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Direct and inverted rune Nautise: meaning, interpretation and application

The value of the straight and inverted runes Nautis (nauthis) in divination and magic

Direct and inverted rune Nautise: meaning, interpretation and application

One of the darkest and heaviest symbols of the Elder Futhark is the rune Nautyz, the meaning of which we will consider today. For good reason her name means “need” in translation.

The planet-patron of this rune is Saturn, under the influence of which, according to astrologers, the most difficult events take place not only with a single person, but also in world history.

But is the devil really scary? Let’s figure it out.

Fleece Nautyz — the main meaning and interpretation

When we imagine the symbolic field of this rune, which many consider «dark», we see first of all the need, limitations, constraints, some kind of painful necessity. That is why it immediately seems to us scary, frightening, unpleasant.

But, if we think about the meaning of the Nautyz rune from the point of view of the internal changes that occur with a person, then we will see that everything is in fact not at all so gloomy.

When we are faced with a situation in which we cannot change anything, what happens inside of us? We tolerate, put up with the circumstances, we are waiting for the offensive of the white line, it is difficult for us, unpleasant, painful, but what do we have in the end? We form a kind of inner core, we save energy, we discipline ourselves, we learn to overcome emptiness and boredom, which means we become stronger.

But all this happens only under one important condition — if we abstract away from the unpleasant sensations that this situation causes us.

If we fight like a fly on the glass, not seeing a way out, we get annoyed because everything goes wrong the way we wanted it, get angry at everything and everyone, break down, become psycho — then we just waste our energy into emptiness. Instead of behaving in such an inappropriate way, you need to pull yourself together and take a closer look at what the rune offers us.

If we take a closer look at this symbol, we will understand that the significance of the rune Naudiz, though heavy, is far from lethal.

Deadly — this is when there is no way out at all, Nautyz only limits our movement, as if for a time it covers us with a huge space of options, leaving only one path that we need to go further.

It can be said that the rune focuses our view, allows us to focus on our internal reserve of strength, and develops our will.

If we are aware of the deep meaning of this symbol of the Elder Futark, then we understand that everything that we really need is already inside us. And for good reason the outline of this rune resembles a cross — the Higher Forces do not give a person what he cannot bear , each of us has our own cross, and we are destined to bear it.

Therefore, the value of the runes Nautyz in fortune-telling on the situation should not be taken as an extremely gloomy sign. It is rather a call not to rush, to avoid fuss, calm down, turn inward, show sanity — then everything will work out, albeit not immediately, but after a series of troubles.

Definitely a negative interpretation can only be in the case when the rune needs in the alignment is surrounded on all sides by negative symbols. When she is alone or near positive runes — you should not be afraid, the period of constraints and restrictions will certainly end, you just need to suffer a little.

What does the inverted rune Nautyz mean?

The value of the inverted rune of Nautise during fortune-telling will almost always speak about the wrong path that a person follows. If he asks about the beginning of a new business, project, then the situation is still to be corrected.

It can be said that in such a case, the Nautical appears very on time: it is not too late, you need to change the behavior, the conditions, the approaches, or not to start a hopeless business at all, wait until better times, abandon your plans.

If the reverse Nautical appears, when a person has already plunged into a situation, is in the middle, and not at the beginning of the path — then he urgently needs to save what is still to be saved, until everything around has finally collapsed.

In general, we can say that the rune of Nautise inverted warns against rash decisions, spontaneous actions, perseverance and perseverance, which a person is guided by at the moment.

If he does not calm down and continues to go this way, then nothing good will definitely come to him.

  • Odin — inverted Nautise: This is a direct indication that the questioner was in such a sad position because of his own mistakes made in the past. He himself has driven himself into a dead end, and now he is reaping the benefits

The significance of the runes Nautyz in divination for business and work

When the rune of need comes in direct form, it should be taken as a stop sign. She, like a call: «Stop, think again, analyze, calculate, do not hurry!».

This is not an unequivocal indication of a dead end that will be around the bend, but rather advice on how to avoid this dead end — you just need to stop and not go where there is no way out.

The significance of the runes Nautyz in the situation on the situation when it comes to some important decision on the work — this is the advice not to waste your strength, to wait until more suitable times.

  • Mannaz — Nautyz: You should ask for advice from some person, he will tell you how best to act

Nautiz can also say that a person is dissatisfied with his current job, and the point here is not at all that he lacks the salary he receives from her, but that it is difficult for him to realize his desires and needs, he feels out of place.

