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Direct and inverted rune Eyvaz: meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Description and meaning of the direct and inverted Eyvaz rune in divination and magic

Direct and inverted rune Eyvaz: meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Runa Eyvaz, the significance of which will be the topic of our conversation today, is closely connected with the planet Venus. At least, the modern Belarusian astrologer Konstantin Selchyonok spoke about this connection.

Harmony, beauty, balance, soft union of opposites and polarities — all this is under the authority of this planet.

The interpretation of the runes is also associated with protection, since Eyvaz means “yew”, namely, in ancient times, yokes made bows for war and hunting.

Runa Eyvaz — basic meaning and interpretation

The meaning, description and interpretation of Rune Eyvaz will become more understandable if we turn to the properties of the planet Venus and talk a little about them. What comes to mind when we remember this celestial body?

Of course, beauty, gentleness, synthesis of opposites. Just so, this wonderful rune beautifully and gently manifests itself, unobtrusively combining polarities.

If you do not really understand this metaphor, just imagine such a thing as «the beauty of love between a man and a woman.» What is it? Not in the man and woman themselves, but in their merger, interaction with each other.

This is the main Venusian principle — to harmoniously and beautifully combine the opposite.

Runa Eyvaz, like the planet Venus, is responsible for balance, integrity, smooth transformation.

The traditional meaning of the Eyvaz rune in the mantle is the highest protection, the removal of obstacles and the build-up of strength, but the strength is not increased by violence or pressure, but gently, smoothly, gradually, along with the inner transformation of a person.

Often this rune comes at a time when it seems to a person that he faces insurmountable obstacles. But, in fact, they can and must be overcome by using their wisdom, which suggests that everything in this world is interconnected.

The action of the runes can be clearly shown by the example of the following situation, which must have happened to each of you at least once in your life. You are standing in front of the door, tugging at it, trying to open it, but nothing happens.

At the same time you know for sure that the door is not locked. What’s the matter?

It’s very simple: the door opens the other way.

Eyvaz draws your attention to this: if the obstacle cannot be passed around on the left, then you need to try on the right, if you cannot solve the problem with one option, then there will definitely be another. Just at the right moment you need to remember the second side of any phenomenon.

Runa Eyvaz seems to lead a person along the middle path, allowing him to bypass extremes, not to rush into them.

It can be said that the value of the Eyvaz rune is always an indication that the person will be able to cope with what he has in mind, he has enough opportunities and strength to achieve the goal, just need to think a little, reflect, analyze, choose the right path, walking on which, you can overcome the obstacles encountered. Eyvaz will always respond positively to any question, even if there are negative symbols nearby — it’s like a road sign that says, “You will have everything!”. Yes, difficulties and problems may arise on the way, but they will all be solved, the main thing is to remember in time that each phenomenon has several sides.

The surrounding symbols can give interesting clues as to where exactly to wait for obstacles, which can cause difficulties, to which one should pay close attention.

The rune of Venus has no reverse position. It looks the same when it is drawn correctly and upside down, so you will not find the meaning of the inverted rune Eyvaz in any reference book.

The value of the runes Eyvaz in divination for work and business

The most common meaning of the Eyvaz rune during divination to work is success in perspective, although the path to it is likely to be fraught with some difficulties.

It can be health troubles, the machinations of competitors, financial difficulties, non-standard situations that require a different approach than the one to which a person is used. But all this is temporary.

If the questioner carefully thinks about what is happening to him, he will be able to find the right way out, which will eventually lead to the desired goal.

Pay attention to the adjacent characters that fall in the scenario.

  • Isa — Eyvaz: Two of these runes say side by side that a person is waiting for a temporary pause in business, which will allow him to gather his thoughts, take a break and understand how to proceed.
  • Yera — Eyvaz: This neighborhood reports that the result will be very pleased when all obstacles are safely removed.

What does Eyvaz mean in divinations for love, relationships?

The most common meaning of the Eyvaz rune in fortune telling on relationships and love is uncritical, minor difficulties that, however, will not adversely affect the future of the couple.

However, sometimes the person himself may perceive them as rather serious, but the rune assures that he subsequently realizes that everything that happened was for the best.

