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Divination by Ivan Kupala — Kupala divinations

The ancient national holiday of Ivan Kupala is literally saturated with magic, beliefs and visions. In the Kupala night much of the usual becomes supernatural, and many grasses and bushes acquire magical properties. This is one of those few moments in the year when you can see the future especially brightly and precisely.

Destiny itself gives people the opportunity to solve their riddles, reveal secrets and even change something for the better. Applying divination to Ivan Kupala, you can open what was safely hidden from you all year.

Divination by Ivan Kupala - Kupala divinations

The most popular fortune-telling on Ivan Kupala — fortune-telling. It is necessary, having fled, to jump over the magic Kupala fire. If the flame has not touched you, it is a prediction of good luck in love affairs and a speedy happy marriage.

If the flame slips on your legs or clothes, you will have to experience a lot of frustration.

Guessing on Ivan Kupala in circles on the water can also tell something about the near future. To do this, on the Kupala night make a wish, type water in a bowl, throw pebbles into the water and count the diverging circles.

If the number of laps is even, your desire must come true, if it is odd, your hopes are not justified.

Divination by Ivan Kupala - Kupala divinations

Perhaps the most romantic of Kupala divinations is divination from Ivan Kupala through a wreath. To do this, the girls weave wreaths and at the sunset of the day on the eve of Ivan Kupala, let them sail along the river.

In this case, you need to make a secret wish. If the current of the river quickly nails a wreath to the shore, it means that the desire will not come true, but if it confidently floats into the distance, the thought will certainly happen.

Also in the Kupala night, you can see the prophetic dream that tells you about the near future. To do this, collect seven different wildflowers and hide them under the pillow on which you will sleep.

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