  • Gebo — Nautiz: This bundle can be “read” as advice to the questioner to improve relations with the team or the authorities, to show themselves and their abilities, and then, after some time, a well-deserved reward will come to him

The reverse position of the runes in the career scenario can be described as a situation where a person is confused: perhaps he does not understand what they want from him at work, does not cope with his duties, or closes his eyes to existing problems.

  • Hagalaz — inverted Nautise: It can be assumed that someone from the outside intervenes in the situation, thereby aggravating it even more
  • Yera — Nautyz: The combination indicates possible problems with the law

Significance of Nautyz in Guessing Relationships and Love

As you already understood, Naudith is a rune difficult, therefore it does not bring anything positive in love matters.

The most popular meaning of the runes Naudiz in fortune-telling on relationships is a crisis that has fallen on a couple, which can manifest itself in different ways.

This is the lack of response from the partner, and nagging on domestic soil, and internal conflict in the soul of one of the lovers, due to the fact that his chosen one or chosen one in something disappointed him or simply «did not reach» the ideal.

  • Inverted Ansouz — Naudiz: This is a sign that a person is annoyed by the fact that his partner constantly exaggerates the situation, exaggerates something, sometimes imposes

The value of the runes Nautyz in relationships and love — this is not always hopelessness, it is rather an unpleasant moment, which, nevertheless, can be overcome if you try.

  • Isa — Nautyz: If these runes are near, then there are practically no bright prospects, most likely, the union of two hearts will fall apart

It is interesting to analyze the value of the inverted rune Nautyz in love. The reverse position of a symbol can speak of a too energetic, unrestrained behavior of a person when he first does, and only then thinks, causing a very serious offense to that very beloved.

  • Ansuz — inverted Nautise: This couple says that your other half has a very long tongue — it chats a lot, offends you verbally, and sometimes even rolls down to tactlessness
  • Odin — inverted Nautise: The combination clearly indicates the dubious past of a man who suddenly got out and now spoils the relationship that has developed in a pair. Perhaps, he once stumbled, changed, deceived, or did something else wrong, and now this unpleasant moment floated to the surface

What does Nautyz mean by guessing about health?

When we ask the runes about the state of human health, and Nautyz comes back, we should take a closer look at his well-being. Perhaps there are no external signs of the disease, but, nevertheless, it is worthwhile to exercise caution, listen to your body, undergo a general examination.

When we ask a question about the condition of an already ill person, the Nautise, surrounded by positive symbols, foreshadows a speedy healing, although for some time a person will have to cheer.

  • Kenaz — Nautyz: This is a sign of a cure for a serious illness, if Hagalaz is the danger of a disease going into the chronic stage.
  • Odin — Nautyz: The combination reports the disease, inherited

The upturned value of the rune Naudiz in matters of health is always a deterioration, but what happened is not the fault of the doctors, but the fault of the person himself — perhaps he deliberately hides unpleasant symptoms from his close ones so as not to upset them and not to annoy their problems.

How is Nautyz applied in magic?

The magical use of this symbol has been known since ancient times. There is a legend that Nautise drew directly on the skin of the hand or on the thumbnail to protect against evil people, spirits and thoughts — it was believed that the rune helps to survive a difficult period.

The modern meaning of the runes of Nautyz in magic is coercion. The symbol is used in bewitches, spells on the subordination of a person to his will.

Why do you need the amulet with rune Nautyz?

We mentioned the ancient magical traditions for a reason. The fact is that in amulet practice even today the rune is often used as an aid in difficult times for humans. If you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, wear an amulet with the Nautise photo rune, and the magic symbol will help you survive this difficult time.

By the way, the image can be applied directly on the nail of your own hand.

Can I make a tattoo with a rune Nautyz?

We highly recommend this to you. To live a lifetime under the influence of Nautyz is not the best idea.

Even as a talisman, this symbol of the Elder Futhark is worn only for a strictly specific time — remember this. You do not want the need and restrictions to go on your heels, wherever you go?

Rune of the Day Nautyz

Today is not the best day for action. Better spend it alone with you.

Analyze everything that is happening to you, review your own behavior, think about whether there is any alternative to the path that you are following now.

Runes Council Nautyz

Fleece advises you not to waste energy in vain. Do not resist what is happening to you now, do not be angry at the circumstances, do not try to beat your head in a closed gate.

It is better to accept the situation, even if it seems unpleasant to you, and calmly live this boring and monotonous stage, because a lighter time will surely come after it.