According to the surrounding symbols, you can guess what qualities you need to apply to get rid of these problems.

  • Laguaz — Eyvaz: The combination will report the need to act intuitively
  • Uruz — Eyvaz: This combination suggests that you need to show determination
  • Inguz — Eyvaz: A bunch of these runes — a sign that the situation that you perceive as a defeat, will eventually become your personal triumph

The value of Eyvaz runes in love, if you are interested in the compatibility of the two partners — a clear indication that people are suitable for each other, and their union can be very happy and fruitful. Although it can be assessed in the future.

What will be the value of Eyvaz’s runes in his personal life if a single person who has not yet met his other half turns to the runes? The symbol can be taken as an indication that the fateful meeting will soon take place, and the difficulties associated with the lack of a pair are only temporary.

As you can see, the value of Eyvaz’s runes in love and relationships depends largely on the question itself.

  • Ansuz — Eyvaz: So, for example, if a person comes to us who hides something from his partner or spouse, and such a bundle will come up — this will be a clear indication that people need to talk seriously with each other, and how can be faster

The value of Eyvaz when fortune telling

The value of the Eyvaz rune in fortune-telling on one rune for health is, in general, a positive sign. Even if a person has any problems at the moment, they will be solved successfully.

Sometimes the rune advises to look at the situation from a different angle, for example, change the method of treatment, check other organs that may be associated with existing symptoms, or simply begin to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The planet Venus tells us that everything is interconnected, so the disease in many cases can be defeated, strengthening the body as a whole.

If you make a deal on several runes, you should pay attention to the adjacent characters.

  • Hagalaz — Eyvaz: It can be assumed that the state of human health temporarily worsen
  • Turisaz — Eyvaz: The state of human health will deteriorate, but again — not forever, but only temporarily. Therefore, it is worth being attentive to your body.

Eyvaz application in magic

The value of Eyvaz runes in magic can be different. Sometimes this symbol is used as a defensive one, but not one that promises victory in a battle, but rather a guard against wrong decisions that could affect your future life.

Also, the rune helps to overcome various obstacles magical and domestic plan.

What is the amulet with rune Eyvaz used for?

In amulet practice, the rune most often acts as a protective talisman against difficulties and hardships. It does not give a person the patronage of the Higher Forces, as, for example, Algiz, but simply allows him to free up hidden internal resources, helps to see more clearly all aspects of events and phenomena, thereby pushing for the right decisions.

Can I make a tattoo with Eyvaz’s rune?

The symbol does not have an inverted position, so using it as a body pattern is allowed. However, it is important to understand that the rune will not have any mystical influence on your life.

Eyvaz is connected with the personal power of a person; she can only direct him, strengthen any qualities that he should use himself.

If Eyvaz fell to you as the Rune of the Day, you should carefully analyze all the events occurring during these 24 hours. It may seem to you that some obstacles and obstacles have formed on the way.

But do not despair — just look at the situation as if from the side, make sure that you have considered all possible ways out. Most likely, some inconspicuous workaround went unnoticed.

And now you need to find it.

Board runes

Remember that any phenomenon or event can be viewed from several sides, and there are at least two ways out of any situation.

Questions for meditation on Eyvaz

Photos of the runes Eyvaz can be used for meditation. This exercise will be especially useful if you find yourself in a position that seems hopeless. Relax as much as possible, focus on the painted rune, and then turn into the depths of your soul with the following questions:

  • Can you evaluate events from different points of view?
  • Can you feel the deep interrelations between opposite phenomena, polarities?
  • Do you feel confident that the target is chosen correctly?

Deep, harmonious «Venusian» rune Eyvaz will help you understand yourself and make the right decision under any circumstances.

The interpretation of the runes. RUNA Evaz, Ivos (Ehwaz) the value of the runes. Inverted (Reverse) Position

Direct and inverted rune Eyvaz: meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Inverted (Reverse) Position

RUNA Evaz, Ivos (Ehwaz). The main meaning is “obstacle”.
Evaz, Ivos (Ehwaz) — the rune of the road, trade, management, the rune of movement and all related changes, the traveler’s fleece, with reference to the present time, the fleece of truckers and managers.

