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Direct and inverted rune Uruz (uruz): its meaning and interpretation

Description and meaning of the straight and inverted rune Uruz in divination and magic

Direct and inverted rune Uruz (uruz): its meaning and interpretation

It is time to talk about the ancient magic sign, which many people are afraid of in panic, because they do not know how to handle it correctly. This is the rune Uruz, the value of which in the first place is power.

But what kind of power it is, what is it manifested and why it becomes so scary to us when the character comes in the layout, we’ll talk to you now.

Fleece Uruz — the main meaning and interpretation

In translation, the name of this symbol sounds like «power.» But here it is important to realize that this is not an internal force, as, for example, in the Taro Arcane of the same name, but an external, natural, uncontrollable, alive one.

This force carries in itself deep transformations — regardless of whether a person is ready for them or not.

The value of the Uruz rune can be compared with such natural phenomena as hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes. We can not influence them in any way, they are not subject to our desires.

It will rain anyway when it has to go, and he absolutely doesn’t care if we want it or not.

All that can be done is to surrender to this force, to enable it to pass through itself, not to resist, not to obstruct.

Imagine that you are riding a horse, and suddenly it suffered. If you try to stop it, you can fall and break your arms, legs and even your spine.

It is better to try to stay in the saddle until the horse stops on its own — it will not be able to run constantly either.

Remember the wonderful phrase from the movie «The Crow» — «Rain can not go forever»? It was she who most accurately describes the duration of Uruz.

Forever will not go, but not the fact that it will stop very soon.

It is important to understand that the meaning of the Uruz rune is not only power, but also the transformation that occurs when it wakes up. The rune destroys the old forms, obsolete connections, all that prevents us from developing and moving on.

And we are afraid of this powerful symbol only because we do not like change. We feel comfortable and good in that familiar world, which we have created for ourselves, and we are afraid to go beyond it and even more so to part with it forever.

But sometimes it is extremely necessary. That’s when the rune comes.

Remember the fairy tale «The Wizard of the Emerald City» and Ellie’s house, which was carried away by a hurricane.

Despite the fact that the girl managed to return home, global changes took place inside her, her outlook changed dramatically, Ellie found a lot, although at first she thought she had lost everything. This is the main message of the runes Uruz — to leave the comfort zone, to enable this force to do what is needed.

If a person does not feel fear, takes what she carries, then he seizes this power, gains inner power, feels the spirit of a warrior in himself, becomes a winner. Those who resist — in the end get the reverse rune, which will act even more destructive, but more on that later.

Now let’s analyze what the rune Uruz means at the household level. Of course, these will be changes, and the changes are cardinal and not always desired.

But they will always be for the better — and later you will certainly understand.

The rune comes when a lot of unnecessary things accumulate around a person, both in the direct and in the figurative sense of the word. Uruz appears precisely then, to destroy this “rubbish.”

The arrival of the runes can mean a change of place of residence, leaving work, breaking some social and personal contacts, global awareness of the fact that he lives wrong. No need to resist this global “cleansing” — you need to accept and thank Uruz for this push.

The value of the inverted rune Uruz

Now let’s talk about those who are afraid of this symbol or trying to resist its effects. Most people are used to controlling their lives inside and out.

And, of course, they don’t like it when plans fall apart, circumstances change and something outsiders interferes during their measured existence.

But all this doesn’t bother with the powerful power of this rune anyway, it will come and destroy what needs to be destroyed.

Perfectly illustrates the meaning of the inverted rune of Uruz, one parable. After the terrible shipwreck, the only survivor brought water to an uninhabited island.

In order to somehow prolong his life, he collected boards from the ship, nailed to the shore, built a hut out of them to protect from the sun and rain, and began to live in it, feeding on the plants found on the island.

One day, returning from a search for food, he saw that his hut was burning with flames.

He burst into tears, because it was his only property, he was angry with the Higher Forces, he cursed God, and having calmed down, he went to bed right on the sand.

In the morning he was woken up by the whistle of the ship sailing to the shore — it turned out that the sailors, sailing nearby, saw a column of smoke, they realized that there was someone on the island and rushed to the rescue.