Questions for meditation on Nautyz

The value of the runes Nautyz is ideal in order to understand yourself. Put this rune in front of your eyes, clear your thoughts, focus on your own inner world and answer the questions:

  • Why can not I relate to the situation calmly?
  • What provokes my irritation, anger, aggression?
  • Do I really need something that I try to get with all my might?
  • Can I behave differently in these circumstances, are there other ways?
  • What can I do while waiting for the end of the «dark time»?

Now that we have reviewed this unusual rune in detail, we hope that it stopped scaring you. If you got the Nautical, do not be discouraged, but rather remember the magnificent quote of the philosopher and esoteric Absalom Podvodny: “It’s necessary to work, create and love even in very rainy weather” — it describes the moments of life that occur under the influence of this rune.

Fleece Nauthis (Nauthis)

Direct and inverted rune Nautise: meaning, interpretation and application

The Rune of Nauthis corresponds to the zodiac sign Capricorn, the XV lords of Tarot — the Devil, and the 36th hexagram of the «Book of Changes» — the Min-i, Light Defeat. The patron saint of this rune is Skuld, the goddess of the future. .

Fleece Nautyz is associated with necessity and need, which are often perceived as something negative. However, in such a situation it is possible to prevent undesirable and rash actions.

Also, Nautise can sometimes symbolize chains as it reflects problems, unconscious needs and limitations that can drag you from the past. To get rid of addictions and bad habits, you can apply the formula Nauty-Turisaz-Nautyz.

Fleece Nautyz is forced and operates according to the principle “Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger”. The hidden value of Nautyz can be called the freedom that follows after overcoming fears and internal tension.

This rune helps a person to concentrate on the fulfillment of his mission and to isolate himself from unnecessary tasks and empty troubles.

Nautisee will develop your self-preservation instinct and give you strength in a critical situation.

In the direct position of the rune Nautyz can talk about:

  • unrequited feelings;
  • impending illness, failure;
  • the need to choose between desires and needs;
  • tests that can bring you to a nervous exhaustion;
  • the inability to quickly solve problems;
  • the need to make important decisions.

Very often, the Naunez rune is associated with sorrow, grief and need.

But, as my experience shows, the rune Nautyz, which came out in a straight position, as a rule, means that there is a very strong need for something or someone. And nothing more.

Of course, if our needs or desires disagree with real possibilities, this may cause depression or other strong emotions, but this is not always the case.

If you asked what to do, the direct rune Nautyz will say that what you asked will have to be done, whether you want it or not. “It’s necessary,” she says. Sometimes the Nautical dropped out indicates your duty or your duties.

Often in the layouts indicates a strong emotional attachment to something. In fortune telling on relationships is not so bad.

If you are guessing at the attitude of someone towards you, then the rune of Nautyz will show that this person needs you very much.

Fleece Nautiz often indicates in a fortune-telling person with any addictions, be it alcohol, drugs, gambling or bulimia. If you make a difference about yourself, then this rune will indicate that you may be experiencing some strong attraction at the moment to someone or something.

If, during divination, the rune of Nautise fell in an inverted position, then its values ​​may be as follows:

  • unfavorable time for undertakings;
  • wrong direction in affairs.

Here, its value is reversed. “Why do you need it?”, “You don’t need it,” says the inverted Nautise.
I always get very upset when the reverse Nautyz appears in fortune telling about relationships. After all, it means the absence of any kind of emotional attachment, and shows that a person has no relationship with this bulb, he is not interested in them at all.

Fleece Nautyz in combination with Kenaz says that soon your disease will pass. If the Nautyz in the upside-down position is combined with Hagalaz, be ready to pay for your rash and bad deeds.

The combination of the runes Nautyz upside down and Yero warns that you should pay all the old debts, otherwise there may be problems with justice.

For magical purposes, the rune Nautyz can be used for:

  • protection from foreign magical effects;
  • achieving restraint in actions and emotions;
  • suppression of aggression (for this you can draw Nautise with runis Turisaz on jewelry, nails, etc.).

The strongest rune of coercion. We draw a rune in the center, which indicates what we are forcing, and we surround it with runes Nautyz.

Usually enough 2 on the sides. For example, in combination with a rune Raido forces someone to come or go.

In this case, draw a straight Raido, and negotiate as necessary — on departure or arrival. If, on the contrary, we want to force someone to stay or not come, then draw Raido upside down.

And, of course, the rune of Nautyz is used in love spells — here we also force the object to a relationship.

Also, the Nautical rune is used in combination with the Isa rune to get rid of addictions, be it treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, or else you need to get rid of some bad habit (for example, smoking). From unsuccessful love dramas, this runescript will also work. The very runic formula for these cases will look like this:

Nautiz + Isa — a sparing option. If it is necessary to destroy the addiction quickly and forever, then Nautyz surround 2 — my Hagalaz.