Evaz, Ivos (Ehwaz) — a fleece of abrupt changes, it is favorable for the start of new bold projects. And also it is a rune of changes of consciousness.

Eivos (Ehwaz) — this is the rune of this noble friendship, the rune of the Lord’s help in trouble. Eivos (Ehwaz) — the rune of the shift from the dead center, progress, any movement.

Inverted position RUNA EVAZ, Eivos (Ehwaz). Key concepts. Unexpected changes; quick trip; let; long way; forced rest (idleness, simple).

The fallout of this rune shows that there is some kind of obstacle; something hinders your further progress.

This does not mean that chaos is coming or that it is your fault. All your actions are correct and timely, and the path you have chosen to achieve the goal is the only correct one.

In other words, the one who caught the bird of fortune by the tail, just like the one who, all the time, is testing it, will not stumble upon closed doors. Council of the runes Evaz, Ivos (Ehwaz) in the opposite, upside down position.

Avoid conflicts and unnecessary quarrels, do not risk in vain, be patient and wait for the situation to mature. The answer to the runes of Evaz, Ihvaz (Ehwaz) is not negative, it simply gives a sign that the delay is inevitable and gives advice to wait.

Try to unwind. Do not be upset if everything happens not to stand at the speed you expected.

The movement is inhibited, but you should not blame yourself, and you should not expect anything worse. Perhaps this is the time for rest and unloading.

Do not be discouraged; you just need to allow what happens to happen, without pressure and unnecessary movements.

Now is the time when not all opportunities are open for you. We must calmly wait.

RUNA Evaz, Iwos (Ehwaz) is that little of the runes, whose action in an inverted (reverse) position is similar to that of a direct rune, only in a less active, not strongly expressed aspect, more secretively.

We rarely manage to reflect on the fact that we persistently and consistently do not want to notice anything new that is unacceptable to us. To him we are blind, and in the exact meaning of the word. We do not see changes that must be noticed and accepted to renew vitality.

That is why the appearance of the reverse (inverted) rune Evaz, Ayvos (Ehwaz), as well as with the direct position of the runes too, the question of solving the problem of readiness for perception of the new is urgent.

Runa Evaz, Ivos (Ehwaz) in the opposite position means the problem of observing changes, for everything new, invading your life.

You should open your eyes and prick your ears, ready for the unprecedented, should realize and understand that what can happen for so long, what you have been striving for, can happen now. However, all this can happen only to the extent that you open yourself to the changes.

Runa Eyvaz. The value of the rune Eyvaz and interpretation in divination

Direct and inverted rune Eyvaz: meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Ancient Fleece Eyvaz The older Futhark is a powerful protective symbol. Thanks to her energy, you can protect yourself from the dangers, pull your loved one out of a difficult situation, drive away negative and anger from home.

Scandinavian sign brings change. Whether they are positive or negative is up to you.

The effect of the runes Eyvaz may be a test for some people. It’s like a check before you get a well-deserved reward.

Do not be intimidated by internal contradictions — emotional tension will not bring anything good. Try to focus on the end result and move towards it, no matter what.

You are capable of much: the main thing is to believe in it. Make a mental victory over your inner fears, and then nothing will be terrible for you.

The general meaning and description of the runes Eyvaz

Existing names: Eyvaz, Avis, Eihwaz, Eoh, Yo or Yr.

This is a very interesting and unusual symbol of the Scandinavian people. Sometimes he acts unexpectedly and his influence is not always clear.

But this is only in the first stages — then everything becomes crystal clear.

The rune is associated with Venus — a planet that personifies love, harmony and beauty. Also Scandinavians made a parallel between the symbol and the world tree, which connects the firmament and the earth on which we step.

Its branches penetrate all corners of the universe and affect all temporary canvases.

Scandinavian rune Eyvaz is an unexpected happiness. It bursts into our lives at full speed — sometimes we are not even ready to accept it. And we do not always understand.

This problem arises because of an imbalance between person and reality. If you ignore this nuance, it will gradually reach enormous proportions.

The symbol is associated with integrity: it unites and harmonizes external realities and the inner world of a person. It happens very naturally.

Unfortunately, modern circumstances lead to a misunderstanding of true beauty, and we are weaning off natural development.

