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Divination for love by Alexander Sheps

Divination for love by Alexander Sheps

Alexander Sheps, who became popular thanks to the show “The Battle of Psychics” in one of the episodes of the 14th season of “Battle”, told why he does not like to get involved in love magic. Especially if it is made by the hands of a woman. This is not to say that this topic is completely forbidden for him, but he reluctantly talks about it, constantly turning his eyes to the side.

According to the young psychic in the way of a woman who wishes to achieve a beloved man by all permissible, and sometimes not only, it is better not to be a means. In the life of Alexander Sheps, repeatedly recognized as one of the best participants of the 14 season of the “Battle of Psychics,” in his own words, there were quite a few love victories and defeats. In one of the few interviews given by Alexander, he told viewers several ways that allow you to determine exactly when love comes to a person’s life.

Find out whether a certain person likes you, according to psychic Alexander Sheps, perhaps with the help of simple matches. To conduct a similar ritual should be on the eve of the full moon, at exactly 11 o’clock in the evening. A desirable factor would be an open, cloudless sky overhead.

City dwellers can show ingenuity and go to the balcony or read near the window.

Guessing will need two long chimney matches, three church wax candles made from bright yellow wax, a piece of white natural fiber cloth and a small saucer with water. Spread a cloth on a clean, flat surface and place all the above items on it. Directly in front of you, place a saucer with water, place two candles in the distance of your palm behind it. Fix the third to the right of the water tank.

Lightly light the candles and bring the matches to them. The match that will symbolize you should be in your right hand. In the other hand, take the match, which is thought of the person you are interested in. Close your eyes and focus.

The medium warns that this fortune-telling will require a maximum of concentration and energy from you, be careful that all the action does not go down the drain.

Slowly light the matches from the candles and say the following words: “As the candles burn, the tree burns, so the flame of my love for you will not die out. I see the truth in fire, I hear my voice in the smoke, I wash away my sins with water. Let it be so».

Try to keep the matches parallel to the surface of the table and as soon as they burn out carefully place them on opposite sides of the saucer. Dip your finger tips in the water and spray the embers. According to Alexander Sheps, this will help clear your mind for further action.

And now, the most important part of the whole ritual. Pay attention to the position of matches in relation to each other. If they are turned in different directions — you are unpleasant to a person and you should not look for further meetings with him, moreover, he may pursue any personal interests and benefits in communicating with you.

If the matches are arranged parallel to each other, or one of them is turned in the direction of the other, the person you are interested in feels warm and friendly feelings for you.

When you see that the remnants are equally directed at each other — boldly proceed to more active actions, a psychic advises, because you are not indifferent to a person and he is waiting only for a suitable occasion to show you his love. Love and be loved and do not forget to press the buttons and

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