And we necessarily stipulate that the combination of these runes quickly and without harm to the health and psyche of both the object and those around it destroys so-and-so.

If you fell into the hands of one of the single-story divinations, you should be ready to receive and perceive higher knowledge.
It is also recommended to strengthen confidence in one’s own strength and clearly decide what to strive for.

  • Sphere of intuition. You are used to listening to your inner voice, since your intuition is well developed.
    Nevertheless, sometimes pay attention to a reasonable approach to solving issues.
  • The scope of emotions. You are very dependent on the opinions of others about your own person. Try not to bring yourself to this nervous exhaustion and stress, think about peace of mind and put emotional protection.
    Remember that over-expressing emotions can damage your career and relationships.
  • The scope of professional activity. You can be called a realist. The main features of your character allow you to be a leader in a team and to carry people along with you, so you are a great profession of a politician, teacher, lawyer or environmentalist.
  • The scope of physical activity. At present, circumstances are not in your favor, but despite this, your spiritual strength is on the rise.
    Try not to despair, because you will be able to cope with all the difficulties. Now you have to take care of your health and spend a lot of time on your physical form.
  • The realm of reason. Relationships with other people at the moment may deteriorate due to misunderstanding. Do not give in to provocations, calmly maintain your position and defend your own opinion.

1. The first aspect — Beer Runes — Uruz-Nauthiz-Berkano. Here, of course, there is a second aspect (process support), but the emphasis is on the first. 2

Nauthiz– (xxx) –Nauthiz — Limiting the space within which Runa (xxx) works on a person, besides his will. Example: Nauthiz – Gebo – Nauthiz.

Love spell. 3

(xxx) -Nauthiz — Forced Impact of the Runes (xxx), or a combination of runes. Example: Kenaz-Perthro-Nauthiz.

Sex love spell.

4. Laguz-Nauthiz-XXX-Nauthiz-Laguz. Disguise coercion.

If the object of influence has a strong will, coercion can cause a reverse reaction in it. Even realizing that he is wrong, a person will stand his ground.

The action of Laguz here masks the action of the rune Nauthiz very well. The object itself finds a reason to abandon the previous decision, and Nauthiz safely forces him to take the necessary action.

Fleece Nautyz. Meaning and interpretation of the runes of Nautise in divination

Direct and inverted rune Nautise: meaning, interpretation and application

Scandinavian rune Nautyz The older Futhark symbolizes resistance. There may be a feeling that this is a hindrance to the actions of a person, but in fact the meaning of the symbol lies much deeper.

The sign is very similar to the Christian cross (some even confuse both protective amulets) — but they have nothing in common.

Necessity and deprivation are associated with the rune Nautyz, therefore it is considered one of the most complex symbols. This is due to the fact that not everyone is naturally given the strength to withstand all the obstacles in his path.

Sometimes human weakness does not allow to overcome shyness, fear and fear of the unknown.

But when insight comes to a person, he begins to realize that all deprivation and unhappiness happens to him for a reason. All this is necessary for spiritual development.

Ancient celtic rune It does not harm the person, it helps to become better. But this assistance is received only by those who are initially determined to succeed.

A weak personality energy symbol will lead to destruction and collapse.

The general meaning and description of the runes Nautyz

Existing names: Nautiz, Nautis, Naut, Naud, Nauthiz, Naud, Nied, Nyd.

At first glance it may seem that the rune Nautyz brings with it only darkness and frustration. What else to expect from need?

But believe me, its effect is not so limited — it makes useful changes to the inner state of a person.

In difficult moments when we can not influence the situation, what feelings do we have? It is patience, waiting for better times, heaviness.

Of course, all these sensations are not pleasant. But they discipline us — they help us to become better and bolder. Each time we overcome a number of new obstacles and form our own personal inner core — the union of will and character.

In the future, we are already easier to experience the loss and believe in our success.

But here one detail is important: a person must go through all the discomfort, feel them. If he tries to abstract from all bad things, there will be no positive effect.

Energy is simply wasted — and you will remain at the broken trough.

So, pull yourself together — and turn to the Naithis rune for help. A closer look at this ancient symbol allows you to pay attention to the details.

The sign does not carry death with it — it only temporarily limits active movement. It closes all possible ways forward, leaving only one and only.

Thanks to the correct focusing, we concentrate all the forces of our body and move forward.

The appearance of the symbol is similar to the cross. Each of us has our own burden, our own cross, which must be accepted with dignity and withstand its weight on our shoulders.

