only with the relationship with a partner, then you need to take two needles.

If several people are interested at once, then it is necessary to take the number of needles corresponding to the number of people you need to know about the attitude towards you.

Having formulated a question and having determined the exact number of needles, you need to mark each needle in order to know exactly which of them corresponds to which person. You also need to remember your needle. In order to make it easier to remember which needle someone symbolizes, you can take needles of different lengths and thicknesses.

Now you can go to the main part of divination for love. All needles need to be greased with cream or fat and put in a plate with water. After that, you need to carefully observe how the needles behave in the water.

If the needle of the fortuneteller connects with one of the other needles, this means that the person corresponding to this needle will be present in the life of the fortuneteller for a long time. This can mean both love and strong friendship.

Needles that remain on the surface of the water mean that these people will play a significant role in the life of a fortuneteller. Fate will constantly bring them together.

Needles that have stuck together along their entire length is a sign that a long period of time between these people will be a strong love union or cooperation.

Needles that touch, but diverge at the ends with each other mean weakening of the emotional or physical connection between two people.

The needles that drowned point to people whose relationships will end or deteriorate.

If the needle of the fortuneteller drowned, and the rest remained lying on the surface, then this means that a new stage will begin in his life and new people will appear. This is a sign of change, new social circle, new acquaintances.

Participant of the 14th season “Battle of the Psychics” Marilyn Kerro claims that this fortune telling on love will help to reveal the true feelings of a partner, and also will reveal the secret of future relations with him.

The official website of Marilyn Kerro states that this fortune-telling does not require any preparation, such as complex magic rites of love or love spells, however, in order for the prediction to be accurate, you still need to take it seriously.

Marilyn Kerro fell in love with the viewers of the show “The Fights of Psychics” of the 14th season with her unusual and, at times, terrible, magical rites and ways of reading information. Estonian witch has repeatedly resorted on the filming of «Battle» to the magic of voodoo and sacrifice. Her strength and abilities are admired by both TV viewers and the skeptical jury represented by the Safron brothers.

Despite the fact that Marilyn Kerro confidently goes to the finals, it’s too early to talk about the winners of this project, because the competition for the title of the strongest psychic is made by such participants as Alexander Sheps, Abror Usmanov, Ekaterina Ryzhikova and Frau Rotter.

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