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Direct and inverted rune Inguz: meaning and interpretation, application

The meaning and interpretation of the direct and inverted rune Inguz

Direct and inverted rune Inguz: meaning and interpretation, application

The rune Inguz, the value of which in most situations is considered positive due to the absence of an inverted position, always carries with it certain changes. Usually it comes in hands when a person is ready to enter a new stage in his life, fruitfully completing the previous one.

This strong, powerful rune is associated with the energy of the planet Venus, as well as the chakras called “manipura” and “anahata”.

Rune Inguz — basic meaning and interpretation

You can better understand the value of the Inguz rune by imagining a butterfly. At first she is in the state of a pupa, not imagining what the world will look like when she spreads her wings in order to make her first flight in her life.

The state of the pupa is customary; it does not cause any surprise or negative emotions.

But a moment comes when it is no longer necessary to be in your cocoon, and even more than that — it is simply impossible, as the cocoon breaks, the form changes and you need to move on.

But to continue the life path as a pupa is also impossible — you need to turn into a butterfly, completely rejecting its old form and radically transformed.

The rune Inguz, its meaning, description and interpretation — this is the very transition when a person faces a completely new stage of development, the moment before the drastic changes, from which the new reading begins. This is a stage of joy, when a person feels that his wings are sprouting behind his back.

Everything that hindered, did not work out, created difficulties, will be successfully completed, and positive changes will come to the place of difficulties. Such a transition is always accompanied by a sigh of relief.

Everything that was tormented is resolved and goes away, life is revealed in a completely different quality, it becomes more interesting, richer, happier.

It is difficult to say unequivocally, in which particular area positive changes are coming, because Inguz can symbolize a transition to a different level in absolutely any sphere of life. In order to find out what the Ingus rune means in this particular case, you need to pull out additional characters.

  • Berkana — Inguz: The combination can predict the birth of a child
  • Fehu — Inguz: The combination speaks of moving to a new place of residence or a successful purchase
  • Gebo — Inguz: The combination indicates a new novel or a meeting with someone who will become your true friend

The inverted value of the Inguz rune is nothing more than a myth, since this symbol has no reverse position and the negative aspects of its manifestation can be seen solely by its neighboring symbols.

Of course, there are runemins who put a dot on their runes specifically to see when a sign that does not have the opposite meaning is turned upside down, but we believe that this makes no sense at all.

You can draw an analogy with Tarot cards: someone never uses inverted cards at all and reads perfectly well, focusing only on direct values ​​and arcana that fell next door. The same with the runes: if the symbol is originally depicted in this way, and not in any other way, you should not reinvent the wheel and attribute a value to it that does not exist.

Runes are magic that have come to us through several millennia. They got us exactly those that were used a long time ago.

If characters work for so many years without complaints, is it worth trying to make some personal adjustments?

Combination Inguz — Otala — Gebo — Fehu

A similar situation can be considered on the example of the alignment in which the runes of Inguz, Otala (Odal), Gebo and Fehu fell.

  • Inguz symbolizes the beginning of a new phase
  • Otala sets a specific condition — rejection of the past
  • Gebo points to a successful partnership.
  • Fehu — on material well-being

It can be concluded that a person is destined to enter a new stage, meet an important person and gain wealth, but all this will happen only when he lets go of his past.

And indeed, it is more than logical, because in order to find a place for something new, you first need to free this very place from the old.

Imagine that you bought a new bed: you do not put it right on top of the old one? You can take a more specific example: you meet a new person, fall in love without thinking, but have not yet broken off relations with another, despite the fact that they have already exhausted themselves.

You cannot simply take and bring your new love for yourself home until you dot the i’s old relationship.

This is what Inguz says: let go, and you will see that something more exciting, joyful, interesting is waiting for you! But you also need to let go correctly: you can’t just take your past behind the door without any explanations — you need to put an end, say goodbye to him, thank you for being a part of your life, and then complete this stage on an emotional and physical level.