The interpretation of the runes Nautyz divination

Many perceive this rune in fortune-telling as a gloomy symbol. But this is not so — she only calls for the inclusion of sound thinking and the correct assessment of the situation.

If you do not fuss and listen to inner feelings, you will emerge victorious from even the most unpleasant situation.

There is a deal when Nautise really predicts bad times. If other symbols that are negative refer to this rune, then circumstances will soon turn against you. But do not give up — everything will pass, you just have to wait.

The main thing — do not be afraid. Otherwise, your black bar will drag on for a long time.

Direct position of the runes

Direct Nautyz in the scenario says about the difficult path forward, about the constant obstacles and disappointments.

But the goal can be achieved if you show perseverance and patience. You will not avoid troubles, but they will not last forever — a time period will pass and everything will fall into place.

Despite the fact that Nautis has a negative meaning, it can be favorable if it falls out with other runic symbols.

For example, if in the health scenario, it fell next to Keno (direct), then this means a cure for the disease.

Together with an empty rune One she can talk about the presence of hereditary symptoms in the disease. Near Hagal — about the transition of the disease in the chronic stage.

Scandinavian symbol says that you must turn off all fears and experiences. You are required to sensible behavior, not chaotic actions and panic.

By the way, all the difficulties experienced can have a positive effect on you. They will make you stronger and harden.

Inverted position of the runes

In fortune-telling, inverted Nautise has one meaning — your path is chosen incorrectly. If the layout is present sign of Odin, then this means that the current failure is the result of past mistakes and wrong actions.

When the question was about the appropriateness of a new business or project, the symbol will tell you that the situation is not critical, but you should not continue to move in the same direction. There is still time to change everything.

Try to recalculate your budget, the terms of the contract, the approach to the implementation of the project. If you have no desire to work on this, it is better to completely abandon the plans.

Wait out the unfavorable period, and then re-enter the labor process.

It is possible that you are already on your way to completing the project. In this case, you should make every effort to save him, and that your labors are not in vain.

Fleece warns you from rash steps. She warns that if you do not put your thoughts in order and do not calm down, then you will find complete disappointment.

Do not worry, and direct all efforts to correct their mistakes.

Nautyz: meaning in love and relationships

In love question scandinavian rune It means only one thing — your relationship is imperfect. It is possible that you decided to contact the wrong person. You and your partner are completely different people.

Due to differences of opinion, constant conflicts arise and gradually the couple is faced with a crisis.

Quite often, a symbol speaks of a one-sided feeling — one is deeply in love, and the other is annoying. As a result, both get tired and suffer.

Sometimes Nauzyz indicates the egoism of one of the partners. He wants all his requirements to be fulfilled instantly, and does not at all consider the opinion of the other.

We can give such a simple example. Husband and wife can not decide who will make the trash.

It seems to be such a trifle, but a huge conflict swells up.

Your relationship can simply fall apart without good reason. Stop arguing over every little thing.

Review your behavior — maybe in some situations it is worth giving in?

Nautyz: application in magic

I wonder what the runes of Nautise mean in magic circles? Mages use it in rituals for the following purposes:

  • rune supports in difficult situations, so she is often asked for advice on how to get out of unpleasant circumstances with minimal losses;
  • thanks to the magical effect, the symbol surrounds the person with protection and drives away the external negative (bad thoughts, envy of surrounding people, damage);
  • Nautise controls the emotions of a person — helps not to be derailed and continue the intended path to his dream;
  • the sign is often depicted on personal charms.

Fleece Nautyz (Nauthis) — the value and photo symbol

Direct and inverted rune Nautise: meaning, interpretation and application

Fleece Nahtiz (Nauthis) is most often associated with need, limitations and constraint. One of the most difficult runes of senior futarka, because a person is not always able to perceive obstacles and restrictions as a path to development and humility.

Let’s talk about the meaning of this magic symbol in more detail.

The total value of Nautyz

This is a powerful energy rune, whose action is aimed at resistance. But resistance, useful to man.

Nautise sends into life the obstacles and difficulties that temper character and allow you to achieve a lot.

This rune is especially important for men, because it is on them that the difficulties of life affect favorably. If a man lives in greenhouse conditions, he does not develop — there is no incentive for this. «The muscle of masculinity» begins to work exactly when you have to strain.

When a small chaos begins to occur in a calm and measured world, it is in such an environment that a man grows, and Nautyz creates this environment.

In magical rituals for women, the rune is undesirable to use, because it develops predominantly masculine personality traits, can interfere with the fulfillment of feminine destiny, deprive femininity and even the ability to continue the race.

