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Date of birth numerology: detailed calculation

Date of birth numerology — complete personality description

Science numerology by date of birth helps by date of birth to find out the strengths and weaknesses of a person, determine his purpose and even understand whether you are compatible with your partner. Let us see how to make a numerological table and learn how to read it.

Calculation of numerological test

To make a numerological table, you need to know the full date of birth of a person. For example, this is April 17, 1954.

The calculation will look like this:

Date of birth numerology: detailed calculation

Where did the numbers come from:

  1. First you need to record the exact date of birth: 17041954
  2. Then calculate the sum of the numbers: 1 + 7 + 0 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 4 = 31
  3. Find the sum of the digits of the resulting number: 3 + 1 = 4
  4. If the date of birth is before 2000, we subtract 2: 31-2 (const) = 29 from the original amount (those born after 2000 add 19)
  5. We are looking for the sum of digits of the resulting difference: 2 + 9 = 11

At this point, our calculation is over. The resulting values ​​must be entered into the table of the following form:

Date of birth numerology: detailed calculation

Next, we will tell you what the values ​​from the numerological table mean.

Altruism — Egoism

How much a person is endowed with these qualities can be understood if we analyze the table according to the following scheme:

Date of birth numerology: detailed calculation

For altruism meets the triangle «11-4-7-5». Normally, there should be at least two units, and a total of five digits. If there are no fours and fives, altruism as quality is absent.

So, a person is not able to sacrifice their own interests for the benefit of other people.

If the numbers in the triangle are above the norm, altruism is above the norm. A person feels guilty if he does not give his life to help and save other people.

In the first place for him are always other people’s interests, at the last — his own.

The triangle «5-3-6-99» is responsible for egoism.. Norm — the presence of five and a total of five digits. If the triangle is not closed, selfishness as quality is absent.

If there are a lot of numbers, a person is extremely fixated on himself, first of all for him — always his own interests.

Numerology by date of birth helps to calculate qualities such as sensuality and creativity. For them are responsible table values, located in the diagonals.

The first diagonal is «11-5-99» — this is creativity, which consists of such qualities as ingenuity and resourcefulness, flexibility and resourcefulness, the ability to get away from water in any situation.

The more numbers in this diagonal, the more characteristic of these qualities for a person. For example, if the test turned out to be “11111 + 5 + 99” (three digits more than the norm), a person can often change jobs, constantly take on social functions, create for themselves many things and hobbies.

He is fickle and keen.

If there are empty cells in the diagonal, the person does not use creative skills as a tool for life, he is guided by something else.

The next diagonal is «3 + 5 + 7» responsible for sensuality as well as sensitivity. This is the ability to understand the intentions and thoughts of other people.

If the diagonal is overloaded with numbers, a person is able to penetrate so deeply into another person on a wave of understanding that he becomes like an accomplice in his life. He feels when he is sick and ill, he is able to assess his emotional state.

At the same time, he himself remains very vulnerable, touchy, emotionally unstable.

If the numbers in the diagonal are missing, the person has a distorted perception of other people. He is able to be faithful to someone who hypocritically uses him.

Not able to understand the true goals and intentions of others, misjudges their condition and attitude.

The next stage of the analysis, which suggests numerology by date of birth, is the study of numbers in the columns of the table. There are three of them.

The first column «11 + 22 + 3» responsible for autonomy. Normally, this is a person who can do everything himself.

He relies only on himself and does not ask for help if the situation is not critical.

If a column is overloaded with numbers, a person not only solves his own problems, but also constantly helps others. But this is not altruism, but a necessity in the realization of one’s “self”. It is a bit dangerous — when such a person finds himself in a difficult situation, he will need help, he may not get it.

Surrounding people simply do not believe that he is unable to cope on his own.

If there are no digits in the column, the person does not fully use his internal resources. He prefers to take the help of others rather than try to realize himself.

It is inclined to make a complaint that something was “nododali” to him, “they had incorrectly helped”.

Inner world

The third column «7-8-99» responsible for the inner world of man and his ability to find his “inner god”.

Date of birth numerology: detailed calculation

Normally in a column 4 digits. This means that the inner world is deep enough.

A person believes in himself, he has found his “inner god” and is not looking for him in those around him.

If there are no digits in the column (for example, 7 and 8 are not, but there is one nine), the person is an “atheist”. He not only does not have his own “inner god,” he also fights with those he has. This is also the type of people who, in ordinary life, create what they want.

And they will enter the church — and abruptly become god-obedient.

