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Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Compatibility of zodiac signs in love — accurate horoscope

Often planning long-term relationships there is a need to determine what kind of person inside. In this case, the best solution would be to find out the date of birth and get acquainted with the necessary information about this zodiac sign.

Ideal relationships are those in which a man and a woman match each other, which means they understand. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, because we all have different temperament and character.

Very often, people make a mistake — choose a partner that does not suit them. Information about how people born at different times get along with each other will help to avoid this.

The horoscope of compatibility signs of the zodiac will help to get acquainted with the nature of the relationships of various people and find a suitable partner.

Navigation signs of the zodiac:

How to use horoscope compatibility

There are only twelve signs of the zodiac, but here you shouldn’t be deceived — the character of a person born under a certain sign also depends on the year and date of birth. The insignificant number of constellations gives rise to a great many variants of the development of events and destinies, the beginnings of characters and possible compatibility.

Any scorpion or Taurus by date of birth has its own unique code.

Just one zodiac sign is a whole variety of different characters. In drawing up an individual, and therefore the most accurate, horoscope, astrologers are very strictly guided by their affiliation with specific signs of the zodiac, by year of birth, dates, and even time of day.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Thus, it is difficult to create a horoscope for compatibility yourself, the result is unable to cover all variations of the relationship between the representatives of astrological signs. But even a generalized prediction of compatibility will take into account the most characteristic features of characters and will help avoid pitfalls in building relationships.

When someone’s paths intersect, say in advance how only the emerging relationship will develop is not much under the force. What does the future hold for the two people who have just met?

Perhaps they will love each other and soon will want to connect their lives.

Will their marriage be happy and durable? Knowledge of compatibility horoscope when choosing partners for a serious relationship is not only useful, often necessary.

It is astrological awareness that is most effective in the process of improving the quality of any human relationship.

In addition, the compatibility horoscope includes several types

  • Compatibility in love. Future couples horoscopes are very popular. What is the reason? By checking the compatibility of your mark and partner mark you can prevent many unpleasant processes, bypass difficult situations and disagreements in the formation of relationships. Leaving a place just for love and happiness together.
  • Compatibility in bed. How many people have so many temperaments. One is to experiment and experiment in sexual relationships, the other does not accept fantasies and considers them shameful. Compatibility horoscope will help to understand the features and preferences of the partner, even before the first intimacy is accomplished.
  • Compatibility in marriage. Not always beautiful couple in love becomes close in spirit to the married couple. The subtleties of everyday communication between two people are also the same as the directions of the compatibility horoscope.
  • Compatibility in friendship. This horoscope calculates the probability of favorable friendships and the strength of friendship with a particular person.
  • Compatibility in work and business. Another one of the most popular aspect of compiling horoscope compatibility. In many foreign countries, smart leaders, not wanting to get into a mess, before recruiting a team of employees, turn to astrologers for help in drawing up a horoscope for each of the workers.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Of course, to take horoscope compatibility completely on faith and rely solely on his advice when building relationships is not worth it. He is not a panacea for solving problems and not a final verdict about the impossibility of a relationship with a specific person.

Applying compatibility horoscopes in practice, you should not forget to listen to your own heart.

How do constellations affect the relationship between two people?

The direct character of a person depends on the influence of the elements, planets, constellations. And it is formed from the moment of birth.

Understand that in the future to go through your relationship and whether they are destined to continue, will help the horoscope of compatibility according to the signs of the zodiac.

A boy and a girl in love after a “candy-bouquet” period filled with romance, at some point they will certainly decide to live together. But here it may be that they absolutely can not get along.

This is explained by the fact that young people simply do not match the signs of the zodiac.

The sign under which a person was born influences his attitude towards absolutely everyone:

  • to parents;
  • To friends;
  • to classmates;
  • to colleagues;
  • and, of course, to the chosen one (or chosen one).

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

It is useful to have even the slightest knowledge of the signs of the zodiac and occasionally use the sign compatibility horoscope.

There are special people involved in drawing up a detailed love horoscope, which will show how they can develop in the future. But no one is immune from quackery.

Many modern astrologers are simple amateurs, trying to extract as much money from the customer as possible.

Fortunately, today the Internet provides an opportunity to make (and very easily and quickly) a horoscope of compatibility with the signs of the zodiac for free. This option is available to anyone, and therefore enjoys great popularity.

Compatibility horoscopes men and women based on the similarity of their astrological passports.

It is she who determines whether two people will be well together. “Ideal relationships” sounds nice, but this is utopia, since such relationships do not exist. Even if there is complete mutual understanding, passion and love between you and the second half, this does not guarantee that at some point you will not begin to quarrel and conflict.

