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Divination for a dream in a dream

Divination for a dream in a dream

Even our great-grandmothers and their ancestors tried to lift the veil of the future and find out exactly what awaits them in their personal lives. Rituals that are performed before bedtime are considered to be one of the most common divinations for a man who is judged, because it is in a dream that a person becomes most susceptible to contacts and communication with the other world. There is no doubt that it is the supernatural forces that make it possible to touch what is hidden from us.

In this article we will look at some of the most truthful and popular fortune-telling on a man in a dream.

Divination for a dream in a dream with a comb

In order to tell fortunes to the betrothed you will need to perform a small rite before bedtime. This fortune telling will be most effective on the night from Thursday to Friday, especially if it coincides with the full moon or the rising moon.

Before going to bed, put on a pure white shirt and sit in front of the mirror. An indispensable condition will be that your body should be reflected at least to the waist. Dissolve the hair, take a comb in your hands and start brushing yourself, saying: “I’m a married husband, I dress up for you, for you is good.

You come to my dream and start a conversation. Tell me your name, tell me when to meet. I will wait for you and be us together.

I invoke the power of all-powerful: come in my sleep. Amen».

Further, according to the ritual of divination on the condemned man with a comb, one should go to bed and light a church candle at the head of the bed. Comb put under the pillow. We draw your attention to the fact that on the day when divination is performed, it is necessary to go to bed before midnight, since otherworldly forces come to contact exactly at this time.

Divination for a dream in a dream on paper

For this ritual, the night from Friday to Saturday is perfect. Conducting fortune-telling on the betrothed on paper should be exactly from 10 to 11 pm. At 11 o’clock you should already go to bed and fall asleep to see what the other world wants to show you.

This ritual will require salt, two large sheets of paper, a lock of your hair, a church candle, a red satin ribbon, and a needle. In the evening, take off your clothes and undress your hair. Take a piece of paper and cut it into several equal pieces, on each of which you should write a male name.

Write a “stranger” on one of the pieces of paper, in case none of the written names correspond to the name of the future betrothed.

Further, in order to tell fortunes to a contented person in a dream, you should put the remaining whole sheet of paper under the pillow. On it lay out the leaves with the names. Top with a pinch of salt on them and put a red ribbon across and a strand of your hair on it. Light a church candle at the head of the bed.

With a needle, you should prick your ring finger, squeeze a drop of blood out of it and drip the ribbon with it.

At the end of the ceremony, read the following love conspiracy: “My blood is hot, my spirit is strong. My desire to see you and your name is great to know. Come to my dream and show me your face.

To be with us is predicted by fate, so tell me how to know you. So be it in my opinion, so be it! Amen».

Then go to bed, and waking up in the morning, put your hand under the pillow and pull out one of the pieces of paper. Whose name will be written on it, this name will belong to your second half.

Guessing on a dream in a dream will be the most effective and true, if you know how to memorize dreams. Very often, the sutra is difficult for us to remember what we saw in night dreams. And so that your dreams are always pleasant and bright, do not forget to press the buttons and

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