But in fact, in the depths of the soul there is always the desire to get closer to nature, to feel it, to look into every corner. Eyvaz reveals a profound truth, she reveals what was previously hidden from view.

The rune symbol teaches us to ask for help. Agree that there are such moments that you should step over your pride and ask for support from a wise mentor.

Sometimes circumstances are formed in such a way that you need not just to ask, but to require patronage.

Interpretation of the runes Eyvaz at divination

In divination rune has a controversial value. She points to the successful completion of the common cause, but also her appearance in the scenario speaks of possible difficulties on the road to victory.

In other words: the finale will please you, but in order to reach it, you need to be patient and persistent.

Physical injuries are not excluded (especially at sports competitions). When a fortuneteller asks about health, Eyvaz warns that there may be problems in this regard.

Give yourself more attention, do not overcool, watch for food.

And the main advice celtic runes — trust yourself more. Your intuition will help to cope with any difficulties.

Hear her tips and follow them clearly.

Fate will present you with many whims. Take all her blows with dignity, and as a result you will find yourself on the podium.

Direct position of the runes

Since ancient times, direct Eyvaz personified powerful magical protection. As is known, in the lands of Scandinavia, weapons (bows, arrows) were made of yew.

The victory over the enemy troops was connected with this plant — and they called it Eyvaz.

In general, the rune sign speaks of the correctness of the choice, of the correct decision of the diviner. The main thing is not to let anyone bother you.

In the process, a person can show all his talents. The universe provides an opportunity to open up — to realize the inner potential.

At this stage, there may be some doubts. Do not give in to them — otherwise all the labor will be wasted.

If you confidently rush forward, in the end you will find unqualified success. Everything has its time — be tolerant.

Scandinavian symbol is not a complete guarantee of your triumph. Everything depends, first of all, on your desire.

Your task is to evenly distribute all efforts and gradually go towards the goal. Step by step move to the dream.

When located next Odal be attentive to the signs of the universe. You can skip an important signal.

Inverted position of the runes

In fortune-telling, inverted Eyvaz has a similar meaning. She gives the hopeful self-reliance.

There is an exact picture of your desires.

Man’s behavior changes completely — he ceases to rush from one extreme to another, balances thoughts, calms down. We can say that he becomes cool and calculating.

Runa will teach you to be responsible for your actions.

But, if you treat it disrespectfully — do not expect a positive result. In such a situation, a rune mark can do harm.

Eyvaz: meaning in love and relationships

Consider what the rune Eyvaz in the layouts of love. In such cases, the magic of Scandinavian signs predicts little difficulty. You will be able to cope with them, if you trust your intuition.

Tune in to a positive outcome and turn on the mind. Even if you thought that the situation is critical — do not lose heart.

Far from it.

Paired with Inguz the character exactly answers the question. This alignment speaks of your personal affection for a partner. You are really in love and worth fighting for your feelings.

You and your loved one are as compatible as possible.

But first you have to suffer a bit — the period may seem somewhat difficult. If you walk through obstacles together, in the future nothing can stop you.

Neighboring Ansuz insists on a serious conversation. If you want to agree on something with the second half, but still can not decide — now is the right moment.

Eyvaz: the use of the runes in magic

In the magical plane, the symbol means the path to victory. Despite all kinds of obstacles, obstacles, dangers, you follow your dream.

It is like a second wind, which opens up at the seemingly hopeless moment.

Mages always use Eyvaz before an important and significant event. It helps not to go astray.

This is a symbol of protection — it protects against wrong decisions. On the way to our happiness, we often encounter both physical and magical attacks.

Fleece supports and helps to overcome all difficulties.

The Scandinavian sign is associated with deep magic concepts, so its use requires certain skills and abilities. The magician must be well prepared and energetically charged.

Runa Eyvaz: Meaning, description and interpretation

Direct and inverted rune Eyvaz: meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Eyvaz (Eihwaz) can be called a very interesting and important rune. Its graphic image and semantic meaning correspond to the world tree Yggdrasil connecting the earth and sky, penetrating into any spaces and temporary areas.