This is exactly how reverse Uruz acts — it sees that you are acting incorrectly, therefore it destroys everything, drives you into complete despair, but ultimately makes you feel respect for yourself. A person who has survived an inverted Uruz loses everything literally: it seems to him that the world has collapsed, there is no need to live anymore, but after a while he realizes that everything that is being done is all for the better.

What does the rune of Uruz mean in divination for business and work?

The significance of the Uruz rune in fortune-telling on the situation in the professional sphere is good results, high efficiency, success, provided that the project is new or the person uses some non-standard solutions that have not been applied before. A promotion is also likely, provided that the employee is willing to work hard, tirelessly.

If divination implies an unambiguous answer “yes” or “no”, then Uruz most likely answers positively — but only when the questioner is ready not to sit with folded hands, but to work on getting a result.

  • Fehu / Otala — Uruz: The combination will talk about financial gain

The significance of the runes of Uruz in divination for work, if the symbol falls upside down — this is a lack of motivation, a high probability of missing an opportune moment.

  • Evaz — inverted Uruz: Desperate resistance to the circumstances that really should not interfere

Also, the rune often warns that you should not change something yourself at the moment — the risk is high to make it all the worse. Sometimes the symbol advises to bring to the solution of the issue some more experienced person.

What does Uruz mean in divination for love and relationships?

Since Uruz is a rune of power, in many cases it can be interpreted in this context. For example, it may indicate strong, deep feelings that change a person’s inner world, increased sexuality (but without a hint of any distortions and filth), or seriousness of plans.

Sometimes the meaning of the Uruz rune in a relationship is the advice to make an effort to conquer the object of one’s sympathy.

  • Teyvaz — Uruz: You should not be afraid of any rivals, because the questioner is much stronger than them, and the Higher Forces help him
  • Berkana — Uruz: If we make a rune layout for a woman and see such a combination, then we can interpret her as an advice to use female power, for example, use pregnancy to keep a beloved man

Another meaning of the Uruz rune in love is the need to clear a place in order to introduce new feelings into its existence.

Thus, for example, true love may never appear in a person’s life if he is completely “overgrown” with old affections, for example, constantly recalls his former passion or longs for the object of his first love.

However, not only personal attachments can interfere, but also obsession with work, hobbies or something else.

Now let’s talk about the meaning of the Uruz rune in divination for a relationship if it comes upside down, since there are also nuances here. First, the rune may indicate that the person’s self-esteem is too low, i.e.

for a man, this will be the role of a «mama’s son», and for a woman, for example, the presence of psychological problems, complexes, fears.

Both that, and another prevents to build relations — the reverse symbol will tell about it.

The second meaning of the Uruz rune in love and relationships, when we see it turned upside down, is an unreasonable use of its power, when a person, for example, does not do anything, because he is sure that his beloved or loved one is not going anywhere. Here you need to pay attention to the adjacent symbols, as they can show cause and effect.

  • Isa — inverted Uruz: The combination clearly speaks of the passivity of a person and the subsequent cooling of relations, freezing of feelings
  • Nautiz — inverted Uruz: Will literally force the questioner: “Do not sit still, go, act, take, be active — you really need it now!”

The value of Uruz in divination for health

If we consider human health issues, then the direct rune will tell you that you can no longer influence the situation.

This cannot be called a uniquely bad forecast, it’s rather a warning that the questioner has already done everything he could — now the body will cope on its own.

Here the main thing is not to lose a positive attitude, and also to pay attention to the runes lying next door.

The value of the inverted rune Uruz is a bad state of health, health problems, diseases that can permanently disable you. But all this is not fatal: you just did not pay attention to the symptoms in a timely manner, led an unhealthy lifestyle, or refused the proposed prophylaxis, and now you will have to support it.

How is Uruz applied in magic?

The magical use of this rune must be carried out with extreme caution, because this symbol is associated with the most powerful force beyond man’s control. Uruz is often used to move a situation away from a dead center, to make a life revolution, to destroy old attachments, to destroy something that hinders the further course of events.

