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Divination by Ivan Kupala

Divination by Ivan Kupala

The night of Ivan Kupala is a time of miracles and magic. Earlier this night it was not customary to sleep — our ancestors wondered about the future and enthralled for love.

This night is one of the most energetically strong, when you can easily look into the future and find out your destiny. How did our ancestors guess at Ivan Kupala?

Divination by Ivan Kupala for love

On the night of Ivan Kupala, the girls gathered on the banks of a river or lake, gathered wild flowers and made wreaths from them. They fixed a candle in the wreaths, lit it, and let it float. Whose wreath will sink faster or whose candle will most likely go out will be the first to marry.

If the wreath will be afloat for a long time, then this year the girl definitely will not be able to become a bride. If the wreath approaches the shore, the fortunate girl will sit in the girls for a long time.

Divination for the future on the night of Ivan Kupala

In order to know your fate for a year, it was necessary to pluck seven small twigs of birch. They were mixed and hid in hand. Guessing should pull one and them. If you come across a smooth and even twig, then it promised a calm and prosperous life this year.

If the branch had flaws or bumps, it predicted problems, troubles, difficulties and diseases.

Jumping over the fire on this holiday helped not only to cleanse themselves from diseases and problems, but also predicted the future.

Divination by Ivan Kupala at home

Despite the fact that on this magical night all the festivities, rituals and divination took place on the street, near forests, rivers and lakes, there are also many ways of divination at home.

The most popular fortune telling on Ivan Kupala at home is fortune telling on wax. In the Kupala night, you need to melt the candle wax in a large spoon and pour it into a dish of water. The frozen wax figure is treated on the basis of the personal associations of the diviner. For example, the ring — foreshadows the wedding, and the length of the strip can mean a long journey.

The main thing is to show imagination!

Want to know if your wish will come true? Pour into a small bowl of water. Find a little pebble on the road. Whisper your desire in the water and throw it in a pebble.

Take a close look at the number of circles formed in the water. If their number is even, then the wish will come true. If the odd — then come true he was not destined.

Use all the power and magic of the night on Ivan Kupala, if you want to know your future! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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