  • It is worth saying that a person’s character depends on both the sign of the zodiac and the specific date of his birth.
  • Although there are only twelve constellations, the options of destinies and compatibility are infinite.
  • Each character is a variety of characters.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

This means that the horoscope of compatibility according to the signs of the zodiac in love to write on one’s own is extremely difficult, and to be more precise, it is generally impossible. But even a superficial forecast will avoid many conflicts in the construction of romantic relationships.

Compatibility of zodiac signs in marriage and love

From the most ancient times, the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in marriage was of constant interest to man. Being in love is inspiring, but this is not enough to create a strong relationship, and even if it is, then it often turns out that the partner is not at all what we imagined.

Thus, knowledge of the zodiacal characteristics is intended to save us from annoying mistakes and choose a happy future, which largely depends on the compatibility of partners in love.

The sign of the fire element, Aries will be suited by the same fire signs, full of energy, emotions and passion.

  • Aries and Aries. Their love is like a fire that burns everything in its path, as both partners are too emotional, if not to say, “explosive”. Because of this, a bright and hot union cannot last long; it often turns out to be fragile.
  • Aries and Taurus. If Aries in love is active, then Taurus even in his thoughts shows practicality, which becomes the reason for their rupture. Although they are able to create a favorable love union, if they make concessions to each other, and also show sensuality in an intimate sense.
  • Aries and Gemini. They will have a strong tandem, as the partners have many common features — active and original, which favorably affects their relationship in an intimate sense. But in order to save love as long as possible, they sometimes need to relax from each other, for example, going on vacation with friends.
  • Aries and Cancer. The love compatibility of these partners is based on mutual understanding, both in spiritual and intimate life, but the novel can also end abruptly as it begins if it is not constantly maintained with beautiful and sweet actions that both partners must perform.
  • Aries — Leo. These signs are very similar in temperament and character, so it seems that they are made for each other. But this is not at all the case: both of them are imperious by nature, which negatively affects mutual understanding. However, even in such a tandem, a compromise can be reached — the subordination of Leo Aries.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Aries — Virgo. They are two opposites that attract each other with magnetic force. The lovers constantly quarrel, but immediately make peace, moreover, very passionately. Conflicts bring them together, love is impossible without them.
  • Aries — Libra. Romantic compatibility of these signs is not only permissible, but also similar to a fairy tale in which Aries ceases to show aggression, and Libra bypasses «sharp corners». If the partners do not get rid of these shortcomings, then their relationship will gradually disappear.
  • Aries — Scorpio. For these signs, love is held on passion, so they spend a lot of time in proving their feelings in bed. However, on one intima they cannot build heart matters, for perfect compatibility they need spiritual harmony.
  • Aries — Sagittarius. This pair has a wonderful amorous compatibility — they are not able to overcome the arising passion. This could go on forever, but after a while both start to fight for their own independence — a common cause of conflict and even separation.
  • Aries — Capricorn. The attraction of these characters is very low, since they have completely different temperaments and views on relationships. Capricorn prefers calm, and Aries — passion, moreover, in full view of everyone, which greatly annoys his passion.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Aries — Aquarius. They can be a harmonious couple, but on one condition that they immediately state which of them is the main one and who plays the role of a subordinate. Their tender feelings depend on mutual respect for each other.
  • Aries — Pisces. The compatibility of these signs in love depends entirely on their physical attraction. If it is short, it will leave only pleasant memories, but if the two passionately fall in love, then forever.

Earth sign, personifying loyalty and reliability, dating back to the ideal idea of ​​a life partner. In the woman of this sign you can find the power of nature, which will be justified by the steadfastness of family values.

  • Taurus — Taurus. Their relationship is difficult to call love, because Taurus does not know how to love romantically because of its earthiness. But at the same time the compatibility of Taurus in love is quite high, only for her both will have to fight.
  • Taurus — Twins. These two signs attract each other with great strength, they only need to trust the fate that confronted them, and trust their ardent feelings. Between them there can be not only a physical connection, but also a mental one, only for this you need to make a little effort.
  • Taurus — Cancer. The coexistence of these signs can be called ideal, since there is a lot in common between them — thoughts, ideas and plans for the future. They will be able to build a strong alliance based on complete mutual understanding.
  • Taurus — Leo. In such a couple, love is a passionate sex. They have no spiritual connection — everyone is trying to prove their leadership, which is why quarrels often arise. As a result, the patience of Taurus ends, and the pair ceases to exist.
  • Taurus — Virgo. The compatibility of these signs is relatively high: both are realists, not waiting for romance and passion. For them, more important is the peace of mind that they feel when they are nearby. Their union can be called quite strong.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Taurus — Libra. These two are like a key and a lock, perfectly matching each other. Their love relationship is stable and durable, as both hold an opinion — feelings should be heard not only with the heart, but also with the mind.
  • Taurus — Scorpio. In this pair there will never be mutual understanding, since Taurus is a down-to-earth sign, waiting for spiritual unity first of all from love, and physical attraction is more important for Scorpio. Because of what they have conflicts that lead to separation.
  • Taurus — Sagittarius. Two jealous who can not quietly love each other without plaguing suspicion. The love compatibility of these characters is rather low, so a strong pair of Taurus + Sagittarius is a rarity, in a short time after they get to know they scatter in different directions.
  • Taurus — Capricorn. This union may exist, but under one condition, Capricorn must stop annoying Taurus with its cavils. It is very difficult for him to keep emotions under control, therefore Taurus can put a fat point in relationships in an offended state.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Taurus — Aquarius. The romance of this pair will resemble a hurricane, all demolishing in its path. Taurus will rework in Aquarius, which is quite a useless exercise. In the end, disappointed, will come to a decision — to part. Aquarius will not mind.
  • Taurus — Fish. The love compatibility of these signs is almost ideal — they will have no conflicts and claims to each other either in an intimate way, or in life views. The only obstacle to creating a wonderful union is the jealousy of Taurus, so the Fish need to be more careful in communicating with the opposite sex.