The appearance of the rune Eyvaz in the scenario on any of the defining positions, in interpreting the future or identifying the essence of the problem, means a positive result. Moreover, the improvement of the situation occurs regardless of which runes Eyvaz was surrounded by.

The direct meaning of the rune Eyvaz

In the view of ancient peoples, Eihwaz is associated with a yew tree — an evergreen tree, which is often planted in cemeteries to protect the departed from the attacks of demonological entities.

Description Runes Eyvaz involves purposeful development, in which you should pay attention not to the speed of the changes, and their stability and quality. You can also note a number of its useful properties:

  1. the emergence of new ideas that contribute to the change of life for the better;
  2. establishing contacts with others;
  3. the desire for development and improvement.

Fleece shows feelings people, their relationship and spiritual affinity.

Love and relationships

Fallen rune Eyvaz indicates the need to reassess personal relationships. And this does not always have a negative meaning. Perhaps you just need to go through a period of convergence, allowing you to know your loved ones much better.

It is necessary to take time to adapt, to get used to the fact that life is easier to go on together than to be alone.

If in the process of divination, the question was raised about the compatibility of people or about the conformity of a loved one to dreams and aspirations, then the rune Eyvaz directly indicates that the partners are fully compatible with each other, and the initial difficulties will be easily overcome.

Work and career

In the layouts on various types of work, including business, rune Eyvaz most often gives a favorable outlook.

True success, in this case, is always associated with some costs or costs. There may be small financial or material expenses, health problems.

However, serious losses or disruptions in the body will not. Sometimes they even benefit.

For example, a person in connection with the frequent diseases that hit him, may begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up alcohol and not expose himself to various troubles associated with alcohol.

If the rune Eyvaz falls rune Isa, symbolizing stagnation in business, delay, in this scenario, this suggests an opportunity to think about the situation, rest before solving basic problems, which will allow in the future to make the right choice.

The accompanying rune Yer leads to a favorable end to the protracted problems.

What does the Eywaz rune look like and what does it mean?

Direct and inverted rune Eyvaz: meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Homepage »Amulets and Amulets» What does the rune Eyvaz look like and what does it mean?

The name Eyvaz (EIHWAZ, EOH, YO or YR) can mean:

  • protection (goth.);
  • yew — the tree from which the bows were made (English);
  • pine (scand.).
  • rune stone — opal, black agate;
  • Green colour;
  • planet — Venus;
  • plant — mandrake;
  • patrons — Odin, Ulle and Skadi;
  • futark room — 13.

The rune symbol is similar to the Latin letter “Z”, with tails slightly inclined inside. The dropped Eyvaz sign indicates that there are problems, but only the person himself can cope with them, without help.

It is necessary to analyze the situation, correctly prioritize and direct the energy in the right direction.

Description of the rune Eyvaz:

  • usually the rune is tied to Yggdrassil, the world tree that holds all life;
  • It is considered the run of passage through the borders of consciousness;
  • this sign is protection from the effects of negative influence;
  • balancing the situation, balancing between the two opposites;
  • impulsiveness, presence of instincts, inability to restrain emotions;
  • symbolizes the desire for certainty;
  • indicates internal, energy stability.

Images of the magic sign:

  • a quietly speaking person begins to speak loudly, without turning to a scream;
  • the cook adds salt to the food, but does not salt it;
  • drying wet clothes to comfortable heat;
  • the seller balances the scales;
  • a thin person gains weight, but not to obesity;
  • the frozen person is heated to a comfortable state;
  • the man almost fell, but held himself in place.

The value of Eyvaz runes in magic

Runic magic defines Eyvaz’s direct connection with the deity Vril. This means that all human forces (both negative and positive) rotate around one axis.

Such a movement over time forms a maelstrom of events in which you need to choose the best for yourself and put it into practice. Vril can connect dissimilar phenomena and objects — physical and mental.

For example, combining the word with electricity, you can get a spell that can affect the luminous flux.

In addition, magicians consider Eyvaz a rune capable of connecting man with cosmic forces. To understand Eyvaz, it is worth referring to the beginning of the creation of the world and to separate the dark forces from the light.

This sign symbolizes the purity of the human spirit, which resists evil and strives for the divine principle.