What does Inguz mean in divination for work and business?

Taking into account all that we have said above, we can definitely say that the value of the Inguz rune in divination for work and career is an opportunity offered to a person.

This is the completion of the old project and the beginning of a new one, and often it is even a transition to another position, to another company. If the questioner asks the runes the question of whether he should change jobs, Inguz unequivocally answers “yes”.

One can judge about what exactly awaits a person in a new position by the adjacent symbols.

  • Fehu — Inguz: The combination will talk about work related to liability
  • Raido — Inguz: The combination indicates the traveling nature of the new activity
  • Gebo — Inguz: The proximity of these runes suggests that the questioner will have to work a lot with people

What does the rune Inguz in divination for love and relationships

The renewal of relations, their transition to a new stage — this is the main meaning of the Inguz rune in divination for relationships and love, when a person is interested in the future of his current union.

  • Gebo — Inguz: If a lonely man is consulted with the runes, then this combination foreshadows a new novel
  • Vuno — Inguz: If we ask about the problems existing in a couple, then this combination unequivocally predicts a successful resolution of conflicts and good prospects on the personal front are also indicated by the side by side

In the hands of a new acquaintance or acquaintance, Inguz may report that the person of interest to the person in question may in the future become a close person for him, perhaps even a sexual partner.

When we ask a question about the character and inner world of a loved one, the value of the Inguz rune in love and relationships will be the integrity and honesty of our partner.

This magic sign informs that if he suddenly meets someone else on the path of life, he will not change it behind his back, but will directly tell about these circumstances.

You can draw analogies in the opposite situation: if your loved one feels that you have fallen out of love with him, he will not try to “glue together what’s broken”, but just let you go, go aside without interfering with your finding happiness in a new union.

What does Inguz mean for health divination?

In matters of well-being, this rune symbol will always be a favorable sign. The value of Inguz runes in health is almost always recovery from the disease, the soon disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

The only exceptions are layouts, in which there are negative symbols in the vicinity of this rune.

  • Turisaz — Inguz: The combination of these symbols can report possible injury, so a person should be more careful in the near future: avoid fast driving, traumatic sports and entertainment, weight lifting.

How applied Ingus in magic

Since Inguz is considered a very powerful and powerful rune, esoteric practitioners often use it in sexual magic, especially with regard to male power. It promotes the release of a powerful flow of energy.

Since the rune is associated with fertility, it does not have protective functions, which means that it is usually not used in defense and purge stakes.

Also, the rune worked well for getting magical abilities — communicating with subtle worlds and higher powers, but you should always remember that this symbol not only gives a person energy, but also forces her to spend, and any esoteric action always implies certain energy expenditure. However, practicing magicians already know this.

What is the amulet with the Inguz rune for?

This symbol, like other signs of Elder Futark, can be used in amulet practice. The photo of the Inguz rune on the talisman, which the person carries with him, will help him to develop and strengthen his “masculine qualities”: willpower, endurance, a conscious perception of reality, self-confidence and own strength, a positive outlook on the future.

Can I make a tattoo with a rune Ingus

On the one hand, since the symbol does not have the opposite meaning, it is possible to use its image on the body, since the situation when it suddenly turns upside down will simply not occur.

But on the other hand, making such a tattoo you need to thoroughly know the deep meaning of the rune, its promise.

Inguz, as we have already found out, is responsible for the completion of the old life stage and the beginning of the new, for the release of powerful internal energy that will be spent on something new that comes into your life.

And here you need to think about this: such changes are always good, but can you live your whole life in a similar state? When we relieve the old, put an end to it and begin to live «from scratch», we feel the energy rise, joy, fondness, but then the resulting energy is spent, and the rhythm of life becomes more calm and familiar.

Now imagine that such changes will occur to you with a certain frequency and much more often than this happens in the life of an average person. Are you ready for the constant discovery of new horizons and leaving behind the past?