What is the amulet of the Uruz rune for?

Photo runes Uruz or her drawing, made by hand, can be used in amulet practice. Such a talisman will help people who can not muster the determination to change their lives.

But wearing a runic amulet is not worth it all the time — just letting it start the transformation process and then adapting yourself independently to the changed circumstances will strengthen your will power.

Can I make a tattoo with a Uruz rune?

Apply the image of this powerful rune on your body is not worth it. For help to the power of this magic sign, it is customary to apply only in case of emergency, otherwise you risk completely ruining your life — you should always remember this.

The force that escaped from under control, the Uruz, like a raging hurricane, is capable of destroying everything in its path.

Fleece Day Uruz

As the Runes of the Day, Uruz foreshadows dramatic changes, in most cases — for the better. But only under the observance of one condition: if you do not begin to resist them, but take everything that is happening for granted.

Council runes Uruz

To understand the advice of this magic sign, you need to remember the meaning of the Uruz rune, which we discussed at the very beginning. Strength can not be resisted, it can only be respected and thanked.

Therefore, Uruz offers you to surrender to the will of circumstances, not to obstruct, not to get upset, if everything goes wrong, as planned.

What should happen will happen all the same, regardless of your desire.

Questions for meditation on Uruz

Like other symbols of the Elder Futhark, Uruz is suitable for working with your inner world. Looking at the photo of the runes Uruz, answer the following questions:

  • To whom or to what do you feel the strongest affection?
  • Is there something in your life that you need to let go?
  • Do you take offense at fate, if events go wrong, as you would like?
  • Do you have a fear of change, or are you philosophical about it?

As you can see, you should not fear the power of Uruz. When it manifests itself in your life, look boldly into the eyes of the future and do not scold fate, because a new house can never be built while the old one stands in its place.

Do not forget about it!

Fleece Uruz (Uruz, Urus) — the meaning and application of the symbol

Direct and inverted rune Uruz (uruz): its meaning and interpretation

Fleece Uruz ranks among the strongest runes. It is “charged” with a powerful flow of energy.

Therefore, a person using Uruz gets a lot of strength and opportunities to realize his goals. Let’s talk in detail about the meaning and application of this rune symbol.

Fleece Uruz: a brief description

Uruz is pure energy. No action in the world can occur without energy — human life, health, relationships, professional activities and everything else depends on it. Therefore, Uruz is a magic wand for people who are not able to fill with energy, to accept and give it to her

Uruz is considered to be a very strong and powerful energy rune that literally “charges” a person, makes him incredibly active, active, striving for progress. In ancient times, the people of this runic symbol is very revered, but also feared.

Uruz is the union of masculine and feminine, the merging of opposites, yin and yang. Remarkably, it helps a woman to become more feminine, a man — more masculine.

Helps to correct gender bias in pairs when duties of husband and wife are mixed. For example, the wife provides the family, and the husband stays at home and raises the children.

In this situation, there is no energy exchange, because none of the pair performs its functions, but only takes on others.

Uruz helps to make health strong, both physical and mental. In magical rituals, it is used for quick recovery of the patient, recuperation after a serious operation, injury.

Moreover, the rune does not affect the physical shell of a person — it harmonizes his inner world, due to which the physical body is healed.

The value of the runes Uruz in a straight position

Uruz is a change, a challenge, a riot of energy, power, strength. In fortune-telling, Uruz most often means that a huge and very powerful flow of energy, circumstances, and opportunities has arisen in your life. And in which direction this flow will be directed — it depends only on you.

The time has come for cardinal changes, transition from the old, regressive reality to the new, progressive and leading to success. Uruz is perseverance, persistence, the desire to win, no matter what.

When in divination rune Uruz falls in a straight position, its values ​​are as follows:

  • In the near future, the guessing person will get an excellent opportunity for career growth.
  • Your health is strong enough; in the near future, illnesses will not prevent you from doing the intended tasks.
  • You have great potential that will lead you to success if you develop it.
  • Soon there will be some difficult, unfavorable situation, but you have enough strength and energy to get out of it without loss
  • You have all the makings of in order to achieve great success in life. But it only depends on you whether you can use your abilities

The value of Uruz upside down

As a rule, in the inverted position, any rune becomes a negative value. If Uruz fell out, this may indicate that the person “froze” in place and could not move forward because of the burden of past circumstances.