In magic, Eyvaz means:

  • change of consciousness, changes in life, actions;
  • Eyvaz, the comprehending rune magic, will fall out in the event of a transition from an ordinary person to a magician
  • the rune supports the novice sorcerer and gives him a magic shield, helps to circumvent adversity and overlook obstacles.

Runa Eyvaz favors athletes, leaders and strong spirit people. Strengthens the energy field and gives all the chakras to act as a single mechanism.

On the opening in the energy flow of magic Eyvaz told in the video. Picture taken by Lada Vedana.

Interpretation of the runes Eyvaz in divination

Value in magic at Eyvaz always ambiguous. It is associated with a deep, hidden layer of witchcraft and calls for action.

The rune mark has the same meaning in the forward and upside-down.

Treat the rune in any position as follows:

  • understatement and resentment with loved ones;
  • it is necessary to change the trajectory of relations;
  • change of activity, sphere of work, hobby;
  • you must endure adversity, suffer losses, and in the end everything will change for the better;
  • need for rest;
  • things are coming to an end;
  • the call not to stir up the past, it was left behind;
  • danger warning;
  • uncontrollability of life situations;
  • Eyvaz requires to gain strength and wait out the negative moments, you can not give up, you should fight for happiness.

Combines the interpretation of one — the rune prompts something to change. It protects not from the trouble itself, but from its negative consequences.

Relationship Eyvaz in runnuyu divination with other signs:

  • Uruz — decisive action;
  • Lagus — act as your intuition tells you;
  • Ansuz — waiting for a serious conversation or fateful proposal;
  • Isa — need a break, rest;
  • Hagalaz — hopelessness;
  • Turisaz — success in spiritual development;
  • Inguz — an increase in money;
  • Manaz — the events dragged on;
  • Evaz — success in the field of digital technology, obtaining new knowledge;
  • Berkana — errors, misleading;
  • Teyvaz — the punishment of an innocent;
  • Algiz — health problems in the area of ​​the oral cavity;
  • Saulu — a nervous breakdown;
  • Perth — a new stage of development;
  • Yera — the implementation of the plan;
  • Nautise — problems with the lungs, bronchi;
  • Vuno — win, win;
  • Gebo — triumph;
  • Caño — obedience, modesty;
  • Raido — non-standard relationships;
  • Dagaz — long problems;
  • Otal — life from scratch;
  • Wyrd — strong desire;
  • Feu is a strong patron.

Divination for love

In the scenario for love and relationships, Fleece Eyvaz plays a key role.

In love affairs the fleece means:

  • there is no confusion in your personal life, next to you is a serious and loyal partner;
  • the intention of one of the partners to lead the other;
  • call for marriage;
  • fateful meeting;
  • unfinished business with a partner in a past life, Fleece calls to solve problems with the second half in this world;
  • a love triangle, one of the participants is torn and does not know with whom to stay;
  • not the rapid extinction of love;
  • a lull in a relationship that will lead to separation;
  • the relationship with the partner is broken, internal thrust weakens.

Fortune telling

Sign value Eyvaz when fortune telling on the situation:

  • financial recovery;
  • conceived plans will be realized;
  • no hidden diseases;
  • motivation for action;
  • protection from negative vibrations;
  • call to visit the older generation of the family;
  • the situation is out of control;
  • not enough strength to fight.

Very often, the runway Eyvaz means detractors or competitors who can build machinations. The advice of the runes in this case is this: you should not take any action — the enemies themselves will show themselves.

Calm and wisdom will help a person to eliminate evil people from his life path. The main thing is to have patience and wait for the right moment in order to move forward.

Guessing on the possibilities

In fortune-telling with runes on the possibility, Eyvaz means:

  1. The potential is not revealed to the end, something interferes with this. Get accustomed to the environment, to the little things. Solve the problem is not difficult.
  2. The skills are fully disclosed, there is no sense in learning new things in this area, there is enough experience. We need to move on to the next level of development.
  3. It is early to reveal the opportunities and abilities, the situation is unfavorable for this.
  4. Interference — should correct errors that hinder development.