Rune of the Day Inguz

As Runa of the Day Inguz says that today in your life there will come a very important turning point. You are waiting for the completion of some old case, which lasted a very long time, and the transition to something completely new, more interesting and exciting.

You will feel the emotional lift and feel how wings grow behind your back.

Council of the Inguz runes

Look to the future with confidence, because it brings with it a change for the better. Do not cling to old habits, things, looks.

Realize that you cannot get something new while the past will haunt you. Listen to your heart, not the advice of others, do what it tells you.

What questions you need to ask yourself when meditating on the Inguz rune?

If you study the runes with the help of meditative practice, look at the image of this symbol, look deep into your soul and answer the questions:

  • Am I ready to enter tomorrow with deep confidence, without a shadow of a doubt?
  • Do I believe that everything in my life is happening for the better?
  • Are there people, things or situations that I cling to and don’t want to let go? Why it happens?
  • Will I use those wings that will grow behind me, for flying, or will I hesitate for a long time, standing in front of a cliff?

The value of the Inguz rune will allow you to better understand yourself, cast off doubts, reach a new, unfamiliar, but fruitful and joyous stage of your life.

Rune Inguz: the meaning of the magic symbol

Direct and inverted rune Inguz: meaning and interpretation, application

Runa Inguz — 22 Runa of the Celtic alphabet. Her name comes from the name of the German fertility God Yngwie. Symbolizes procreation, the beginning of a new, the completion of the stage of life.

This is a very auspicious symbol in divination and magic. It is one of the strongest runes, possesses powerful energy, positively influencing personal destiny.

This symbol represents a rhombus with check marks above and below.

What does rune Inguz mean?

If the Inguz rune is in a straight position, it carries only positive energy. Emerging in fortune-telling, she predicts the fastest resolution of all problems, promises good luck in all undertakings and the absence of obstacles in achieving the goal.

Fleece indicates that now you are given strength on execution conceived. It is time to take action, use your internal resources to the maximum, and then you will reach the objectives.

Runa Inguz also personifies the end of the old life and the beginning of the new. This is a rune of rebirth, rebirth and fundamental change.

In fortune telling, this means that it is time to part with the past, let go of your negative experience and start life from scratch.

She points to quick changes in life, as a result of which you rethink your life, get rid of what you are, and set new goals for yourself.

Inguz — rune luck and success in everything. Often in the scenario, she talks about the quick resolution of life problems and the onset of the white line in life.

In magic, it accumulates all the internal human resources and directs it in the right direction.

Inguz is not for nothing is a symbol of procreation. If its symbol is mirrored on both sides, it will look like a DNA image.

Fleece can predict the appearance of children, as well as uniting with one’s family, reconciliation with relatives and strengthening family ties.

In fortune-telling, this symbol indicates the need for internal transformation. She advises to reconsider her views on life, to set priorities differently, to know herself better and to change her attitude to the world.

This rune is impossible to resist. If it falls in divination, it promises the inevitable changes, both in the man himself and around him.

Reversed Rune Interpretation

In fortune-telling on the runes, importance is attached not only to the interpretation of the symbol, but also to its position. As a rule, in the inverted position, the rune has a negative value.

but rune Inguz has no inverted meaning, since her character will look the same in the straight position as well as upside down.

No matter what position this rune is in, it will mean one thing — a transition to a new stage of life, success, prosperity, a break with the past life, new beginnings and a victory. Runa Inguz gives not only new opportunities, but also gives relief, freedom, lifting of restrictions.

The interpretation of the character in divination

If the Ingus rune comes out in fortune-telling for the future and fate, then this a very good omen. It heralds the onset of a new stage in life, deliverance from life, the resolution of all problems and the emergence of new goals.

In the life of a person, an important, fateful event will occur, which will turn everything upside down, but, nevertheless, will open up new opportunities.

