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Divination by the Tarot cards: accurate layouts for difficult situations

Divination by the Tarot cards: accurate layouts for difficult situations

Guessing on the tarot, as experts say, is dangerous: its results are so accurate. However, Tarot is able to help you in difficult times.

In order for the Tarot cards to give you the correct information, you need to select from the set of decks the one that is right for you. You can use the standard, suitable for all the famous tarot decks.

A quick fortunetelling on the tarot

The simplest fortune-telling that will answer your question is a fortune-telling on a single card. Concentrate, shuffle your deck, thinking about your question. Next, pull out one of the cards, completely arbitrary, and see its interpretation.

Her interpretation will be the answer to your question.

If you are not too good at reading tarot cards yet, just use our interpretations. In order not to lose a single meaning, we divided these interpretations into groups, depending on the suit and position in the deck:

Click on the desired link, find among the cards that fell just for you, and the curtain of secrecy over the future will slightly open for you.

Side of the world

Thanks to this fortune telling, you will see an event awaiting you, perhaps not in such a distant future. Also, the tarot will show what needs to be avoided and what is necessary to perform. As a result, you will know the outcome to which this event will lead.

The most important thing for this fortune-telling is the most clear statement of the question.

Shuffle the deck, lay it out and select 4 cards at random. Put the first on the left (west), the second on the right (east), the third on top (north) and the last on the very bottom (south). The first card will tell you about the event that will happen. The second will show those actions that should be avoided.

The third will indicate the correct path and actions necessary to achieve the goal. The latest card will reveal the secret of the result to which a future event will lead you.

Alignment turn

They are used when you are clearly aware of the need for change and are confident that they will happen soon. Thanks to this alignment, you will understand what they will lead you to, and will be able to trace the causal relationships.

Initially select a card based on its characteristics. If you are wondering to a man, then the choice will be from kings, if to a woman, then from queens. Choose the one that best matches your characteristics in accordance with its interpretation. For example, the suit of swords is more suitable for power-hungry or very strong personalities, amorous and emotional natures should stay in the suit of cups.

Materialistic and practical people may opt for the suit of pentacles, and for ambitious and hard-working careerists it is advisable to choose the suit of wands. Postpone this card.

Lay out the remaining cards and select ten random cards from them. The first two put to the left of your card. This is a reflection of what is now. Then the next three cards position the column down from the second (which is closer to your map).

Three data cards are responsible for the near future. Put the sixth card on the left of the lowest card, and the seventh — on the right. The sixth card will interpret for you the social subtext of change and the time of their occurrence, and the seventh will explain your purpose.

The remaining three cards must be put to the right of the one that you laid out the fourth in a row. That is, higher than the last three. Their interpretation will help to understand the whole result of the upcoming changes and changes.

Since the world is ruled not by money, but by passion, fortune-telling for love does not lose its popularity for more than one century. You can use them too. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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