Cautions and tips runes Eyvaz

Tips requiring compliance:

  1. Be tolerant. In the heat of the moment, you can do terrible things that will bring a negative.
  2. Keep your mind sober. Act carefully and prudently.
  3. Be honest not only to yourself, but also to the situation as a whole.
  4. Prediction will not be accurate if guessing is distracting. Witchcraft requires concentration.

Runa Eyvaz fair. Not observing the rules and brushing off the tips can bring trouble.

Runa Eyvaz: meaning in love, in relationships, description, interpretation

Direct and inverted rune Eyvaz: meaning and interpretation, how to apply

Since ancient times, rune Eyvaz attributed magical power, it was identified with the symbol of knowledge. Eyvaz helps to uncover secrets and highlight the most carefully kept secrets.

The rune symbol «Eyvaz» helps to highlight the most carefully kept secrets

Guessing, which fell rune Avaz is on the path of self-knowledge, soon he will open a very important secret. Eyvaz is a strong rune, a powerful sign that should be used only for its intended purpose so as not to harm itself.

The value of the rune Avaz in a straight position for different spheres of life

The literal translation of the runic symbol is a horse. Ancient people used horses not only to participate in competitions and help with the housework, but also as the main mode of transport.

Therefore, the value of the Scandinavian rune Avaz is identified with physical strength and the possibility of spatial displacement.

Hence the secondary values ​​of the direct position of the rune: endurance and the desire to achieve the goals; the speed of reactions and the presence of a large amount of energy; pressure in performing tasks of various kinds.

The appearance of this runic symbol during divination prepares a person for the onset of the time for the resolution of all active problems and difficulties. Guessing will easily find a way out of difficult situations, if you actively take up the case.

In almost all the books on the interpretation of the runes, the direct position of the avaz promises:

  • Favorable relationships in the work, the conclusion of contracts for the best conditions for guessing, and the establishment of stability in the financial sector.
  • Success in love affairs. Already existing relations will be harmonious and pleasant, and will surely lead to a strong marriage. For those who are alone, the rune Avaz prepared a swift love adventure full of joy.
  • Luck and success in all walks of life. Fate favors the fortuneteller and constantly provides opportunities for self-improvement and development.
  • Runa Eyvaz prepares the questioner traveling by road.

The rune symbol «Eyvaz» prepares the person asking for a journey by road

Some interpreters of the runes say that the evaz rune requires the guessing person to change internally, to look at himself from the outside. Such internal changes will only benefit and all life spheres will be filled with positive moments.

Sphere of love and relationship

The significance of the rune Avaz in divination for love is ambiguous. It can be interpreted as a harmony in love and relationships, and sometimes the value in love speaks of the desire of one of the partners to take a dominant position in the pair.

Just like Perth, the rune of Avaz in a relationship is interpreted as a fateful connection.

The beloved are destined to each other from above and must enter into a strong marriage. Sometimes the description of an Avaz in a love scenario also contains information that the beloved were connected in a past life.

In this life they were destined to meet again, as there were unresolved issues in the past.

When divination of love implies a description of the object of lust, its character or material well-being, then the interpretation of the rune has a clear answer.

The object of fortune telling is pleasant in communication, it has a light character. About these people say they are easy-going.

The facility easily makes new acquaintances and business relationships, knows how to keep up the conversation, is intellectually developed. Such people are rarely low-income.

Situational interpretation

Depending on what the runes are next to the Avaz in the scenario, it is interpreted differently. Most often, rune Avaz has a favorable value.

If the question of a fortuneteller is related to the financial sphere, then this rune symbol describes the onset of the financial recovery period. There has been significant progress in business, all previously overwhelming tasks seem simple.

The questioner easily makes new profitable contacts and develops his own business.

In the scenario of health, Avaz indicates the absence of any complications in the nature of the disease, or the presence of hidden diseases. All diseases remain in the past, the patient is recovering.

If the guessing person has asked a question about a certain plan, which he can not realize by any means due to various circumstances, then the appearance of an evaz is a sign of decisive action. The auspicious moment has come, and in all life spheres there is a rise.

In its basic sense, Avaz is associated with travel and long journeys. Therefore, if the fortunate questioner asked about family relationships, it is time to visit distant relatives.