As a sign of air, these people tend to behave windy and partly soar in the clouds, so it will be difficult for them to find reciprocity with signs of the earth requiring stability.

  • Gemini — Gemini. In this pair, love is possible, but it is quiet and peaceful — without the display of violent emotions. Partners are not even jealous of their soul mate, which is rather strange for lovers.
  • Gemini — Cancer. The percentage of coincidence of these signs is not high, as they are very different people who rarely find points of contact. Although between them there are strong marriages to a great old age.
  • Gemini — Leo. Between partners are harmonious relationships full of romance. They will never be bored together, because they have so much in common.
  • Gemini — Virgo. In order for them to have real feelings, Virgos need to soften towards Gemini, who are not always collected and less pedantic than they are.
  • Gemini Scales. Their romance is initially doomed to parting, although at the beginning of a relationship, everything will be romantic and passionate. But then the negative traits of the characters of the partners will prevail.
  • Gemini — Scorpio. The love between these signs is like a swing: originally — passion and full understanding, and then a huge gap in the relationship due to different views on common coexistence.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Gemini — Sagittarius. For a lasting union, flexibility and sensuality are needed, which are so lacking in these signs, so they will not have the perfect relationship.
  • Gemini — Capricorns. Different views on relationships — serious in Capricorn and inconstant in Gemini — will negatively affect their love compatibility. It comes down to zero.
  • Gemini — Aquarius. Passionate partners will be able to build a wonderful marriage. They perfectly understand each other, their hearts beat in unison, so they can be called the perfect pair.
  • Gemini — Fish. A wonderful friendship very soon develops into a strong love union built on trust and mutual understanding. They have perfect compatibility.

The sign of water, the most calm and stable in relationships, aimed at creating a family and raising children.

  • Cancer — Cancer. They are wonderful friends that cannot be said about them in love. Even if they feel some kind of attraction for each other, this will be a fleeting feeling that will soon return to friendship.
  • Cancer — Leo. This couple will never be able to reach a compromise in their views on relationships: they constantly argue, swear and try to prove their case. Therefore, their pair very soon falls apart.
  • Cancer — Virgo. A wonderful tandem, as partners know how to make their soul mate happy. They are sensitive to each other’s feelings, protecting them as a crystal vase.
  • Cancer — Libra. Their novel is more like mutually beneficial cooperation, rather than passionate feelings. The reason lies in their completely different characters and life views.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Cancer — Scorpio. Seeing each other, they immediately fall in love, retaining their tenderness for life. In a couple, they constantly strive to renew their senses in order to preserve the emotions of a first date.
  • Cancer — Sagittarius. Partners rarely compromise, which is why it is difficult to call their connection ideal. But over time, by learning to give in to each other, they may be able to build strong relationships.
  • Cancer — Capricorn. With this sign you can create a wonderful love union if they stop pulling the blanket over themselves. Although it is difficult for them to do it, but for the sake of each other, they can try.
  • Cancer — Aquarius. Their relationship is rather complicated, since both signs are not accustomed to adapt to others, so they often have conflicts that end with a long silence.
  • Cancer — Fish. There is no need to talk about eternal love between them, but they will be able to create a harmonious union that may be strong and last forever.

This zodiac sign has a more moderate temperament compared to other signs of the fire element. Lions are sensitive to the infringement of their rights in family life, such a situation is unbearable for them.

