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Daily fortune telling: simple ways to know fate

Daily fortune telling: simple ways to know fate

To find out the future or to get an answer to an exciting question, it is not at all necessary to put on the astrologer’s mantle and carry out complex magic rituals. In the people there are many household divinations, which can be used every day, while using the materials at hand.

Potatoes help you quickly find out the answer to any question. To learn about the resolution of any important matter or issue, you need to take a raw potato, cut it in half and look at the core. If the incision is smooth, and the core is white, then it will end well for you.

If the potatoes are worm holes, rot, and the cut is uneven, then you can expect not the best solution to your situation.

Guessing on matches can answer all your questions in more detail. To do this, take a glass of clean cold water and two matches. Concentrate, ask yourself a question looking at the water.

Then light the matches and throw them into a glass of water. The result of divination lies in the position of matches in the water. If the matches went cross to cross, then there will be many obstacles on your way. If the matches fell to the bottom and took a parallel position in relation to each other, then the intended business would be realized with the greatest benefit.

If small particles fly off of matches, it means that someone will interfere with you and deliberately create problems. Before asking the next question, you need to change the water. After that, fortune telling on matches can be repeated.

On love There are many interesting and truthful divinations. One of them is divination by candlelight. It allows you to learn about your relationship with the second half.

Take two candles in red and white. The white candle will symbolize your feelings, and the red candle — the feelings of the chosen one or the chosen one. First light a white candle, and light a red candle from it.

Put them at a distance of ten to fifteen centimeters from each other and start to observe how they burn. If the candles burn evenly, then this is a sign of a calm and strong relationship. If your candle begins to melt in the direction of the red candle, it speaks of your strong feelings and serious intentions. If a red candle melts towards white — it shows the real feelings of your second ladies towards you.

If both candles melt to each other — you have a mutual passion, affection and serious intentions. If a red candle melts to the outside, it means that your partner has someone on the side or in thoughts.

With the help of fortune telling on bread you can also know the future. To do this, take the bread crumbs and a white towel. Tune in to divination, take some bread crumbs in your hand and safely pour them on a towel. Next, you need to interpret divination based on the location of the crumbs.

If all the crumbs are grouped, then you will find unpleasant news or parting with a loved one. The crumbs have lain around — in front of you will meet with a very powerful man who in the future may well become your friend or soul mate. If the crumbs were scattered around the towel, it means that you are waiting for a change.

Perhaps they will be associated with the relocation or change of work. If you threw crumbs, but some of them stuck to your hands — this is a sign of financial success and stability.

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