If the column is overloaded with numbers, the person at a glance is closed, modest. But it is worth talking to him more closely, and it becomes clear how enthusiastic, interesting, and gifted he is. At close communication, he opens up, his rich inner world becomes visible.

This is a versatile, extraordinary personality.

«I and society»

Middle column «4-5-6» characterizes the relationship of a person with other people. This is a set of qualities that are responsible for the position in society.

If the column is overloaded with numbers, the person is dependent on public opinion: it affects almost all his actions.

If there are not enough numbers, a person, on the contrary, ignores the opinions of others, underestimating him. This can cause many problems.

Male and female figures

Men’s numbers enclosed in a diamond «22-4-6-8»:

Date of birth numerology: detailed calculation

Women’s — in the cross «11-5-7-3-99»:

Date of birth numerology: detailed calculation

Normally, there should be a predominance of the feminine (regardless of the sex of the person) — these are 5 male and 7 female figures.

«Male» numbers responsible for such qualities of nature as hardness and durability. This is the notorious «inner core», which shows how a person is able to defend their borders and personal principles.

«Female» numbers they have flexibility, ability to negotiate, creativity, peace-loving and diplomatic, ability to smooth sharp corners.

If a man has a bias towards female qualities, he is an emotional, sociable, rather soft, creative person. If a woman is dominated by male figures, she is aggressive, physically strong. They are feminists who think men are weak.

These are women accustomed to cope with everything on their own.

Consider the example of the test women:

Date of birth numerology: detailed calculation

In this example, the girl has 10 male and 4 female figures, that is, the male one prevails over the female one 2.5 times. This is a woman with a beautiful body, the correct principles. She is intelligent, sociable enough.

It can be very tough, especially in work. The principal.

She is a great business partner.

Perhaps like men. But she is alone and the question: “why does she need a man?” Cannot give an answer, because she herself copes with everything perfectly.

The psychotype determines the internal motivation of a person, which he manifests outwardly. Having defined a psychotype by a numerological test, one can understand why some people are more proactive and active, while others are more calm and quiet.

There are three main psycho.

Psycho type I — “Chief”

In people of the first psychotype, units prevail over twos:

Date of birth numerology: detailed calculation

In this context, the units are the ability to generate ideas, the twos — the ability to execute them. That is, if a person can come up with a lot, he does not have the energy to implement all his ideas.

Therefore, this part of the work must be entrusted to others.

These are quick-witted people, resourceful, their language is perfectly suspended. Thinking is always positive, they are optimistic. Able to quickly “download” others and find them engaged.

These are the organizers, leaders, instigators. Love to be the center of attention.

“Chiefs” need to learn to control the flow of ideas that come to mind. And try to do more, and not just talk.

Then they will be able to realize any, even the boldest and at first glance, impossible goals.

Psychotype II — “Artist”

In people of the second psycho-type, the twos predominate over the units:

Date of birth numerology: detailed calculation

Usually they have more physical strength than ideas, thoughts, suggestions. These are workaholics, executives.

They rarely sit around themselves, and even manage to make others work.

Artists are most often pessimists and critics. They are demanding both to themselves and to others.

This is the type of people who believe that one who earns good work through mental work has achieved success through dishonest means.

At first they do it, then they think, therefore they often have to redo the work that they did in the heat of the moment, without first thinking about the actions.

See a bunch of flaws in all who surround them. Most of the people for them are lazy loafers.

If something does not work, then everything is to blame.

See in the video, what else can tell the date of birth of a person:

Psycho type III — «In itself»

People of the third psychotype of units and twos have an equal amount. This is a man who used to rely on himself. “I’ve done so much, I’ve done so much” — this is about him.

Freedom is very important for “Samih on their own”. In the understanding that they do not tolerate when other people dictate what they need to do.

If an unsolicited opinion is expressed in their direction, this is also perceived as an encroachment on freedom.

A person with a third psychotype very strictly keeps his boundaries. It is important for him to have his own space, to solve problems himself.

He is able to work on his own, without involving anyone else.

Does not tolerate obedience, but does not seek to control others. This is a single person who never clings to someone, he is alone.

Does not like monotonous conveyor work. The best rest is a change of activity.

At first glance it may seem closed and closed, but it is not. It just opens in the process of close communication.

Periodically gets tired of people, goes «in itself.»

This is the most ideal psycho-type, which characterizes a whole, independent, independent personality. A person with a third psychotype walks confidently through life, slowly moving forward, and never even half a step backward.

No unnecessary movement — only rational actions and thoughts.

By date of birth, numerology helps you calculate your numerological test for free and quickly, which allows you to better understand a person’s personality and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

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