He needs to change his outlook, get rid of the installations that limit his progress and the programs that are subconscious.

In a negative sense, Uruz is frustration and failure, addiction to bad habits and vices, material dependence, or a huge, drug addiction to another person who is indifferent to you. This is all that pulls you down and prevents movement forward.

Something that you need to get rid of in order not to destroy your identity.

Very often, the inverted Uruz falls at a time when a person is on the verge of a huge load of problems and failures — ready to abandon his plans, a little more — and not far from depression. At this point, it is important to explain to him that there is a way out, and with the right actions, things will go smoothly.

In the inverted position, the value of the rune Uruz is the following:

  • In the near future, in a difficult situation, you will not be able to find enough strength in yourself to overcome difficulties
  • Changes are coming for the worse — get ready for the blows of fate
  • Your health is at risk — treat it during this period of life especially carefully.
  • There are many obstacles on the way to the set goals.

The use of the runes Uruz in magic

In occultism, the rune Uruz is used for the following purposes:

  • To improve the health or to cure the patient
  • To restore and secure a friendship or love relationship
  • To bring to life good luck, luck, new opportunities and prospects.
  • So that a favorable situation arises in life, new circumstances have appeared in which you will be able to reach your full potential.

Watch the video in which the author talks about the modern meaning of the Uruz rune:

Rune Uruz can be used in all sorts of magic rituals, divination. Amulets, amulets and talismans with the image of the runes possess powerful energy that “charges” the owner of the amulet with vital force.

Also, the runes are often used for tattoos — it is believed that in this way the rune affects the person most strongly. Uruz, in principle, is suitable for this purpose, but be extremely careful and think carefully — the influence of the symbol will be very great.

Fleece Uruz: meaning in relationships, in love, upside down, interpretation

Direct and inverted rune Uruz (uruz): its meaning and interpretation

Fleece Uruz — a very strong character for its magical properties. When working with it, power, energy, internal strength is added.

She personifies the two forces Yin and Yang, female and male energy, respectively.

In ancient times, people were afraid and respected at the same time by the forces of Uruz. Fleece gives courage and responsibility, femininity and tenderness to the one who asks.

It helps and brings good luck, allows you to create a new strong energy that teaches harmony and integrity with the world.

«Uruz» — a strong runic symbol that gives courage and responsibility, femininity and tenderness to the one who asks

The power of Uruz is hard to find and feel in your natural environment. People fled to civilization, forgetting their connection with natural forces.

No one can imagine their life without asphalt, cellular, computer web and plumbing.

They put themselves in concrete boxes and renounced everything that is natural and natural. But this energy still continues to exist and participate in people’s lives.

It helps to feel harmony, restore mental and physical health, strengthen will power and make a person strong.

The value of the runes Uruz

The phoenix is ​​born from the ashes, so this sign burns to the ground and is reborn in a new form. Fleece compares itself with the Wild Bull — a symbol of masculinity, vitality, courage, a sign of good health and a strong flow of energy.

Guessing will help give a true answer to the question and realize their desires. Uruz is favorable in changing the directional course, everything will happen naturally.

But in order for everything to be in a good result, you need to put a lot of effort, and the rune will give strength to cope with everything and everything to overcome. Next to positive runes, it necessarily symbolizes success in deeds and love.

In the straight position, the rune Uruz is a powerful and unbridled force, a fire igniting a flame from a small spark. It embodies maturity, natural and natural changes.

On the other hand, it can heal from diseases. Fights against diseases and how the fire burns them.

In pairs with a fleece Turisaz — denotes the fortune-telling of the fortuneteller, his significance. In combination with Ansuse — fire in terms of a strong and powerful moral influence on people.

Fleece recommends to get rid of the accumulated debris in everyday life or from the trash in the house (apartment).