Thus, Nautyz is:

  • Unfavorable at first glance phenomenon. But they do not harm the person, and help to become stronger. Initially, a weak personality will be destroyed, and if there is potential, they will give a powerful impetus to the development
  • Opposition and stress coming from outside

Very often Nautise, like other runes, is used in magical rituals.

Application runes Nautyz for magical purposes

In magical rituals, the rune Nautyz is used for the following purposes:

  • Helps a person to gain strength to successfully overcome the difficulties and obstacles in life
  • Provides reliable protection from all the negative things that can come to life. Including from evil thoughts, bad people and bad energy
  • Used to protect the house from evil magical effects
  • Used to sanctify food, water, or some things.
  • Fleece support in a difficult time for man
  • Helps to remain restrained emotionally when required
  • Used for making amulets, talismans, amulets

The significance of the runes Nautyz in divination

The rune, when used in divination, may indicate a situation, help to determine the possibilities provided by fate, and warns against performing any actions.

If the rune of Nautise fell on fortune-telling on any situation, it means that the fortune-teller is in a difficult position. He is not yet able to adequately and correctly assess what is happening, to come up with an adequate solution for the problems that have arisen.

External forces are still stronger than the internal state.

The position of the fortune-teller can be compared with the situation when a person wanders into a maze and cannot find a way out. And the only way out is to find it.

At such a moment it is very important to stop analyzing, stop monitoring and completely trust in Destiny — she will point the right direction and provide all the possibilities.

Now is not the best time for action — relax and let the events evolve as you wish Destiny. Resistance will only aggravate the situation.


If the Nautise rune falls in fortune-telling, it can help you choose the right direction in life, determine where to look for opportunities to realize your goals. In this case, the person does not have to strain — the rune gives so much energy that it will be enough for a long time.


If the rune of Nautise fell in fortune-telling, beware:

  • Ill and unfair relationship. Be friendly, kind and make fair decisions, otherwise your negative will return to you many times.
  • Resistance to external circumstances — active attempts to change something will complicate the situation very much. Better relax

What problems does the rune promise?

Nautise most often has a negative meaning. But for a man it is rather good — you can pay attention in time to those areas of life that are currently under threat and take action in time.

What Nautyz can mean:

  1. You are currently in a subordinate position, living and acting under strong coercion. Because of this, your personality, your own “I” practically does not appear, is in the shadow. This is bad because there is no development.
  2. You are in the center of events, live in constant tension. You feel driven by a horse, but you can not stop — there is a feeling that you should relax and the world will collapse. In fact, it is necessary to relax, otherwise you will completely exhaust your spiritual strength and lose all your energy.
  3. You have a lot of complexes, fears, phobias. All this depresses your state of mind and hinders the development. You often experience negative emotions that you throw out on others. We urgently need to get rid of the burden of the stale complex and become a free, happy person.
  4. You have a lot of trouble, but do not give up. Trials are sent to temper you and make you better. So put up with them

Watch the video in which the author talks about the modern meaning of the Nautyz rune:

Very often, Nautise seems to say: stop all active actions. You need to relax, know yourself, learn to work with the subconscious.

You lack strength of character and will — strengthen these qualities and life will change radically for the better.

Fleece Nautyz: the meaning and interpretation of the mark

Direct and inverted rune Nautise: meaning, interpretation and application

Rune Nautiz (Nauitz, Naud, Naut, Nid) — need. Symbolically, it is depicted in the form of two sticks, with the friction of which against each other, the fire lights up.

It means hard work.

Nautiz is the energy that is released in a critical situation, stress, need for human survival. This will power and patience, without which it is impossible to move forward under the pressure of circumstances.

The nautiz speaks of a person’s need for something, his dissatisfaction with the present situation. It means going through difficult life situations in which it is acquired stress coping skill.

Helps to nurture discipline and humility — with the help of them it is easier to accept the situation and understand it. The reason for the appearance of difficulties is cognized, with the elimination of which a life lesson is worked out.

Nautise is permanent pressure of circumstances, in which a person draws strength in himself, and sometimes appeals to the Higher Forces.

Here it is important to be able not to go too far in an effort to survive, not to break the wood, because behind each lesson is the “teacher” who controls the process. Learn better transform disadvantages into advantages and use them correctly.

Thus, the lion’s share of life experience is gained, which can then be passed on to other people.

One of the tasks of the rune is to separate the true desires, hidden in the depths of the soul, from the false, imposed by life in society. It is designed to protect these desires.

Despite its gloomy direct meaning, the rune of Nautyz says that everything comes and goes. It will be a difficult period, you just need to be patient. Of course, passive waiting will not give anything either.

