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Divination by the Tarot cards at work and business relationships

Work occupies an important place in the life of any person. Divination by the Tarot cards at work is a very popular way to determine your future in the business sphere or clarify a specific situation related to specific issues.

For this you can use both simple and complex layouts. Tarot divination for work can be carried out not only with a full deck of cards, but also to use a truncated deck only with Senior Arcana.

Divination by the Tarot cards at work and business relationships

The five-card layout for a new job is very popular. You need to carefully shuffle the deck and pull five cards out of it at random, laying them face down in front of you.

After that, you need to turn cards one by one and interpret their meanings as follows:

  • The first map describes the current situation;
  • The second map indicates the area in which it is better to look for work;
  • The third card focuses on what qualities you need to show;
  • The fourth card predicts the prospects for the near future about getting a good high-paying job;
  • The fifth card describes the future, if the desired work is still able to get.

Divination by Tarot cards to work can be carried out using nine cards. In this case, the first card is laid out in the center.

The rest of the cards are laid out like this:

  • On the left side laid out cards 2, 3, 4, 5;
  • On the right side are laid out cards 6, 7, 8, 9.

The cards on the left describe the probability of receiving a new job, the conditions and the current state of affairs. Cards on the other hand indicate how things will be in the future, after receiving a new job.

Questions answered by cards on both sides of the hand are similar:

  • Card 2 and 6 reveal salary issues;
  • Map 3 and 7 predict possible financial growth;
  • Maps 4 and 8 describe relationships with colleagues;
  • Map 5 and 9 summarize fortune-telling and indicate how much the fortune-teller will be satisfied with the new work.

When applying for a job, just before the interview, you can spend another Tarot divination to work. In this case, six cards are used for the hand.

The deck must be shuffled and drawn six cards. The first map is laid out in the center, and the rest around it is counterclockwise.

Then the cards are reversed and interpreted by position as follows:

  • The first map describes the qualities of a guessing character that will help him get the job he needs;
  • The second card focuses on the qualities of a guessing character that an employer might like;
  • The third card indicates what specifically needs to be done to get the desired job;
  • The fourth map describes the natural possibilities of guessing in terms of how able a person is to master new skills and learn a profession;
  • The fifth card indicates whether the chosen job is suitable for the guessing person;
  • The sixth card describes the chances of obtaining the desired position.

Divination by the Tarot cards at work and business relationships

In close relationship with fortune telling are the values ​​of the Senior Arcana, who give advice on the choice of profession. As a rule, this must be taken into account when interpreting the card in the first or last position in any scenario.

The following are the decoding of the Major Arcana in terms of a possible choice of a field of activity:

  • Jester The possibility of successful implementation in the field of tourism business or show business. When this card appears in the scenario, there is a very big chance to find a job, but how successful it will be depends entirely on the person.
  • Mag. The card is considered to be one of the most successful cards for a business; therefore, it is best at present to give preference to work that is designed for individual abilities.
  • The Empress Not a very good card for the job search period. She points to some uncertainty and duality of the position of the diviner.
  • The Emperor. Guessing manages to realize himself in the financial sphere. During this period of life, it is likely to find a good, well-paid job.
  • Priest. This card is associated with educational activities. But when it appears in the scenario, you should not expect to receive a profitable job.
  • Lovers. It can predict a successful job search in any sphere of life activity, but only if the guessing person takes the initiative.
  • The wagon. Most often, this card falls into a scenario, when a person wants to realize himself as a driver, employee of a car service center or a tourist business.
  • Justice. The map predicts success when looking for a new job for its intended purpose.
  • Hermit. Very often, it can foreshadow the possibility of participation in the underground business, so when choosing a job you should be careful. This card does not promise to receive a large financial profit.

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