The inverted position of the rune Uruz — shows the negative strontium and the power of its fire. The energy you need is missed, it cannot be returned due to your weak willpower or other similar problems.

These failures or difficulties that have arisen can be passed onto the shoulders of a person with an internal strong mindset, but if the inverted Uruz fell together with Gebo, then this only means that the situation worsened.

You will get even more problems and failures.

In combination with Vuno, this is a losing business for you, it will not develop, wash your hands better and do not bear responsibility. And it also represents physical, spiritual and sexual illness.

Divination for love

In relations, the rune Uruz is more positive than negative. In runic layouts for love, if this symbol falls out, then you should think about your emotions and feelings.

Such an attitude to a partner is not the best impact on future family life.

Your problem is not in the complete absence of feelings, but vice versa in their abundance. Too much jealousy, strong temperament, powerful internal energy, which takes down and does not allow your partner to develop.

Fleece can help pacify this force, only in you should be a lot of courage and ability to curb this energy.

In the straight position, the rune personifies in itself:

  • Purity of emotions, sexual desire for a partner, sincerity and devotion.
  • It is a symbol of transition of relations to a new stage of development (wedding, intimate relations, engagement).
  • If you are on friendly terms with a partner, but would you like something more? Winning Uruz in the scenario means that you have every chance to get what you want.
  • On the other hand, if it’s cold in love, then you should let go of this relationship, open up to new people and connections.

In combination with Teyvaz, the rune indicates that you should not be afraid of any competitors (ticks) in the fight for love. Paired with Berkana — sometimes pregnancy can be a good way to keep a loved one and this is your case. Fleece can affect some factors and everything will turn out in your favor.

It will open the world of harmony and help you gain and increase your inner energy.

In the inverted position, it can reveal the qualities of your partner, unknown to you before. When divination to a man, if Uruz falls out, then there will be no adequate relationship with this man.

Before you is a man unsure of himself, a sissy, he will not be able to create for you cozy and comfortable conditions, a family hearth is not his element.

Together with Isa — predicts to you passivity and as a result cooling of relations. In combination with Nautyz, the inverted Uruz advises not to give up and not to give up, it is hard to go to success, but it will be worth it.

Guessing a career

The beginning of all beginnings. When the rune is set for a career, Uruz will put everything on the shelves, give a concrete answer to the question of interest.

In the straight position, the rune is only a striving forward, success in business and a good result.

The rune symbol «Uruz» in a straight position with a career scenario predicts good results and success.

It is important that the path to success is very difficult, you will encounter a lot of difficulties and problems, without giving up on your hands, you will achieve success, career growth and well-being. The rune will add strength to the fortunate one to overcome all difficulties.

Responsibility will be more, and therefore confidence will increase.

In the inverted position, everything is not so smooth. Most likely, you expect a failure in their own affairs.

Lack of self-confidence, lack of willpower and motivation will lead to problems at work and lack of favorable development.

In any case of a job change, an inverted Uruz advises to refuse such a decision. At this time, it is unfavorable and will attract unnecessary problems.

The main advice, which gives the rune in this position — is to find help in a colleague or friend, to give a friendly shoulder and give practical advice.


The rune Uruz is a symbol of strength, transformation, the birth of a new energy and unexpected changes. Helps to get rid of unnecessary and find useful.

Heals and restores mental and physical condition.

It helps to realize new ideas and business plans, restore vitality and direct them in the right direction, get rid of unnecessary mental and physical trash, be realized as a professional, discover your sexual energy, start or strengthen your love relationships. It is worth a lot of work not only on themselves, but also on the environment, in order to achieve results.

On the way there will be different people, different difficulties, but you should never forget about the internal energy. Uruz is a strong and powerful rune, if used correctly, then it will not only meet, but also help to open up, to become a confident and energetically strong person.

Direct and inverted rune Uruz (uruz): its meaning and interpretation

Transfer — bison, wild bull. A rock — volcanic glass (obsidian, perlite).

