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Divination by hand: if you cut your finger

Divination by hand: if you cut your finger

Palmistry studies not only the lines on the hand, but also other components of the palms: hills, fingers, fingerprints. There is one interesting fortune telling about the hand, which is based on the health of the fingers.

Each finger on the hand has its own meaning and is responsible for certain areas of life and character traits. Did you know that accidentally cutting a finger could mean something? Permanent injuries of the same finger and, of course, chronic finger diseases also matter.

This will be discussed.


This finger in divination on the hand is responsible for vital energy, will, self-sufficiency, ambitions and goals.

  • If you have damaged your right thumb, this indicates that in the near future you will have to give up your business and address the problems of loved ones.
  • Damage to the thumb of the left hand says that the moment of choice has come. You should probably reconsider your goals and decisions and take a different path.
  • Serious damage to your thumb warns you of the dangers that will arise from your actions. Your intentions are destructive to those around you.


The index finger shows the result of your actions and resistance to difficulties.

  • If the right index finger was damaged, it promises losses, financial difficulties, loss of authority, respect and influence.
  • If the index finger of the left hand is damaged, then this is a warning that it’s time for you to relax and stop concentrating on your experiences and thoughts. Guessing on hand recommends that you stop reproaching yourself for past mistakes and shortcomings.
  • If you constantly damage this finger, it means that someone is jealous of you or something prevents to achieve the goal. However, stop and throw everything is not worth it. You will be able to achieve your goal if you find other solutions to your problems.

Middle finger

In palmistry, this finger is associated with the love sphere of life.

  • Cuts or damage to the middle finger of the right hand promises conflict with a loved one.
  • Damage to the middle finger of the left hand — to a protracted conflict with a loved one.
  • Frequent damage to the middle finger or its curvature speak of insecurity and dissatisfaction with their personal lives, as well as the desire to control everything.

Ring finger

The ring finger in fortune telling is connected with socialization and creative realization.

  • If the ring finger on the right hand is damaged, then it predicts problems at work and quarrels in the team.
  • If you have injured your finger on your left hand, this indicates a low self-esteem. You lack confidence.
  • Chronic injuries speak of undervalued and failures that seem to haunt a person.

This finger is responsible for financial prosperity.

  • A damaged right hand little finger talks about problems with money and business partners.
  • Damage to the little finger of the left hand — a warning against the loss of failed plans, unjustified hopes.
  • Permanent damage to the little finger warns that it is time to stop measuring everything with money, otherwise you may become financially dependent.

If you want to neutralize the negative energy of the problem finger, put a ring on it. Golden jewelry will attract to you what you lack, and silver will save you from unnecessary and calm you down. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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