  • Leo — Leo. They will have bright and passionate relationships that they do not hide from anyone, rather, on the contrary, they like to put their emotions on people. They often compete for the right to dominate the pair.
  • Leo — Virgo. They can create a wonderful union where respect and mutual understanding will reign. Initially, Leo and Virgo make friends, and only then they will realize that there is something more between them.
  • Lion — Libra. This couple will develop a bright and strong love relationship. They will have no time to be bored, because they adore appearances and mass events that just fasten their perfect connection, making it even stronger.
  • Leo — Scorpio. They will be able to build a great tandem if they do not fight for leadership. For them it is the intimate compatibility that is ideal for them that is important in love.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Leo — Sagittarius. Their relationship is built not so much on feelings and passion, as on mutual respect. This pair can be called happy and harmonious.
  • Leo — Capricorn. The romance of these two is a bit strange, but they feel comfortable with each other. Although they are completely different in nature and in their views on life, mutual understanding prevails between them.
  • Leo — Aquarius. Their tandem hard to call pleasant. Quarrels and carping from scratch are possible. Each has its own personal life, which will become a hindrance to the love union they have created.
  • Leo — Pisces. Showing their best qualities, they will be able to create harmonious love relationships that they will keep for a lifetime.

People of the earth element are distinguished by the particular complexity of nature, which is more true for men. Regardless of the sign, Dev’s companions will not be easy.

  • Virgo-Virgo. Their relationship will be similar to mother and son, or father and daughter: they constantly point out to each other how to live correctly, what to eat and say, and also choose clothes. Tenderness and ardor in their union should not be expected, so it will not be strong.
  • Virgo — Libra. If you pacify your egoism, you can create a fertile ground for a strong marriage. Otherwise, the attraction will gradually become obsolete.
  • Virgo — Scorpio. They are like a magnet attracting each other, so they can create a beautiful love union, where there will be a full understanding.
  • Virgo — Sagittarius. Only patience and pliability will help preserve the initially fervent emotions. If the partners do not cease to show their negative character traits, they will soon be separated.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Virgo — Capricorn. In love, a couple is waiting for a complete idyll, as they rarely quarrel and argue, having the same views on marriage and life in general.
  • Virgo — Aquarius. Their love for others seems a bit strange, but they are comfortable with each other, especially since they rarely pay attention to someone else’s opinion.
  • Virgo — Pisces. Love at first sight, based on respect and understanding. They are open and soulful, trusting each other.

Optimistic and friendly, cute and cheerful — these characteristics are ideally suited to people who were born in the autumn months under the constellation Libra. Libra all his life striving for beauty and harmony, for justice and peace.

Patron of these amazing personalities is the planet Venus, named after the beautiful and mysterious goddess of love. In ancient Greece, Venus was called Aphrodite, it symbolized tenderness, passion and attraction.

Not by chance, the pets of Venus are considered the most attractive among the other signs of the zodiac — Libra is simply impossible not to admire.

The element of Libra is calm and cold-blooded air, the main force of which is conviction. Air guys are full of all sorts of ideas and plans, Libra constantly live in a world of thoughts and dreams.

  • Scales — Scales. The tandem is perfect, because the partners understand each other perfectly. They are romantic and caring. Keep the warmth of feelings until the end of life.
  • Libra — Scorpio. Difficult relationships, but only until the lovers begin to consult with each other. In the pair, Libra assumes the main role, but they also show their feelings more strongly.
  • Scales — Sagittarius. Possible struggle for supremacy in the union, which has a negative impact on feelings. Gradually they will disappear.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Libra — Capricorn. Keeping constantly their emotions under control, they will be able to create a strong love union. They need to spend as much time as possible on each other’s interests and hobbies, this will hold their marriage together.
  • Libra — Aquarius. They are the perfect couple, because between them so much in common. Their love will be eternal — they rarely find out the relationship, often adhering to a common opinion on many questions.
  • Scales — Fish. If at the beginning of their relationship is still present romance, then gradually claims and dissatisfaction with each other will lead their union to an unfortunate finale, where partners become enemies.

The emotionality and inconsistency of the mark, intolerance for criticism excludes partnership with the representative of his own mark, so that they only have to dream about peace of mind. With the power of their love potential Scorpios need a partner who is ready to share with them passionate feelings, but not provoking an explosion.