This rune denotes strength and opportunity for action, both in the physical world and in more subtle matters. Here all attention is focused on the merger of male and female components, as a result of which the birth of new forms is guaranteed.

After the completion of any period, a new one must begin. The presence of force indicates the absence of stagnation. In divination, the loss of this rune is evidence of success.

It is necessary to leave behind the old form so that the force can create a new one.

In this position, Uruz says that the time should begin for new beginnings, old affairs should be completed and they should be released.

The boundaries of life have already overcome the dying stage for the sake of transformation into a new form.

This in a sense indicates a death that has occurred within a person, as well as new opportunities that may initially seem like a loss. Revival will begin from the ashes of past actions and phenomena.

Since Uruz symbolizes a wild bull or a bison, it is almost similar to Feu. But if Feu is a bull, far from wildness, homely and quite predictable, then Uruz is the lush energy of life that belongs to a brave bison.

Bison symbolizes masculinity and indicates good health and active resistance of the human body.

Sometimes this is an indication of a male in his relationship and is associated with strong emotions. In addition, it may be the will of the person who asks the question — what does he really want?

Also, the rune has a special courage. She rules changes that are unexpected. As a result of such changes, a person is in a hurry to turn to himself for the use of the forces provided by the rune.

Such changes can be natural, and you should not pass by them.

In the upside down position, Uruz means disorganized power and opportunities that have been missed. It begins to seem that you are struggling with your own forces.

This is a peculiar and alarming signal hinting at certain failures in the future. That is why it is necessary to seriously analyze your personality and not turn off the light path to the dark road.

Being aground, you still need to learn to dive.

You will not be able to use the moment due to illness or low vital energy. However, you should not be upset, because if there were positive runes nearby, then good changes are possible.


If a direct Uruz fell out, this means that nothing will depend on you at the new job. Especially it concerns those cases, the code you are the subordinate, but not the chief.

In such cases, you should seriously consider the state of affairs, and the managers of the company should be more attentive, as someone may try to negate all efforts.

If a high rune falls on a highly asking chief, this suggests that government checks cannot be avoided and you should not argue with that.


Inverted Uruz means that your enemies will triumph over you. In this case, you only have one thing — try not to lose all your capital and reduce all unnecessary expenses to zero.

Best of all, it is recommended to go with the flow, and depending on the prevailing circumstances, to make the right decision.

An inverted rune does not just show that you lose your capital, but points to a specific reason, that is, you can find out the sex and age of your secret enemy.

As practice shows, in most cases, the head simply “leads by the nose” of his boss. You can spread the runes in order to determine who your mysterious enemy.

They can show whether it is a man or a woman.

Thus, the boss can easily calculate a detractor or a crook. However, if you do not have time to check it out, then the inspection inspector will do it for you.

In this case, the state of your affairs may be further aggravated.


Reports a health situation that is difficult to influence. Do not bother the doctors — they did everything they could.

Then the human body must cope with the disease itself. Do not lose hope and hope for a positive result.

Thoughts are material and a negative attitude can worsen the situation. The treatment of Uruz also depends on the runes that surround it.


Talking about health problems. A disease can permanently chain a person to a bed and make him unworkable. Treat the situation with understanding: your loved one will need good care and help in everyday affairs.

There are such problems, do not panic.


Difficulties are brewing in your personal relationship. You should not blame yourself: the problem lies in the lack of attention from the partner.

Pay attention to the alignment: if it has the opposite sex, it is an obvious call about secret connections. Another person has an eye on your half, and she intends to destroy the existing relationship.


Talking about cool personal relationships. Love has already died away, and most actions are done out of habit.

Analyze: the reason may lie in misunderstanding, lack of concessions and family contradictions. Speak frankly: if the time has come to end the relationship, let it end on a positive note.

Your feelings need to be saved: even a small spark can turn into a fire of love.

The symbol of magical power and energy of creativity. The force is not breakthrough, but a soft, gradual impact.

The rune carries the life-giving force and energy of life.

It is desirable to use its properties in the treatment of diseases, for the emergence of new friendships or love relationships, strengthen faith in yourself and enhance the internal resources of the body.

