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Divination by hand: how to know your fate with the help of palmistry

Divination by hand: how to know your fate with the help of palmistry

Palmistry is the most ancient science in which untrained things about a person are studied with the help of an individual drawing on the palm. This science was popular during the time of Aristotle, and the very first writings on palmistry were published in 1448 in Germany.

Currently, palmistry is taught in the universities of astrology.

Palmistry is considered one of the branches of astrology, with the help of it you can predict the quality of a person, learn about his talents (even hidden ones) and reveal the mystery of a person’s future. Thanks to this information, a person begins to feel more confident and knows what lies ahead.

If you are interested in the science of palmistry, we will try to help you understand it. In order to begin to read the signs do not require a large amount of information, it will be enough basic fundamentals, so to say the foundation.

But for the detailed decoding will require a lot of practice and learning signs.

Initial palm inspection

Divination by hand: how to know your fate with the help of palmistry

If you want to know about the character of a person, then you do not need to go far in palmistry. The character of a person can be recognized by the shape of his hand and fingers; it will be enough just to look at his hand.

Home to this hand was leading.

During the initial examination, it is necessary to look at the shape of the hand, how long the fingers are, their structure, look in the shape of the brush, the condition of the skin. For example, if the arm is short and the muscles on it are well developed, it means that the person in front of you is a practitioner.

Most likely, he works physically and knows his stuff.

And if the hen is long and the articular ligaments are visible on the fingers, it means that the person is engaged in science and a highly intelligent person is sitting in front of you. You can also find out whether this person belongs to art, such people often have thin and long hands, and fingers have the shape of a cone.

They gradually taper to the base of the nail.

By the state of the skin, one can recognize the character of a person. If he has it rude, it says about the person that he is straightforward in his choices.

If the hand is cold and thin, then in front of you sits a refined and gentle nature.

If you watch the hands of people, then one fact is easily traced, each person has an individual hand shape. You will never find two similar hand shapes. If the palm of a person is square, then we can say that the character of a person is direct and practical.

The palm has the shape of a rectangle, then in front of you is an imaginary and impressionable person.

The shape of the fingers is an additional factor in the examination, they can say a little more about the person. For example, if the fingers are short, the surface and energetic person is most likely opposite you. But if the fingers have a long form, then this person is pedantic and perseverance prevails in his character.

If the fingers are of medium length, then the person does not have distinctive character traits, they all predominate at the middle level.

Main lines

After you have examined the hand of a person, you must begin to read the palm, namely the baselines in palmistry. There are four main lines in palmistry:

In this case, the branch of fate is not found in every person.

Before the sessions you should find out which hand you need, namely, you need to understand which hand is active and which is passive. In the scriptures, these opinions differ.

Someone claims that the active hand is the kind of person who works. For example, if you are left-handed, then your left hand will be active.

But there is also a theory that the right hand is always the active hand, since our life is recorded on it and the drawing on it changes throughout the whole life. Since this hand tells about our personality, how our personality is formed, so the pattern on it is formed.

But the left hand is considered to be passive, since the drawing on it is not changeable and is given to us from birth, our destiny is shown on this hand. And it is very difficult to change, as it is very difficult.

Since the fate of a person is very difficult to change.

There is also a theory that the hand must be chosen, considering who is going to guess. If you read a girl’s palm, then you must give your right hand, and if a man then you need to guess on your left hand.

But the easiest way is to choose a leading hand and not bother about it.

Heart line

Divination by hand: how to know your fate with the help of palmistry

Reading and decoding the palm must be approached with all seriousness and responsibility. If you are all a joke for you and just another fun, you will not get the right answers about the fate of a person.

Deciphering the line of the heart, you can learn about the person’s emotionality, it will show how many people are romantic, and you can also find out the state of human health. This branch originates from the edge of the palm at the base of the little finger and goes all the way to the index finger.

With the help of the heart line you can see:

  • If the line stops in the middle of the index and middle finger, it means that the person is the soul of the company and has an open character. Most likely, he has a large number of acquaintances and no fewer friends, everything about him speaks very well and warmly.
  • If the branch of the heart is short, the owner of such a hand is very squeezed and restrained in the expression of emotions, also it is not particularly romantic.
  • If the heart line reaches the middle finger and does not continue. Then such a person is more concerned with his problem, and not the problems of others.
  • If the band reaches the index finger, it speaks about the character of the person. Such people are perfectionists, they also demand that others strive for perfection.
  • If the branch of the heart has a long and curved shape, such a person easily expresses his emotions.
  • If there is a circle on the line, then the person is subject to various depressions and sadness more than everyone else.
  • If the line is broken, it indicates that the owner had to endure a strong emotional trauma.

Divination by hand: how to know your fate with the help of palmistry

The next main line is the line of the mind or it is also called the head line. With the help of it you can find out how well a person is developed intellectually and how he uses his intellect.

There are several main characteristics:

  • If the line of mind is small, it means that a person relies more on logical thinking than on fantasy and imagination.
  • The strip has an uneven and curved shape — in front of you is a creative person.
  • The branch of the mind is long — such a line says that a person always brings things to the finals and is always collected with his thoughts and focused on work.
  • If there are circles and crosses on the line, most likely the person had an emotional crisis.
  • The band has a straight form, such a person relies more on realistic thinking.

Life line

Divination by hand: how to know your fate with the help of palmistry

Through this line, the palmist can learn about the love of self and his life of a person, how he treats his social circle, and so on.

People always used the theory that the length of a person’s life depends on the length of this line, but this opinion is erroneous. This is for the better, since many people get scared at the sight of a short lifeline, often bringing themselves to stressful situations.

There are several main characteristics:

  • If it is at a decent distance from the thumb, it means that there is a person with a large vital reserve of energy, he also has developed a good tenacity to life.
  • If the band is close to the thumb, it means that the person is not particularly energetic and cheerful. The reason for this is a small amount of vital energy.
  • The line has a short and shallow shape — then such a person can be easily manipulated. And he often gets manipulated by strangers.
  • If a person has several life lines, then such a person is in good health and loves his life very much.
  • There are circles on the line — this speaks of various diseases.
  • If she strives for semi circular form, such a person has a lot of enthusiasm and strength to live.

Line of fate

Divination by hand: how to know your fate with the help of palmistry

When reading the palm of your hand, you can see that not every person has this band. It starts at the base of the palm and often crosses the line of the mind and heart.

It ends near the middle finger.

There are several main characteristics:

  • If this feature is deep, it means that a person’s life is under the control of fate.
  • If the lane of fate passes through the line of life, then such a person has good support from parents and other family members.
  • If the line of fate passes the line of life approximately in the middle, it means that the person will not leave his relatives and friends in trouble.
  • If the line of fate comes into contact with the line of life at the very beginning, then such a person creates his own destiny.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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