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Divination by the Tarot cards question-answer

Divination by the tarot cards «question-answer»

Tarot cards in the right hands are sure to give accurate predictions. If you want to get a quick answer to some question that concerns you, just pick up a deck of cards and use one of the proposed layouts.

Guessing «yes-no»

Tarot sometimes give the most unexpected answers and easily help to understand the difficult situation. For such cases, there are special exact layouts. Very simple fortune telling, which can be tested on ordinary playing cards. For it, in fact, it is not even necessary to understand the meaning of the cards.

Set aside the older arcana tarot. Shuffle the rest of the deck and ask your question, to which you can give a short positive or negative answer.

Draw any card and see what suit it is. If it is swords, then the answer is negative, if the cups, then positive. In this case, there is no doubt about the outcome of events.

The remaining two suits do not give such an exact statement. The suit of pentacles is interpreted as “yes”, but with a certain probability. If you get your staff, it is likely that the answer to your question is “no”.

In playing cards, swords correspond to spades, to cups — worms, to pentacles — to bubs and to staffs — clubs (cross).

There is one more similar variant of fortune-telling on the same principle, but in this case the whole deck of Tarot cards is involved, including the senior arcana. Ask a question that you want to answer YES or NO, shuffle a deck of cards, thinking about this question, and lay them out. Select the card you liked and see its value.

Consider the upright and inverted position. You can also get explanations and more detailed information by pulling out an additional three cards.

Guessing question and answer on the younger lasso of the Tarot

As the name implies, not the whole deck will be used in this fortune telling: senior arcane players are excluded. The part of the deck necessary for fortune telling is shuffled and at this moment you are conceiving your own question. Next, draw three cards.

The first of them always answers the question about time and indicates whether the event of interest will happen soon. The remaining two are additions and explanations, a more detailed description of the answer to your question.

Before interpreting, pay attention to how the cards lie. Direct position will give a clear answer to the question, but if the cards are turned, they will only indicate the reason. You can also find out the result immediately by removing additional cards.

If it turned out that only one card is in a straight position, then when deciphering fortune telling, consider: inverted cards explain the circumstances that will accompany the main events.

Tarot cards: question-and-answer divination

In this case, you need the whole Tarot deck. Shuffle it until you think that’s enough. Next, ask a question. It can be about love or career, the nature of the person you are interested in or a question that requires an answer YES or NO.

Next, pull out two cards: one — the main one that answers your question, and the second — the additional one, which will bring more clarity and clarify it.

Guessing «what if ..»

This fortune telling will answer the question. “What will happen if I do this?” and helps to understand which way to achieve the goal will be the most productive and least expensive.

Shuffle your deck and focus on what problem solving options you have. Get four cards, laying them out with a cross: the first will be at the top, the second — at the bottom, put the third card on your left, and the last, fourth, on the right. Next, flip and view the cards. The very first one will indicate what the main of the options you have chosen will lead to, that is, you will act on your own.

The second will tell you about the prospects of some alternative way, which either you were offered, or you keep it «in reserve». The map on the left will predict what your efforts will turn out, and the map on the right will give the answer to what will result from the failure.

In order to understand the predictions of maps, you can use the standard interpretations of the interpretation of each of them:

Today, Tarot cards are almost not used in their first use, that is, for gambling. But they wonderfully wonder and make the exact layouts for the future and love. Good fortune telling, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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