All cases will be successfully completed, a person will be able to overcome all the difficulties in life and emerge victorious from the current difficult situations. Good luck and success in all endeavors, support of higher powers and inner transformation.

The rune acquires a different meaning in divination if there are other characters next to it.

  • With Fehu Fleece Inguz indicates that the person feels fear, and unreasonable. This is also a prediction of a risky situation. With such a result of divination, it is necessary to get rid of disturbing thoughts and begin to think more rationally and sensibly.
  • Near Uruz This symbol means that a person needs to fulfill his promises and obligations. Remember what you promised to close people, do not pull the burden of unfulfilled promises and unjustified hopes. A different interpretation — a wondering person will soon have to pay what they deserve. All the early committed actions will soon come back to you.
  • With Turisaz predicts the discovery of new opportunities. All doors open for you, do not be afraid to take risks and think more globally. Everything is possible if you strongly want and make efforts. A very favorable combination in business, career and money fortune telling.
  • With Ansuz — an unfavorable sign. You are in an unstable emotional state. It is not necessary at the moment to make important decisions and commit rash acts. You are governed by momentary desires and emotions. Try to maintain peace of mind.
  • With Raido heralds a second marriage with a man who was already in a relationship with you. Past life will return, and it is only for you to decide whether to let this person into your life or forget about him forever.
  • C Caño This rune symbolizes survival, restriction. There will be a difficult period in life when you have to exert maximum efforts to keep afloat. This combination often promises poverty, difficulties in work and relationships. It can also mean the occurrence of an extreme situation.
  • With Gebo the Rune Inguz indicates poor heredity. In fortune-telling this ozhzhet means that at the moment in you are not shown the best traits of your parents. It may also indicate genetic diseases.
  • With rune Vuno Inguz portends a tainted reputation. It is likely that at the moment your enemies are not asleep, but they are doing everything to ruin your life. Pay attention to those around you. Be careful in communicating with strangers, control your words.
  • With the rune Hagalaz This symbol predicts a crash or catastrophe. Be careful driving. If in the near future you plan to make a long-distance flight or move to another country, it is recommended to delay with these matters.
  • With Nautyz Fleece Inguz foreshadows theft or robbery. Be on the alert, do not trust unfamiliar people.
  • With Runa Isa promises loss, separation, tears. You will probably have to part with a loved one. It can also mean the loss of something material. Unfavorable combination of runes in fortune telling on relationships and careers.
  • Rune Yera in combination with Inguz heralds the help of a man who will come at the last moment, but you will no longer need him. You will have to deal with your problems yourself.
  • Runa Eyvaz together with Inguz points to your unrealized ideas, failed plans and unfinished business. Conceived not implemented. But this is not a reason to give up — just say goodbye to your hopes and move on.
  • With Perth Rune This symbol promises a passive period in life. Also this combination speaks of a person as lazy, inactive and apathetic. Probably, at the moment you have a very weak energy potential, you quickly exhale, and you do not have enough strength to implement the plan.
  • With Algiz this rune promises the appearance of temptations, false desires. Do not give in to provocations, adhere to your life principles and principles.
  • Combined with Soul Rune Inguz foreshadows joy and fun, which will be overshadowed by unexpected misfortune. The white stripe will suddenly turn black. Be prepared for anything.
  • With Teyvaz indicates the betrayal of a loved one, betrayal in a relationship, the machinations of enemies. Adverse sign in divination for love and business.
  • With Berkan’s Rune indicates a difficult birth for a woman. Can predict miscarriage and maternal health complications.
  • With Rune Eyvaz promises loss of property, collapse, bankruptcy and ruin. The most dangerous combination in fortune telling on business and money.
  • Combined with Mannaz heralds the strengthening of the connection between generations, the improvement of the situation associated with children. It is a symbol of peace of mind, traditions and ancestral customs.
  • With rune Laguz indicates the need for internal cleansing, getting rid of negative thoughts. Release all that you, and fill your life with positive emotions.
  • With rune Dagaz promises good luck in business, prosperity and well-being. In life comes the white stripe.
  • In combination with the rune Otal This symbol foreshadows the fulfillment of desires and the achievement of goals. All conceived to come true, you only need to make all their efforts.