The rune symbol «Eyvaz» may indicate the need to meet with relatives

If the rune falls in a straight position, then the visit will be timed to a pleasant idle event. If the rune is upside down, then a visit to distant relatives will be overshadowed by their painful condition.

Another meaning of this rune symbol in situational fortune-telling on relationships with close people is the onset of harmony and conflict resolution.

Inverted value of the runes

This inverted rune in the layout does not carry a complete negative. The main negative value is the impossibility of the speedy implementation of all conceived plans.

Things will have to be postponed for a short time, as new unexpected details will open, which will slow down the process.

Unexpected obstacles may occur during the journey that will require an immediate return home. After eliminating such troubles, the journey can be continued without fear.

Sometimes, an evaz in the upside-down position indicates the impossibility of carrying out any business trips or urgent business trips. Problems will be connected with the papers, nothing critical will happen.

If we summarize all the information, the most complete interpretation of evaz speaks of the onset of changes in life, which carry a negative meaning only through their suddenness. Such large-scale and excessively rapid changes are confusing, make you think and stop for a while.

But the interpretation of the alignment will be incomplete without taking into account the neighbors in the scenario with evaz runes. If the alignment itself carries a negative, it predicts the onset of an unfavorable period, the worse its value, the worse the meaning of the Avaz is interpreted.

If a guessing is limited to a specific time frame, then the prediction will last only this period of time. Therefore, all serious activities should be postponed until the end of the adverse period.

Love and relationships

The inverted position of Avaz speaks of the onset of an adverse period in a relationship. Lovers quarrel over all sorts of trifles, but the gap is still far away.

The rune symbol «Eyvaz» heralds the onset of an adverse period in the relationship

The rune symbol Eyvaz prompts the divine that he was mistaken in choosing the ideal partner for himself. Such relationships will not be cloudless and doomed to failure.

If you look at the alignment in more detail, then combinations of runes with other symbols will tell you how to get rid of problems in relationships with a partner and avoid their further appearance. Sometimes the runes indicate the need for advice from a more experienced and benevolent patron.

When an avyvaz falls in an inverted sense to a lonely person, all this indicates the appearance of problems in his personal life because of high arrogance and a desire to transcend his partner.

Fortune telling

The inverted rune Evaz in the situation on the situation indicates the impossibility of its resolution at this time. But this does not mean that it is worth giving up.

One has only to wait out the unfavorable period and get back to business with new forces.

If the alignment is positive, but this rune symbol fell in an inverted position, then the fortune-teller will soon find a solution for all his problems. The only condition is the acceptance of the changes around it.

When a guessing person asks a question about his business or work, Evaz gives a clear answer about the need to make a temporary stop. Even in the favorite business, which consistently made a profit, there will be problems.

To avoid serious financial losses, it is worth taking a pause for a while and thinking about restructuring. And new projects should be frozen for some time, otherwise you should not expect great results from them.

Sometimes evaz may indicate the intrigues and intrigues of competitors. In such a situation, it is not necessary to chop down, it is better to wait for a while until the competitors find themselves.

Then they will be easier to eliminate, and their evil ideas will not work.

Use of Avaz Runes in the Magical Sphere

The main magical significance of this rune is the activation of hidden processes. Evaz can transfer energy and strength to the cause, which has long lost a fast pace and stands still.

Eyvaz under the force to stir and withdraw from the spiritual stupor, even the most closed person. Fleece will give him new forces in the movement forward and will open up new energies of life, all previously existing conflicts will be resolved.

Fleece helps to make the situation more plastic and suitable for manipulation, thus it can be solved in the shortest possible time, sent in the right direction.

Many healers use Eyvaz in their mystical rites and conspiracies. It is designed to improve the physical condition in the presence of chronic diseases.

The disease will move from the dead place, the patient will begin to feel improvement.

If a person has a fear of long-distance travel, then this rune will help overcome fear and make the trip successful and safe in every sense. All movements will be easy, there will be no obstacles on the way.

Often this rune is recommended for drivers who make long journeys.

If we consider the significance of the journey of this runic symbol in more detail, then astral movement can be attributed to such a journey. This rune is often used by shamans, as it helps them to move easily between worlds.

Evaz is used in initiation rites and complex spells.

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