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Divination by man on playing cards

There is a huge variety of divination that can help to understand the person of interest. It is very important to set up correctly before fortune telling.

You need to understand that guessing for fun is impossible. When skeptical, the cards will never tell the truth.

If you purchased a new deck of cards for fortune telling, you need to speak it in special words. This makes it possible to establish a powerful energy connection with the deck of cards.

In addition, you should be aware that you can not use the deck for fortune telling, which was previously played.

Divination by man on playing cards

This ceremony is held alone with candles. Carrying out this fortune-telling per person on playing cards, it is also desirable to place a container with holy water next to you and bring some clean land from the place where people don’t walk.

Such symbols of natural elements will help to get true information. In addition, in order to obtain the maximum amount of useful information in the fortune rite, use a photograph of a person.

First, the deck is shuffled carefully. This fortune-telling on cards per person involves the use of six cards. Cards are laid out on top of the snapshot.

The first four cards are placed one under one, the last two cards are placed in the bottom row.

In the process of performing the layout, the following words are pronounced:

To decrypt the cards are opened one by one. First, each card is treated separately, and then the alignment as a whole is analyzed and the final conclusions are made.

If a map appears in the scenario, symbolizing you, then there is a great chance of developing serious relationships.

The combination and repetition of certain cards are important for decoding:

  • Four sixes in the scenario emphasize that the elect is at a crossroads and in order for him to make the right decision, he should be pushed.
  • Sevens and eights of any suit symbolize communication. They also reflect emotions and feelings.
  • Four sevens in the scenario warn of scandals and quarrels. The cause of misunderstandings can be a variety of reasons.
  • Peak and seven clubs in the immediate vicinity indicate a trial.
  • Seven diamonds may indicate financial dependence.
  • Seven clubs is a positive sign and foreshadows a pleasant pastime with your loved one.
  • Four eights predict a serious conversation with the chosen one.
  • The peak nine paired with the peak eight are the harbingers of a serious illness.
  • Nines of other suits in combination with dozens are a symbol of love and passion. Such cards always give a positive outlook for the development of relations.

Divination by man on playing cards

Jacks in the scenario characterize emotions and feelings of the chosen one and are in no way connected with everyday troubles, which are always given to the classic interpretation of cards.

When decoding, consider the following:

  • Jack of Diamonds focuses on the false elect. Most likely, he has a vested interest to continue the relationship.
  • The cross jack characterizes the chosen one as an even and sincere person.
  • The Jack of Hearts is treated positively only if there are cards of the same suit in the layout. This combination emphasizes the well-being of the relationship and indicates the serious intentions of the chosen one.
  • Several jacks in the scenario emphasize the insecurity of the chosen one, as well as the lack of clear intentions in terms of extending the relationship.

Capitals in their significance are also kings and ladies. If two ladies fall out next to each other, then they indicate a broken union, as a rule, associated with the dissolution of the marriage. This will significantly affect new relationships.

Four kings testify to imminent conflicts with the elect, which will be very difficult to prevent, four ladies focus on intrigues and wiles of ill-wishers who are able to destroy external relations.

The aces appearing in the scenario are of great importance:

  • Chervovy — indicates sincere feelings.
  • Bubnovy — testifies to the successful development of relations and gives a forecast for the quick offer of a hand and heart or wedding.
  • Peak — focuses attention on the unfavorable environment of the elect.
  • Trefovy — warns of the threat of the appearance of a government house in the life of the elect.

This alignment is important to interpret, listening to your own intuition. And if you are not satisfied with the information received, then remember that your fate is in your hands, and the cards still sometimes can be wrong.

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