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Divination by candlelight

Divination by candlelight

Divination by candlelight — time-tested way to know your fate. For fortune telling you will need a regular white candle and matches. As a rule, this method of obtaining a prediction is used to find out your immediate future and make a diagnosis of the present.

How to guess the candle

Divination with a candle should be carried out in a dark room. Make sure that no one bothers you, as the ritual will require special concentration.

Light a candle with a match and for 3-5 minutes look intently at the flame of fire. After extinguish the wick, not blowing on the fire and see how the wax burned.

  • If the bed around the wick has burned out evenly — in your life in the near future there will be no special changes.
  • If the bed burns out on one side — changes are waiting for you.
  • If during the burning on the edge of the candle there is an influx that looks like a visor, then this means good luck in money and a quick profit.
  • If the rush from the top of the candle is uneven or a bed with torn edges is formed, unexpected events await you that will affect your life in the best possible way.
  • If the wax on the candle flowed and froze in the form of drops — tears and disappointments are waiting for you.
  • If the wax path is continuous on the candle — your business will go well.
  • If the path is continuous but winding, you will encounter difficulties.
  • If the path does not reach the bottom of the candle — in the future you will not finish the job or you will be disturbed. Also, this sign may mean that your plans fail.
  • The wick leaned to the side — a sign that in the present you are doing something wrong.
  • The wick broke or twisted — the foreshadowing of diseases. It can also mean that there is a lot of negative energy around you.
  • The wick is worth exactly — a sign that you are on the right track and that in the future only positive events await you.
  • If the wick is doubled, then now you are at a crossroads, or in the near future you have to make a difficult choice.

Guessing on the candle, use a new one every time. Use this fortune telling only when you really need to know about your future. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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