  • Scorpio + Aries. Scorpio’s compatibility with this zodiac sign is high. Aries for our sign — the most suitable woman. Scorpio, compatibility with Aries which is equal to 100%, finds a true friend and a passionate lover in a woman. In matrimony, the compatibility of the zodiac signs of the Scorpio of a man and a woman’s Aries is also high.
  • Scorpio + Taurus. These signs, above all, are distinguished by their sexual compatibility. As for the life in marriage, the Scorpio man is very lucky with his wife, who can surround Scorpion with care and not pay attention to his attacks.
  • Scorpio + Twins. In love, this couple is quite compatible. But family relationships are often spoiled because of the jealousy of a Scorpio man. Compatibility can not be called perfect and because of a woman who is not configured to be chained to a partner.
  • Scorpio + Cancer. Compatibility of marks is high, but not married. Scorpio, who is used to walking toward lofty goals, cannot understand Cancer’s feelings about home and family. As a result, a woman, having accumulated resentment, leaves her husband. To avoid this, Scorpio should be a little kinder.
  • Scorpio + Leo. This is a bright union of two leaders. Compatibility of signs is better in love than in marriage, because in family life, they will not yield to each other. But in the sexual life of them everything is fine.
  • Scorpio + Virgo. Stormy man and calm woman — who else can be better combined? The union of these signs is beautiful both in love and in marriage. By understanding each other throughout life, Scorpio and Virgo can accomplish much together.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Scorpio + Libra. These signs are all good about sex, but otherwise their union is quite complicated. Sensual women are often plagued by the jealous Scorpion. And if he does not temper his hot fervor, the marriage will fall apart.
  • Scorpio man + Scorpio woman. In love, these signs do not know their equal, but in marriage these two “time bombs” do not always get along. If both representatives of the Scorpio sign do not learn to give in to each other, then they will not be together.
  • Scorpio + Sagittarius. In this case, the matrimony of signs also does not portend anything positive, and the Scorpio man usually spoils everything. In love, compatibility with Sagittarius is beautiful, but in family life a man limits the freedom of Taurus.
  • Scorpio + Capricorn. They can be called a perfect pair. Both are romantic and do not seek freedom. Capricorn calmly carries the character of Scorpio, and therefore their marriage will be long and happy.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • Scorpio + Aquarius. These signs are equally bright and stubborn personalities, and they do not know how to give in to each other. Scorpio does not like a woman’s excessive love of freedom and unwillingness to bother about the house. Therefore, in marriage, these signs do not linger long. But in love they have everything fine.
  • Scorpio + Pisces. These signs are amazing because each of them may not fully understand his partner, but, nevertheless, remain with him both in love and in marriage for a long time.

He has a hot and capricious character, for a joint future he should pay attention to the representatives of the related elements — Leo and Aries. It may seem that Sagittarius does not converge with any of the representatives of the zodiacal circle in family life.

Sagittarius and Aries

The union of fire creatures is something. The relationship between Sagittarius and Aries will be bright and passionate.

As for the perfect compatibility, the pets of Mars and Jupiter do not even think about it. And the harmonious communication in the understanding of the fiery guys is not reduced to a joint gathering around the fireplace. Sagittarius and Aries will not be bored next to each other, and every day spent together will look like a fairy tale.

The only question is how many days will this fiery idyll last?

Sagittarius and Taurus

Rebellious Sagittarius will be able to enchant Taurus. But the patience of earth signs may burst, only they will know what unpredictable guys they have contacted. Is the relationship doomed to failure?

There will be a way out: Sagittarius should learn perseverance from Taurus, and earthly children should live for some time without rules and restrictions. And there and to perfect compatibility at hand, moreover, between the pets of Venus and Jupiter there is a very strong attraction.

Sagittarius and Twins

Windy Twins and frivolous Sagittarius — the perfect couple, otherwise you can not say. Fire-air creatures will find each other, and will not be able to part.

Sagittarius only think about entertainment, and Gemini is right there with a bunch of ideas and plans. Pets of Mercury and Jupiter will converge and in bed — the passion will last for a lifetime, and it will remain.

Is this ideal compatibility, or did it just happen? Fiery air guys do not care about any heavenly laws.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Sagittarius and Cancer

Passionate romance? You are welcome!

A lasting friendship for life? No problem at all! And the pets of the Moon and Jupiter are afraid to even dream of perfect compatibility in family life, too obvious differences in the characters.

Yes, and the elements are pumped up — Vodicka Rakov and the fire of Streltsov can not get along. Sentimental and impressionable Cancers are bothering with carefree Sagittarius, so the stars advise the water-fire guys not to hurry off to the registry office.

Sagittarius and the Lion

Perhaps the universe will shudder when the Lions and Sagittarius come together. Idyll and harmony, compatibility and similarity literally in everything — the pets of Jupiter and the Sun will invent all sorts of problems for themselves, just to diversify these wonderful relationships.

Communicative fiery creatures will be a couple of all the envy and will rush around the world in search of adventure into old age. The family will turn out great, and the kids in the fiery union will be born at sight.

Sagittarius and Virgo

Merry and restless Sagittarius are able to captivate anyone — cute Virgo will not notice how they will be in the arms of the fiery children. But demanding earth creatures will begin to teach the lives of Streltsov after a week of intercourse. But are the pets of Jupiter able to obey some rules?

In no case — Sagittarius at the first opportunity will escape, and not even say goodbye. True, there is one thing — attraction in the earthly fiery union cannot be hidden, and the novel can last for years.

Sagittarius and Libra

Pets of Venus and Jupiter are independent and freedom-loving. Sagittarius and Libra will be enchanted by each other at the first moment of the meeting, but before the serious relationship to the air-fiery children, go and go.

