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Divination by three tarot cards — interpretation of raslada

Divination by three Tarot cards refers to simple fortunetech rites that help clarify the situation that has developed, describe the relationship with a partner or predict the future. The alignment in this case consists of three lashes, lined up in front of them.

Guessing on three Tarot cards can only be credible if you can fully concentrate on the question of interest to you.

Divination by three tarot cards - interpretation of raslada

It is very important in the room in which it is planned to carry out divination to create the appropriate atmosphere. In the room you need to ensure silence and organize muted lighting.

Professionals say that guessing is better by candlelight. During the fortune-telling should be calm and not fussing. It is not recommended to cross the arms or legs, as this impairs the energy-information exchange, and, therefore, divination will be unreliable.

Before laying out the deck of cards should be carefully shuffled and removed with your left hand towards yourself. After that, you need to ask a specific question and lay out three cards, intuitively choosing them in random order from the deck.

Divination to the Tarot «3 cards» on the relationship is interpreted by the positions of arcana in the scenario as follows:

  • The first card indicates the hidden relationship of the partner to the fortuneteller;
  • The second card indicates what impression the guessing person makes on the partner;
  • The third card indicates the feelings that the partner has to the fortuneteller.

Guessing on the Tarot «Three Cards» for the future or the situation suggests a slightly different interpretation of the positions:

  • The first map explains the situation in the past and its impact on the current state of affairs;
  • The second map describes the actions and events in the present, but only those that can affect the future;
  • The third map describes the possible events of the near future.

Divination by three tarot cards - interpretation of raslada

When divination on three Tarot cards, only Major Arcana is used. We suggest that the following values ​​be used for the interpretation of the layout.

For more information about the values ​​of all Tarot cards, you can look at a special section of our site.

So, the abbreviated interpretation of senior Arcana in the divination of «3 cards» can be as follows:

  • Jester in a direct position indicates that in a specific period will begin new cases, which can be quite successful. In the inverted position, this card portends a waste of power that can provoke apathy.
  • Magician in a straightforward position always emphasizes the skill and professionalism of the guessing. Such qualities always justify the risk when making certain decisions. In the inverted position, the card emphasizes indecision, which is not always justified.
  • Priestess in the straight position indicates that the guessing person will easily find a common language with other people, but in the upturned position the lasso foreshadows misunderstanding with the people of his inner circle.
  • The Empress heralds the receipt of wealth in a direct position, but in an inverted form predicts the emergence of financial problems.
  • The emperor indicates restraint of fortunetellers and the ability to control oneself in any situation. But in the inverted position, the map symbolizes that a person is easily influenced by someone else.
  • High priest symbolizes that in the current situation will be found the right solution. But in an inverted position — this card warns of deception and slander.
  • Lovers they predict that the guessing person will soon be busy arranging matters in his personal sphere. In the upside down position, the lasso warns of the inevitability of internal conflict with itself.
  • Wagon foreshadows a victory over life circumstances, but only through their own efforts. In the inverted position, the map indicates chaos and mental imbalance, which will prevent the resolution of issues.
  • Strength — This is a card of success in everything and good health. In the inverted position, it can emphasize the despotism of the fortuneteller, and sometimes it may indicate a failure.

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