One should take one’s position in one’s soul, and use all forces on the physical level to withstand it.

It is this combination of physical and spiritual beginning in our time is particularly effective.

What does the sign indicate in the straight position?

Nautyz warns that there are no easy ways. Most of his life a person spends in the fight for a place in the sun, seeks to achieve something, to prove. Rune says that do not despair — «patience and a little effort».

Everything will turn out, the main thing is not to give up. The time will come to reap the benefits of their activities.

If the work was honest, then the fruits will be sweet.

You can not let fear into your soul, because it prevents the release of strength and energy to perform its tasks. In no case can not be discouraged and spread negative energy to the outside.

Also undesirable to rush and fuss — Time does not like this. Time is a special kind of energy that flows according to its laws and does not tolerate interference.

The meaning of Nautise refers to both physical and spiritual development. Self-improvement in every sense where certain efforts are expended.

Fleece reminds man of duty and duties, which await its fulfillment.

Usually in the fortune-telling Nautise speaks of a very strong depending on someone or something. And if it is surrounded by positive runes, it speaks of success in accomplishing the task, even if achieved by “sweat and blood”.

Negative runes foreshadow failures and strong feelings about this. Needs or addictions include drugs, alcohol, gambling.

Inverted Fleece Nautyz

Warns a person that he is committed to what he absolutely does not need. it false path. Fate and despair await him.

You can not make hasty decisions — they will not lead to anything good.

Before starting any business, everything should be think well, weigh their strengths and capabilities. Especially when it comes to something new, unknown.

If a person is already in the middle of the road, then it is necessary to admit his mistake and make every effort to reduce losses and save what is left.

If paired with Nautise fell rune One, then the problems in the present are due to past mistakes. Therefore, the rune often heralds retribution, the need to pay damages.

Often, the law of Karma plays a role here: if a person does not admit his guilt in his deed and is not corrected, other forces come into play, which are not possible to influence.

Nautyz in divination for relationships and in love

In the upright position and surrounded by positive runes, it indicates that the person they are guessing on is very tightly tied to the fortuneteller.

But most often Nautyz is treated as relationship crisis: either fate connected with the wrong person, or stagnation in the relationship.

Here you need to understand the reason: if feelings do not find a response, then the best way out is separation.

If you still have feelings (just got stuck), then you need a change of scenery: a trip to rest, visiting public institutions, meeting friends or relatives.

Also Nautise may indicate pettiness in relationships, pickyness, attention to partner deficiencies. In this case, the rune advises to become more restrained in the details.

After all, if there is love for a person, then you want to make him happy. But everyone has disadvantages — you need to look at yourself from the outside.

One of the interpretations of the straight rune — internal dissatisfaction with a partner, whether it is a physical disability or some character traits that opened after some time.

For example, if the inverted rune Ansuz fell out of the Nautyz, then discontent comes from the partner’s property to constantly exaggerate reality. Here, it’s already wondering how to relate to such things.

It should only be remembered that both are always to blame in a relationship, whatever happens. This is the law of karma.

In the inverted position of the rune, it is concluded that in a relationship no affection. Or there is love, but there is no restraint and patience.

There is a constant desire to hurt, offend a loved one. If Direct Ansuz fell together with Nautise, then there is a tendency to talk a lot of unnecessary and unnecessary things.

Perhaps, in the relationship between a man and a woman, there is a period of peace and quiet, when there is no fire and no conflicts — just a straight line motion. Or, by all known law, conflicts, and sometimes separation, are the result of a blunder committed in the past.

What does the symbol in business and career mean?

In a straight forward position, Nautyz proposes to be careful in starting a new business. It does not foreshadow a clear failure or failure in what was intended.

Just wondering at the moment is not in the best shape, in connection with which you need to collect your thoughts and think over each step several times.

Any rush can be costly — no matter what it is. Perhaps you need to sign some kind of contract, or hold a business meeting, or hire a new employee.

At this stage, every little thing is important.

If there is a crisis situation, Nautise advises not to shake the air in vain and not to waste energy — now is a bad time for this. Better as it should analyze the current situation and draw up an action plan for the future.

If Mannaz fell out with Nautiz, it means that in a difficult situation you need to ask for help and advice from reliable people.

Direct Nautyz can talk about that, perhaps, the fortuneteller exists dissatisfaction with their work due to lack of wages for living and meeting their needs.

Recommended to increase profits review workflow in business: adjustments may be required, ranging from equipment to personnel changes. It should conduct an audit and check the accounting to identify theft by staff.