It is good to use it for the emergence of new ideas and for the beginning of new beginnings. Very often used in love spells and love magic.

  • Embody your fantasies in real actions and deeds;
  • To give up everything that is superfluous and aggravating you, to increase your internal energy;
  • It is easy to part with the aggravating events in the past and confidently go towards the future;
  • Turn the surrounding circumstances in your favor;
  • Increase work capacity;
  • Start a new business, gain energy for new beginnings and feel more independent;

Volcanic glass (obsidian, perlite)

  • It is a symbol of the cycle of life, fertility and creation. It is believed that it was created by combining the four fundamental elements — Air, Water, Earth and Fire.
  • Now the stars advise you to use one of the following layouts. Do not miss your chance to find out the truth.
  • This method of rune distribution is similar to the same fortune telling on tarot cards, but involves the use of runes.
  • An interesting alignment on the runes on the current situation.

The value of the runes Uruz and its magical power

Direct and inverted rune Uruz (uruz): its meaning and interpretation

Fleece Uruz is second in the Futhark row after Feh. And this is quite logical.

Rune Fehu is a pure magical power.

With her intention to create the material world, she evokes the primal force of chaos, which has nothing to do with either magic, or intelligence, or spirituality.

Uruz is a powerful survival force that can sleep for a long time, like a sprout in a plant seed, but after waking up nothing can hold it.

Therefore, by the arrival of such a force, one must be prepared in order to be able to use it for peaceful purposes.

General characteristics of Uruz

Uruz is power of the material world. Very powerful and persistent, but motherly soft.

It releases all our true desires from the subconscious, ruthlessly throwing away from living space everything is superfluous and obsolete.

The power of this rune can be equally used by both man and woman. For her, there is no sex difference.

A man, having accepted this power, will become more courageous and resolute, and a woman will acquire real femininity.

Fleece Uruz represents the very potential space, from which we draw everything that exists in the real world. It provides a person with unlimited possibilities, full renewal and sudden changes for the better.

Fleece can give physical health, strength and power to implement new projects.

Sometimes her called the little death, because a person who has taken the power of Uruz must abandon his usual views on the world, that is, he will no longer be the same.

Direct Uruz

Dropped out in divination direct Uruz means that the person is now in good physical shape. Right now he has there is an opportunity:

  • start a new project;
  • change jobs;
  • to conceive a child;
  • make your cherished wish etc.

The main feature of the runes Uruz is risk. She does not like cowardly and indecisive.

Therefore, when this rune falls in a straight position, immediately begin to act, otherwise the flow of force will pass by you.

Inverted Fleece

If divination fell inverted uruz, the person who is now wondering:

  • is now at odds with himself.
  • His strength is running out.
  • maybe appearance of diseases.

Starting new projects and changing your life is not recommended. The same applies to risky ventures and investments.

An inverted rune means that the power of a person works against him, or, to put it simply, on an uncle.

When a rune appears in divination, you must first restore your energy using elementary exercise. May need the help of a doctor.

Famous Freya Aswinn advises in such cases to drink water, charged with the power of Uruz.

To do this on the surface of the water in the glass you need mentally draw a rune in red and hold it there for a while. Then drink the water slowly.

If the water has acquired a characteristic taste of metal, then the rune worked.

If you have not felt anything, then, probably, due to poor health, your threshold of sensitivity has decreased. The next day, try to do it again.

What does the symbol in love mean?

If you guessing yourself, then the straight rune Uruz can talk about your strong physical attraction to your partner. Most likely, this feeling is mutual, but you need to control your passion in order not to fall into sexual addiction.

Direct Uruz when divination to a loved one means that he still does not change, but is quite ready to do it on the first occasion. Keep in mind that this does not mean that he (she) has stopped loving you (a).

Just in your environment is now a man who has a strong sexual impact on a partner. If you want to keep love unalloyed, it’s best dispel this wraith in any way.

For example, by becoming a Kenaz — Isa — Uruz — Berkana, imperceptibly drawn on a pillowcase pillowcase.