Value on love

Rune Inguz in divination for love has different meanings. It all depends on who is a guessing, and what question he asks the runes.

For a free woman or man This symbol promises a meeting with the second half. And it will not be a short-term affair, but a serious relationship that will lead to a wedding.

This rune can mean the onset of a favorable period in personal life. For those who have already found their soul mate, Fleece predicts a wedding and a happy family life in the future.

For those who are married, rune Inguz also means strengthening relationships, transition to a new stage in family life, the birth of children.

If interpreted the rune in combination with other characters, then its value may be reversed. For example, if Inguz lunges in fortune-telling with the rune Teyvaz, then this could mean a betrayal of a loved one and a divorce.

With the Perth Inguz rune promises stagnation in the relationship, everything will remain in place, no matter what you do. And with the rune Raido Inguz predicts remarriage with her spouse.

What indicates in a relationship?

Inguz symbol in fortune telling has a dual meaning. On the one hand, he predicts the beginning of something new, the onset of a favorable period in a person’s life.

On the other hand, foreshadows the end of the relationship, getting rid of unnecessary connections and people who are pulling down.

This rune indicates that relationship will soon be a new stage. Either the connection between people will be strengthened and will acquire a new meaning, or it will break completely, which will lead a person to a relationship with a new person.

In this case, the rune should be considered from the perspective of its situation in the family.

If there is no spark in a relationship for a long time, then most likely they will end if you leave everything as it is. The measures taken can help resolve a difficult situation in the family and maintain relationships.

Also, the rune Inguz indicates a serious conversation between people, as a result of which the future of the relationship will become clearer.

What promises in the business?

The habitual course of life can be abruptly interrupted if, in a scenario for a career and business, the rune Inguz fell out. Wait for cardinal changes.

In order for the changes to become positive, it is important to have time to take the situation into your own hands and begin to control it.

What changes will occur in the business — good or bad — depends on the nearby runes. With runes Dagaz, Otal and Turisaz the meaning of the Inguz symbol is very favorable.

If at least one of these runes has fallen near, then in business things will go smoothly.

New opportunities will open up before you, you will enlist the support of strong patrons, all problems will be quickly resolved, and it will be time for prosperity and well-being. With rune Caño you are in for a difficult period in business, you have to survive.

If near fleece Vuno, then this combination promises a tarnished reputation for your business. With Eyvaz or Isa Inguz foreshadows the loss of money, bankruptcy.

Runa Teyvaz indicates a separation from a partner, breaking the connection with the people you need, as well as betrayal of a business partner.

Using the character in magic

In addition to fortune telling, the runes are usually used. as a mascot. The energy imprinted in these symbols is able to protect or empower a person.

If we talk about the Inguz rune, then you should not use it as a protective amulet, since this is not its direct function. This is a rune of strength, energy, activity.

It is designed not to protect, but to accumulate in the person all the internal resources to achieve the goals set and attract good luck.

Inguz rune is recommended to be worn as an amulet for those who want a change in life, who need to get support from higher powers in their careers, money and business. Do not forget about its core value — fertility.

This symbol will become a reliable talisman for people who have problems with conception.

In what way can the rune Inguz help?

  • Improves memory
  • Promotes self-esteem, gives confidence in yourself and your own strength.
  • Promotes the development of awareness, helps to make the right choice.
  • Develops hidden talents, helps to find your way in life and gain the work of your life.
  • Opens new opportunities in business and personal life, provides a chance to prove himself.
  • Strengthens health. It helps women to get pregnant, men increase potency.
  • Strengthens willpower and spirit. It is useful to people who often give up the job and do not bring it to the end.

