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Divination for love and relationships: three ways to find out the truth

Divination for love and relationships: three ways to find out the truth

There is no more beautiful feelings in the world than love. We all strive for it, wish it and do not want to lose it. But how you want to know for sure what awaits in a relationship and what feelings your lover feels!

That is why, since ancient times, girls and women have been guessing for love, for marriage and happiness in marriage. The desire to know the future does not fade to this day. It is the fortune-telling divine that is still an important part of love magic and allows us to know the future.

Here are collected the most ancient and time-tested divination that will help you find out the truth about your relationship with a partner.

Fortune telling

Divination by thread since ancient times was considered the most faithful divination on relationships. This fortune telling is best used by women who doubt the choice of their partner in life. Previously, this method of divination girls used before the wedding, to know what awaits them in marriage. So, take a piece of cloth, a needle and a red thread.

Thread the needle, but do not tie the knot. After that, focus on the thought of your chosen one. Sew a few stitches on the fabric, then try sharply pulling the needle.

  • If the thread has freely passed through the fabric and crawled out, then there is no doubt that the one you have made, has great feelings for you. Nothing threatens your relationship.
  • If the thread hardly comes out — this is a sign that there will be many detractors and rivals on your way. If you want to be with this person, you must prepare for the difficulties.
  • If the thread breaks or tries to break, then you should not continue the relationship with someone you have made. With him you are not destined to be.

Divination by shadow

Divination by shadow is another ancient method of divination. Usually it was used to simply know your future in your personal life. To do this, take a few sheets of paper, crumple them up into one large ball and place on a tray or flat plate. The room where you plan to guess should be dark.

Light a candle and a paper ball. Bring the tray to the wall and watch what kind of shadow casts burning paper.

In order to know the future, you need to turn on your imagination and try to recognize signs in dark shapes. Here are the most common figures of shadows, which usually appear during this divination and their interpretation:

  • Star — good luck on your side. If you are active. Then your love will become what you yourself want.
  • Animals are rivals and whether enemies who will hinder your relationship.
  • A church or a ring is a sign of a quick wedding. Wait for a marriage proposal or a meeting with your spouse.
  • Road — to separation. You have to part with your betrothed for a while. However, you will meet again soon.
  • The house is a sign of a wedding and strong family happiness.
  • The ruins of the house — parting, quarrel, divorce. Together you will not be.
  • The pit is the misfortune that befalls both of you. Diseases, gossip, quarrels and other troubles are possible.
  • Mountain — in the future you will find happiness with this person, but on the way to this you will face a lot of obstacles.

Guessing on the ring

Another way to learn about love. Unlike virtual love telling, this way to know the fate of your relationship reveals the most detailed picture. Divination is great for those who want to get unequivocal answers to their questions about the relationship with a partner.

Take the ring, the best silver, durable thread and coin. Hang the ring on a string, light a candle, put a coin in front of you. Grasp the end of the thread with your fingertips so that the ring hangs down over the coin. Try not to move the hand that holds the thread with the ring.

Focus on the questions you are going to ask. They should be clear and suggest answers either «yes» or «no.» For example: «Does he love me?» Or «Will I marry him?»

Ask a question and watch the movement of the ring on the thread.

If the ring does not move after the question asked, it means that for the time being you should not think about what you asked. The fate of this question has not yet been definitively determined. If the ring moves from left to right, the answer is “yes”, if back and forth — “no”.

If it makes circular motions, then this is a sign that the question needs to be reformulated.

Using these fortune telling, you can find out the whole truth about the feelings of your chosen one and your future relationship. They are simple and can be used independently at home. Many use fortune-telling on love tarot cards and trust only him.

Someone wonders on the coffee grounds. These fortune telling, of course, is also very truthful. But, as a rule, they require special knowledge and skills. And the above methods of divination does not require special skill and skill, and therefore are so popular.

Use simple divinations at home! And do not forget to press and

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