Inverted Uruz in divination for love relationships means that they lack passion. Partners are together only by habit or by necessity.

If desired, such a union can be preserved by breathing life into it with a runic stab Eyvaz — Dagaz — Uruz — Berkana. But it is only with the fervent desire …

What does it mean in a relationship?

Direct Uruz when it comes to relationships, it means that you rely too much on people, thus giving them your strength. There is nothing bad in this if the situation is under control, but the rune Uruz always says that you cannot control the situation now.

Inverted Fleece shows that relationships with people you’re guessing at deplete you and are completely unpromising.

The point here is not that someone wants to harm you on purpose, but in total energy incompatibility.

If it is impossible to stop communication, you can use the runic formula: Ansuz — Kenaz — Raido, which will bring clarity and reduce stress.

Value on the situation

If you take a leadership position, then Uruz in a direct position means that it is time to arrange a test for all subordinates. It seems that someone very actively enjoys your trust.

An ordinary employee in such a position of the runes must understand that change is coming, and that little depends on him now.

Inverted position of the runes testifies to the decline. It remains only to gather courage and try to preserve everything that is possible.

At Uruz in a straight position you need to understand what the doctors did for you. Now nothing depends on them.

it very auspicious sign, but in this situation you only need to rely on yourself. Inverted Uruz in the context of health most often means that you yourself are depleting yourself with bad habits. It’s time to still listen to the doctors and take care of yourself as it should.

In other situations, Uruz is always in a straight position. calls for immediate action. This rune welcomes risk, it can help fulfill the most unimaginable desires.

Inverted Uruz, on the contrary, advises to abandon new beginnings and in no case take the risk.

Use in magic

For magical purposes, this rune need use very carefully, because it causes the power of chaos, which is difficult to manage. Before you begin to use Uruz, you must formulate for yourself:

  • goal of the work;
  • pace (speed of implementation);
  • scene.

On the activation of cash flow And good luck, it works perfectly well, becoming: Uruz — Fehu — Berkana. The primitive force of the Earth is used to power the runes of wealth, while softening with the healing and soft influence of the runes of Berkan so that everything will be done harmoniously, in the best way for the operator.

Also, this rune in the straight position can be used to protect against witchcraft and other negatives in the runic formula called the Beer or Braga rune: Uruz — Nautyz — Berkano.

With such protection, a person places himself in a protective magical cell that moves with him. All negative and alien impacts are mirrored to the authors with some amendments for clarity.

Recovery male sexual potency apply becoming: Gebo — Uruz — Dagaz — Inguz.

Fleece Gebo helps free and equal relations, Uruz brings passion into them, Dagaz removes complexes from the subconscious and gives necessary looseness in sex, Inguz symbolizes the return to the house of his soul, that is, securing the result, getting full sexual mutual satisfaction.

For a short-term sexual love spell or victory on a love front, the runic formula can help: Teyvaz — Uruz — Gebo.

The first rune in the stave sweeps away all obstacles in its path, Uruz gives elemental power, and Gebo makes it possible to preserve personal freedom.

To overcome obstacles in any life situations, you can use the following runic formula: Teyvaz — Soul — Uruz.

Thanks to the rune Soul, the obstacle will go very harmoniously, no harm.

All these formulas or the Uruz rune separately can be applied to stones and other natural materials to enhance immunity and overall well-being. create a mascot or amulet. Stavos drawn or embroidered on a handkerchief work well.

To improve health and increase the body’s defenses, you can also bake a square cake with the Uruz rune squeezed on it, activate it by breathing and eat it.

Uruz upside down can be used for:

  • lapel in love affairs and relationships;
  • frustration of another’s business;
  • reduce the activity of others.

Of course, it is worth resorting to such measures in case of emergency, because people are disoriented as a result of the impact of an inverted Uruz, lose target and the meaning of life.

Runa Uruz in modern conditions need use very carefully, without losing composure and composure. The fact is that at the present time most people do not accept the life force in its primitive form, taking it for aggression. Given this, you should take the power and strength of Uruz, without violating generally accepted standards of behavior.

At least outwardly.

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