In astrology rune Inguz Corresponds to the sign of Aquarius. This constellation symbolizes change, innovation, revolution and reform.

People born under this constellation have a strong dependence on their character.

Runa gives Aquarius creativity and enhances their positive qualities of character. This symbol for Aquarius can be a source of inspiration, forces and the subject that helps them immerse themselves in another reality.

Inguz helps him achieve his goals, activates his strengths and uncovers potential.

An Inguz amulet is designed to instill in man a belief in himself and the ability to move forward no matter what. This is a powerful rune that bestows rebirth and new life.

Runa Inguz. The value of the runes Inguz and interpretation in divination

Direct and inverted rune Inguz: meaning and interpretation, application

The strong rune of the Inguz of the Elder Futhark is one of the most favorable symbols of the Scandinavians. Her energy has a positive effect on all aspects of life and helps change destiny for the better.

The rune is associated with fertility, so first of all it calls for the continuation of its kind. In each of us is a piece of our ancestors.

And we will give our soul to our descendants — this is exactly how the law of nature works. We continue to live in our children and grandchildren.

The rune sign represents the transition to a new level of development — these are cardinal personality changes. Quantity is reborn into quality.

This happens under the influence of accumulated knowledge, new energy and acquired experience.

General meaning and description of the runes Inguz

Existing names: Inguz, Ingus, Ing, Ing, Inguz.

The oldest symbol of the people of the lands of Scandinavia is dedicated to the greatest fertility god Freyr. This is a very kind deity who does not tolerate any contention. Thanks to his influence, a person receives a bountiful harvest from his lands.

By his order, the sun’s rays make their way through the clouds, and all darkness recedes.

Externally, the rune mark resembles a vessel in which seeds were previously stored for planting. It is also very similar to the DNA molecule.

It is a symbol of the power hidden inside every living being.

We are the reservoir of a large information flow that will be passed on to future generations. We, in turn, still at birth absorb the knowledge of our ancestors.

And so is the endless process of exchanging the heritage of each generation.

Inguz says that the human soul must mature and blossom. This process is not fast, but the result will exceed all expectations. And the magic of the runes will help you:

  • improve creative thinking and develop memory;
  • be more confident;
  • feel at the mental level of communication with the genus;
  • open the mind.

The symbol advises to listen only to yourself — someone else’s opinion should not bother you. Unfortunately, some people tend to envy the success of others.

And they are trying in every way to harm: words, deeds, gossip. Refuse to communicate with such a contingent — let them not prevent you from developing.

Interpretation of the runes Inguz at divination

Mysterious in fortune telling sign of the ancient Celts indicates an update. His presence in the scenario symbolizes fertility, development, productive work. A person is aware of his strength and begins to use it.

There is a desire to say goodbye to old things — just throw them out of my head. And with new ideas to break into the rut of life.

When the runes are asked about the current situation, and Inguz falls out — this is a special sign that should reassure you. Very soon you will find true happiness.

Your work will bring you a lot of positive emotions. The main thing is that you no longer return to the obsolete past — it no longer has any meaning for you.

Scandinavian rune Inguz offers you a lot of perspectives — everything you want will fall into your hands. But only if you will be productive for this.

Fill your heart with love — give it to the world around you. And then the symbol will reward you according to merit.

Direct position of the runes

In general, the direct Inguz has a positive value. The only unfavorable option is negative symbols dropped around it.

For example, neighboring Ansuz warns that among your surroundings there is a fraudster, and you trust him. In the end, it will lead you to great losses.

Look more closely to close friends — try to reveal the true intentions of the adventurer.

In most cases, the Scandinavian symbol speaks of the inner core of a person, his ability to go forward, regardless of any obstacles and threats.

Dropping out in the scenario, he foreshadows a successful outcome of all the initiated cases. Do not be afraid of anything and continue to move towards your dream.