But if Libra and Sagittarius are in no hurry, they can enjoy rare, but unusually bright, free relationships, stretching them out for twenty to thirty years. According to the wards of Jupiter and Venus, they go to the registry office as a last resort — it’s better not to risk it.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Sagittarius and Scorpio

Water-fire creatures can make friends, Sagittarius and Scorpios are able to know harmony in intimate intimacy, but for compatibility they lack small but serious details (the elements of Pluto and Jupiter pets are completely unsuitable for each other). But even if the fire-water guys are attracted, they will have to survive in extreme conditions.

Imperious Scorpions and restless Sagittarius will daily test, and test each other for strength.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Two Sagittarius in the same boat — you can imagine such a situation, but the fiery guys will not swim away. After all, each of the pets of Jupiter will rock the boat and row in the right direction. But the fiery relationship is not threatened by the routine — Sagittarius will roll with laughter and come up with daily entertainment and fun adventures for each other.

In addition, intimacy in wards of Jupiter at the height — live and enjoy until you get bored.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Calm and practical Capricorns will fight with the frivolity of Sagittarius in the hope of remaking the fiery children in their own way. However, the efforts of the pets of Saturn will be completely meaningless — the cheerful and restless wards of Jupiter can not be changed.

Reliable earthly creatures even get acquainted with jealousy — amorous Sagittarius will never give an oath of loyalty. But the fiery-earth guys may think about friendship — in this case compatibility is quite possible.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Impatient and impetuous Sagittarius will be able to surprise the Aquarius — the aerial guys will be glad to have found pleasant companions and charming partners. However, soon the fiery signs will start to act on the nerves of a calm and practical Aquarius — Sagittarius cannot plan at all, and they change hobbies ten times a minute.

But the compatibility of air and fire is obvious — the pets of Jupiter and Uranus can try and not be afraid of disappointments.

Sagittarius and Pisces

Fussy Sagittarius will annoy quiet Fish from the first minute of dating. Strange and mysterious Pisces will also make Streltsov jittery. And with the elements, not everything is in order — water and fire will never find a common language.

You can hope for the attraction of opposites, the more so that the pets of the Moon are able to hypnotize — if they wish, they will inspire anything you like to Sagittarius. In principle, the water-fire couple has chances and compatibility is possible, though not perfect.

It symbolizes stability, reliability, materialistic principle, which is why he is not wary of those born under the signs of the fire element.

Capricorn and Aries

Terrestrial horned horny stubborn people can butt their whole lives, and so they will not agree on anything. However, superficial and frivolous Aries can fall for the bait of patient Capricorns. Earthly guys can so furnish a situation that the fiery creatures will agree with all the rules and requirements of Capricorns.

Mars and Saturn pets are not expected to be perfectly compatible, but the relationship promises to be interesting — so why not try?

Capricorn and Taurus

Practical Capricorns and realistic Taurus — there are many similarities among earthly children, but there is and still no mutual understanding. Maybe the case in different patrons — Saturn and Venus, of course, are far from each other, but against the union of cute earthly pets, the planets have nothing. Stars guess what the reason for the disagreement is — stubbornness of earthly creatures comes first.

But if love comes to these relationships, Capricorns and Taurus will gladly throw off their horns and learn to give in to each other.

Capricorn and Twins

Capricorns can watch the twins of Gemini for years — the earth guys and words will not say unless the fiery creatures cross the line. And the pets of Mercury will not even notice that they have been followed.

Stars advise air-to-earth creatures to come to an agreement on the coast — in the union of Capricorns and Gemini love can live if the wards of Saturn and Mercury learn to trust each other. And let there be no mad passion in the relationship, but everything is safe and precise, like in a bank.

Capricorn and Cancer

Calm and laconic Capricorns will like the quiet and humble Cancers in the first moment of their acquaintance — the water-earth guys will feel the soul relationship. For several years, the pets of the Moon and Saturn will be looking at each other, waiting for a trick, but the stars are advised to relax.

The aquatic creatures are unlikely to achieve perfect compatibility, but Capricorns and Cancers do not get upset. No surprises, upheavals and showdown — this can only be dreamed of.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Capricorn and Leo

Temperamental and impulsive Lions will charm Capricorns in a couple of minutes, and the fiery guys themselves will feel attracted to mysterious earthly creatures. True, the earth-fire couple cannot count on perfect compatibility — the stubborn Capricorians will bring the loving-minded Lviv from themselves, just read the two main rules of living together.

It remains a turbulent romance, or a strong friendship for life — in this case, the pets of Saturn and the Sun will be satisfied.

Capricorn and Virgo

Practical and demanding, accurate and accurate — Capricorns and Virgos seem to be made for each other. Quarrels in the earthly union are possible only because of the pedantry of the pets of Saturn and Mercury, but against the background of the rest of the idyll, this will seem complete nonsense. But earthly creatures will never be late for a date — you can check clocks for Capricorns and Virgos.