Employees may also have destructive habits, which may inhibit production.

The reverse rune warns that a person is confused, does not fully understand what is expected of him. Maybe he is out of place, in connection with which he lost his orientation in the activity.

When rune lying with Nautyz, Yer alignment can be interpreted as possible problems with law have a guessing. If Hagalaz is near, then there is an ill-wisher who can interfere in his labor activity or business and «put a spoke in the wheel.»

Inverted Fleece advises to find out: “whether the person is engaged in» his «business, what drives him, what is the motivation of his activity? Maybe there is a fear here that binds the will of the fortuneteller, or self-interest makes you make mistakes in a hurry. The reasons causing difficulties in work, can be set.

The main thing is to be honest with myself, try to enjoy the activity and not cling to the results.

Influence of the runes on health

It is believed that the fallen direct line Nautyz warns about chronic illness and suffering, associated with diseases. It helps to cure alcoholism and drug addiction, hereditary diseases, diseases of the joints and hair loss.

In combination with the rune Laguz protects against skin problems and infections.

Direct Fleece Nautyz also advises constant monitoring of the patient’s condition. It is best to do this with your presence, personally examining a person, or calling a doctor if necessary.

If it is not possible to care for the sick yourself, you need to ask someone from the family or hire a professional nurse.

In the opposite position, it is a question that everything that the healer has done for the patient, now it remains only to wait, as the Upstairs will order. If recovery does not come, there is no one to blame.

In any case, you need take a situation as given.

Also note that the patient may not be as sick as it seems. Perhaps he mimics the disease, to relieve himself of any responsibilities, or just to attract attention.

In any case, only the doctor can tell about the true state of human health.

Application Nautyz in magic

Nautise is the strongest rune of coercion, but at the same time she is two-faced: on the one hand, she speaks of need and deprivation, and on the other hand, of deliverance from them. Therefore, when drafting magical formulas, it is necessary to take into account such twofoldness.

Using this rune, you can achieve a lot and change in your life.

Fleece Nautyz used for the following purposes:

  • Assistance in achieving goals.
  • The development of restraint and discipline.
  • To overcome grief and difficult situations.
  • For the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Protection from deception and obsession, from magic.
  • In determining the values ​​of life.
  • Protection of premises, vehicles.
  • In love magic to find a partner.
  • Kindle energy relationships.
  • In meditation.

Since Nautiz is a rune of compulsion, she can tie down the will human take away his strength do something yourself. He becomes a puppet.

And although the rune correctly says which way to go, for a person is a restriction of his freedom.

If, nevertheless, it is necessary to force a person to perform certain actions, the following is done: the rune of the desired is depicted in the center, and the Nautyz runes around it are enough, and two on each side.

If someone’s arrival or departure is necessary, then in the center there should be a straight Raido. It must be stipulate the required task.

When forcing on reverse actions Raido should be depicted inverted.

For getting rid of dependence, for example, alcoholic or even love, Nautise should be together with the rune Isa — this is a softer version. For a more dramatic and categorical deliverance requires rune Hagalaz.

It should definitely be stipulated that the magic formula eliminates “that” without harming the mental and physical state of “such and such” of a person and his associates.

In medical practice, it is noticed that these formulas have their power. Alcoholics get out of the «binge drinking» and for some time become quite normal people, allowing themselves «pleasure» only on holidays.

It is the same with drugs — first switching to lighter ones, and then completely giving up dependence in general, or compensation with alcohol (which, of course, is less harmful than drugs).

Nautyz is often used in love magic. to strengthen relationships. To do this, use the formula with the Gebo rune in the center. But before using the formula, you need to understand the mutual feelings of the partners.

The fact is that this combination of characters enhances the emotional dependence on each other, but does not affect the quality of the relationship.

For protection from magical effects helps the formula with the rune Soulu in the center. It will protect from the evil eye, damage, and other negatives.

Fleece Nautyz considered amulet. It is known that in ancient times people put this symbol on a thumb’s hand or nail for protection from hazards and out of difficult situations.

To this day, it is used to protect a house, a car, any valuables, or other property (for this, Nautise must be paired with the Odal rune). She can light food, bless people.

No wonder this symbol in a slightly modified form is used by the Christian Church.

Amulets with rune

Such amulets need wear with great care. This symbol can push a person to actions dictated by someone, fetter the will, restrict freedom.

In general, the task of the amulet with the inscribed rune Nautyz is to help a person overcome difficult situations and stress. The talisman helps in comprehending worldly wisdom; developing self-discipline and humility; in the ability to separate the true needs from the imposed false; in comprehending the philosophy of life.

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