You have enough power to achieve a favorable result.

An ancient sign warns a person about an important event that will turn all current circumstances upside down. This is the beginning of a new stage — a qualitatively new one, not like the previous one.

Be sure that now your life will be full of exciting events, memorable moments and unforgettable emotions.

It should be noted that in alliance with Berkanoy the symbol predicts that in the near future you will become happy parents.

If you interpret the rune on an everyday level — it will bring you much relief, will relieve you of many domestic problems. If you associate the alignment with global change, then the rune speaks of a happy future.

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Inverted position of the runes

In the fortune-telling practice, inverted Inguz is a kind of myth, because the rune does not have a reverse position. And if the runologist sees a bad sign when a given symbol appears, he draws such a conclusion on the runes that are closely spaced.

There is an opinion that it is necessary to put a point on the rune in order to accurately determine its position. But it is hardly really necessary if the rune sign does not initially have the opposite meaning.

Inguz: the value of the runes in love and relationships

In love, Inguz means that your relationship will receive a new impetus that will allow you to start over. You will again feel the thrill in the chest when meeting with a loved one and experience excitement with each kiss.

The sign says that you and your partner will learn how to get rid of old offenses and forgive each other for all the flaws.

If located next to Gebo, A new romance awaits you. And when I got nearby Vuno — this means that you will create a very strong pair.

Through the years you will not lose interest in each other.

If you ask the runes about a particular person, Inguz will indicate his sincerity and honesty. He will never betray you and will not allow you to put personal interests above yours.

Suddenly it will happen that feelings disappear — he can not live without love. Get ready to hear about it right away.

For a family union, Inguz is a harbinger of the birth of a baby.

Very often wondering wonders what the rune Inguz means, if you ask her for help in a controversial situation. In this case, know that your conflict will be resolved soon.

Inguz: application in magic

In magic, the character has the most positive reputation, as it serves as a great way to relax, rest and recover. Inguz is really an indispensable assistant for emotional and physical stress.

For men, the rune sign is especially useful — it improves potency.

Inguz always takes the final position in the magical formulas. This symbolizes the successful completion of the intended case.

Quite often, healers use the energy of the Inguz runes in their practice.

Runa Inguz: meaning in love and relationships, description, interpretation

Direct and inverted rune Inguz: meaning and interpretation, application

Runes are the writing of the ancient Germans, who have letters that make up the runic alphabet. Rune Inguz is a powerful symbol.

Her interpretation has a positive meaning. With its help, you can achieve success in life, get everything you want.

The value of the runes Inguz

According to the description, the value of the rune Inguz varies depending on the position and scope of divination. Most often, this runic sign foreshadows changes in life that will bring success and happiness.

It also means the power that a person needs in order to move to a new stage in life and achieve a goal. If to decipher a rune from the point of view of the short-term future, it indicates the deliverance of a person from unrest, troubles, troubles.

In a global sense, the rune means a bright, carefree life.

Value in love and relationships

The meaning of the Inguz rune in fortune-telling for love also varies depending on whether the symbol fell in a straight or upside-down position.

A direct sign suggests that the couple’s love relationship will move to a new level — the creation of a family, the birth of a child.

If there are disagreements, misunderstandings in the relations of partners, but they sincerely and firmly love each other, then in order to strengthen the connection, it is necessary to make compromises and look for an approach to a loved one.

Runa Inguz helps to revive love relationships, strengthen feelings, strengthen family ties. When an unmarried girl or woman wonders about love, then this rune symbol that fell out promises marriage in the near future.

Inverted Rune Characteristic

The value of the Inguz rune in an inverted form usually coincides with the interpretation of the direct symbol. In general, an inverted rune means a quick transition from one life span to another.

The new cycle should be happier, more diverse, should bring something new to life. In the layout for divination of love, the inverted rune signals the transition of love relationships to a new level.