Although earthly guys won’t have a lot of dates — why waste time on this nonsense, if you can do something useful for a couple?

Capricorn and Libra

Cold-blooded and imperturbable Capricorns will drop their serious mask, only in their lives will bright and cheerful Libra appear. Earth-air creatures will have something to talk about, however, for a happy family life this is not enough. Well, why not keep the pets of Saturn and Venus friends — the relationship in this union will be strong, honest and reliable.

Scales even forgive earthly friends unnecessary demands, because you can rely on Capricorns in any business.

Capricorn and Scorpio

Strong and tough Scorpios, oddly enough, can be true friends and allies for Capricorns. After all, the earthly guys are not particularly sentimental, at least at first glance.

The compatibility of water and earth is obvious, and the pets of Saturn and Pluto will get along fine. There will be no daily love confessions, and other romantic nonsense in water-earth relations, but Capricorns and Scorpios are sure of each other’s reliability.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Capricorn and Sagittarius

For the first time in their lives, the stubborn Capricorns will be faced with an insoluble task — they will not be able to remake merry Streltsov. Fire guys and will not agree to major changes in their carefree life.

It is better for pets of Saturn and Jupiter to immediately abandon the idea of ​​perfect compatibility and think about a friendly alliance. In this case, the relationship will only please — Sagittarius will bring vivid adventures into the life of Capricorns, and the earthly guys will teach the fiery creatures order.

Capricorn and Capricorn

At first glance it may seem that two earthly stubborn never find a common language and compatibility between them is unattainable. In fact, the pets of Saturn will understand each other at once — one patron and common elements will do their work.

Capricorns can become faithful friends, reliable partners and passionate lovers — it remains only to choose what role the earthly creatures like. In any case, the earthly union will be strong, long and reliable.

Capricorn and Aquarius

Independent and active Aquarius are unlikely to be a good lot for calm and stubborn Capricorns. Of course, there are some similarities in the characters of earth-air guys, but for perfect compatibility, this will not be enough.

If the pets of Uranus and Saturn decide to create a family, they should be ready for the eternal battle for the main role. Aquarius may give way to Capricorn, but this will be only an illusion of understanding.

Stars advise children to stay on friendly terms.

Capricorn and Pisces

Capricorns and Pisces are different from each other, but the attraction between aquatic creatures will be incredibly strong. Pets of Saturn prefer to remain silent about their feelings, and the fish need recognition and compliments. If Capricorns at least occasionally protrude from the shell, Pisces will forgive them for gloom and coldness.

In general, this union has chances for compatibility, the main thing is to have patience (and Capricorns has enough of it, they can share it with Pisces).

A woman of Aquarius will be comfortable with the partner who will allow her to be herself without trying to restrict her freedom.

By reasonable compromises, a woman of Aquarius can create a strong and long-lasting relationship with a man Aries, Libra, Leo and Gemini. With a man Taurus her relationship can not be called ideal, because they are so different! But it is precisely on this difference that the pair will converge, and will be ready to exist together for a long time.

Two Aquarius can become, as ideal partners, in everything that are suitable for each other, as well as complete antagonists — this depends on what degree of freedom they allow each other to have in union.

It will be very difficult for Aquarius woman to find a common language with a man, Scorpio — it remains incomprehensible to her.

A Pisces man may seem at first to be an ideal comrade-in-arms and like-minded woman to Aquarius, but it will soon be discovered that this person has a “double bottom”, and it will be very difficult for her to reveal her true identity to a partner — or not.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

The man Aquarius attracts the attention of women with his intelligence. But lovers of bright hot temperaments will have to be disappointed — he is not accustomed to putting sensuality at the head of personal relationships, preferring the “love-friendship” model.

He is certainly attracted by beautiful women, but more so as muse for his new inspirations in life. Although the man Aquarius can be very inventive in sexual life, he does not seek to establish relationships through the bed, always stopping at a strong friendship.

He can be a reliable partner to a woman Aries, a woman Gemini or a woman Leo, if they both respect each other’s independence, make some concessions. With a woman Taurus it will be difficult for them to find a common language.

However, such pairs are formed quite often, and the relations of partners are built on the pursuit of one common goal in life. A man of Aquarius will be calm and comfortable in the company of a woman of Pisces or Cancer, but they have to deal with their internal contradictions, which do not allow relations to develop.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Mutual sympathy will permeate the relationship of Aquarius and the woman Sagittarius, and with a woman Scorpio the partner will have persistent disagreements leading to divorce.

The relationship between the man of Aquarius and the woman of Capricorn can be considered the most mysterious, mystical — they are so elusive, even for partners, that they constantly doubt their existence. Only thanks to a sense of humor, partners can find a common language, and make the relationship more real.

They find it difficult to make the choice of a life partner because of the ambiguity of their nature. The water element is the best partnership for them, although in this case there is no guarantee of a stable relationship.

