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Divination by candlelight — for seven and three candles

The fire is the brightest, strongest and purest of the great elements. It is an inexhaustible source of spiritual energy, known to people since the days of antiquity. It was not by chance that fire in the form of candles, torches, sacred centers was necessarily present in the temples of all the religions of the earth, and the sacrifices intended for the gods were often given to the fire.

It is these properties of fire that make divination by candlelight so strong and accurate. Below you can read about the most simple and effective ways of guessing on candles at home.

Divination by candlelight - for seven and three candles

One of the simplest and most popular ways of divination by candlelight is divination by three candles for the New Year. In order to realize this divination, light three candles on New Year’s Eve. The first candle should be white, it symbolizes joy and all the good things that will happen to you in the coming year.

The second candle, black, symbolizes sorrow and unhappiness. Place a third candle of any other color exactly in the middle between them. This candle is a symbol of the next year.

All candles should be the same size and should be lit as much as possible at the same time. Now watch the New Year’s candle burn. If it burns evenly, the year will be calm and stable.

If it melts more towards the black candle, the year will be difficult and sad. If more burns in the direction of the white candle — the year will be joyful and successful for you.

Another popular divination by candlelight is a terrible and mysterious ancient fortune-telling with a mirror and seven candles. To do this, at midnight on a new moon, lock yourself in a house or any other room that can be locked.

On a table covered with a dense black tablecloth, place a large mirror, preferably oval. Put seven candles in front of the mirror.

Two extreme candles should stand near the mirror itself, as close as possible to its edges. The remaining candles need to be built in two lines, converging at an angle, the top of which (the seventh candle) will be as close as possible to you. Through the flame of this candle, look long and intently into the mirror, thinking about your future.

If you did everything right, some time later you will see your face in the mirror, but not the current one, but at an older age. If this person is sad, in the future you will find a lot of suffering.

If the face is smiling, your future will be successful and joyful.

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