This means that all the problems that prevented the relationship from developing will disappear.

Some runologists claim that the inverted Inguz symbol does not exist, because its reverse position looks the same as the forward one. But most of the magicians put a dot over the symbol to determine when it drops upside down.

This is done to more specifically interpret the meaning. This symbol in any position has no negative meaning.

However, the appearance of negative overtones is possible with an unfavorable scenario during the fortune-telling, when other fallen runes together with the main one have a poor interpretation.

The inverted value of the rune Inguz coincides with the direct interpretation

Value in work and career

When divination to work and a career, the direct rune has this interpretation:

  • future success in any undertakings;
  • stability at work and in business;
  • fulfillment of cherished desires;
  • achievement of goals;
  • the direction of affairs in a new direction;
  • cardinal changes with a favorable outcome.

This rune is able to give the fortune-teller the strength, energy and inspiration to make new victories.

Having put a maximum of efforts, any business will be crowned with success, enriching a person not only materially, but also spiritually.

It is also important not to be afraid of changes, but to take them boldly — they are sent by fate to get a positive result at work or in business. Fear will only be a barrier to happiness.

Inverted rune in the layouts indicates future successes. If you fell this symbol, you need to change their views and attitudes towards work or business.

It is important to learn to control the circumstances, not allowing them to greatly influence themselves and the people around them, not allowing them to harm their careers and other aspects of life.

Application in magic

With the help of the magical power of the runes, the light sorcerers learned to clear the aura of a person, to take damage, to remove the rock of misfortune and bad luck. Fleece heals from barrenness, improves health. Her strength can improve the financial situation and even positively affect the crop.

In some cases, magicians with the help of the Inguz rune normalize the state of a mentally ill or unbalanced person.

This runic symbol is often depicted on talismans and amulets. Sometimes he is portrayed as a tattoo. Talismans with the inscription of the Inguz rune will favorably affect any life situations:

  • bachelors will help find a soul mate;
  • childless families — get a child;
  • pregnant women will help give birth easily;
  • will contribute to career growth;
  • balance life energy.

This sign on the talismans helps to relieve a person from laziness, add enthusiasm, improve mental, creative and physical abilities, increase resistance to stress. Often, amulets depicting this symbol are hung in houses to attract wealth and happiness.

With the help of the runes Inguz clear the aura of man

Combination with other characters

Sometimes it is difficult during fortune-telling to determine exactly in which vital sphere the Fleece portends changes. To find out its value in a specific situation, one or several runic signs should be pulled out and predict the future, based on their combinations.

The combination of the runic symbols of Inguz and Berkana means conception in the near future or the birth of a baby in the near future.

The combination with Gebo that emerged in the layout foreshadows a new acquaintance, which will grow into either a love relationship or a real strong friendship.

And if, together with Inguz, the Fehu rune falls out, it means that the divine will soon change housing or make a successful purchase.

It is important to interpret the meaning of the runes in combination. By themselves, the runic symbols can have completely different interpretations.

So, the sign Gebo speaks about a successful deal in a business or a long successful partnership.

The symbol Fehu means better financial position. A rune of Berkan not only indicates the birth of a child, but is also a symbol of family, mother and female energy.

She also predicts a wedding soon.

Values ​​of combinations in love

Sometimes when divining love and relationships, you need to pay attention to other dropped signs. If in addition the rune symbol Vuno falls out, in the near future the pair will resolve all conflict situations and personal problems.

This combination of runes promises strong love and family relationships.

If a man divorces his husband / wife, he wonders, then the combination of runes Inguz and Raido foreshadows remarriage with a former spouse.


The rune symbol Inguz has only positive values, which can vary depending on the position and sphere of divination. In order to more specifically interpret this rune, it is important to take into account other signs that have fallen out in the layout and draw conclusions based on their combinations.

With divinations for love and relationships, Inguz predicts a good development of events with a positive outcome.

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