Fish and Aries

Powerful by their nature, Aries will try to subordinate their influence to Pisces, regarding their calm as a weakness of character. That’s just Pisces is not so easy to catch in their nets, they all feel and easily avoid the traps placed on them. This couple does not avoid a stormy romance, they are so strongly drawn to each other that it is obvious to everyone around them.

And even if Rybka wants to swim, they simply cannot do it. The tumultuous romance can grow into a family union, for the happiness in which you have to fight.

Fish and Taurus

The elements of these guys perfectly complement each other. Problems can arise only from characters. Pisces and Taurus are completely different.

Taurus can be annoyed by the Pisces’ suspiciousness and their love for dreams. Fish, too, will not be delighted with overly pragmatic Taurus.

Even if this couple does not reach the registrar, they have every chance to become best friends. Pisces will help Taurus to make many amazing discoveries, and Taurus will teach Pisces not to get upset over trifles.

Fish and Twins

Air with water is well compatible, but this pair will have to fight for their happiness. The twins are restless, they cannot live without adventures and new impressions, and Pisces can perfectly live in their inner world, and the fact that it is illusory does not bother them at all. The twin will try to pull his couple to a noisy party, and Rybka will only be wrapped up in a warm rug, well, why go somewhere, if the house is so comfortable.

It is better for these two to be friends at a distance or to spin a non-burdensome and beautiful romance.

Fish and Cancer

This union is able to conquer others, all they have okay and smoothly. A couple can find true love, and they have perfect compatibility. Both signs are inclined towards mysticism, they understand each other perfectly without words, sometimes it seems that they are able to penetrate each other’s thoughts.

In a word, there is a complete mutual understanding between the wards of Neptune and the Moon. If Cancer and Pisces meet, they can immediately go to the registry office, this marriage will withstand everything, and the partners will be happy.

And they lived happily ever after — this is about them.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Fish and Lion

Love between Leo and Pisces will arise immediately, but this is not a reason for creating a family, these relationships do not promise to be long. This couple can part even before they can adapt and understand what they need for a happy life together. Pets Neptune and the Sun are very different, most likely, it attracts them, they can not resist.

It is better for the passer to agree on friendly relations and not to try to go beyond the framework of pleasant communication and light dedication.

Pisces and Virgo

The elements of this pair perfectly complement each other. Only nature of picky Virgos can spoil everything.

They are idealists who are trying to improve everything in this world, so they will definitely try to re-educate and improve Pisces. That’s just Pisces is so self-sufficient that it simply does not make sense to change them, and Dev’s attempts will lead to nothing, unless they ruin the relationship.

If Pisces will resort to its mystical talents and will be able to convince the Dev that all is well, then the couple will live together happily ever after.

Fish and Scales

This couple can work together to build castles in the air, they will have it perfectly. They can be friends all their life, and between them there will never be treachery and major quarrels.

To make an ideal closer relationship will prevent various elements, it is difficult to form an alliance with water and air. The fish will be too impressionable and melancholic for optimistic Libra.

However, there is a mutual attraction between Pisces and Libra, and if sympathy develops into true love, they can try their luck in marriage.

Fish and Scorpio

These guys share a common element, perhaps this is precisely what predetermined their amazing compatibility. The characters of the wards of Neptune and Pluto are completely different, but it does not matter when there are common hobbies. Surprisingly, their talents and habits are also similar.

Pisces with Scorpios will not have disagreements on how to arrange a house, where to rest and in which school to send children. Scorpios, who love power and always strive for it, will mysteriously become docile and sweet near Rybka.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Fish and Sagittarius

For Sagittarius, life is movement. It is important for them to travel, they physically need new sensations and adventures. This spirit of adventurism Pisces can not understand why to look for impressions in the outside world, when you can find everything inside yourself.

Sagittarius will annoy the mystery of their companions, they are bored, and maybe just too lazy to unravel the secrets. What can you do, the stars warned, fire and water can not be satellites.

The chances of compatibility with this pair are minimal. Read more …

Pisces and Capricorn

At first, Capricorns will seem too cold to the Pisces, they will be frightened off by gloominess and calmness, only on closer acquaintance will they change their mind. Patient Capricorns can seek their chosen ones for as long as they like, until they get theirs. Impressive Pisces will love it when they are admired, and if Capricorns really love, they will wear their pair in their arms.

They have every chance to create a strong family. Read more …

Fish and Aquarius

Aquarians can be very demanding, but in the case of Pisces they can get confused, but the truth is, how can you make demands on what you don’t understand. And let Pisces and not the most stubborn zodiac sign, but they definitely will not allow themselves to be redone or educated.

Aquarians very soon will leave this venture and will enjoy the relationship. This couple can have an ideal relationship in the intimate sphere, so that Aquarius and Pisces will have an exciting and colorful romance.

Over time, they want more, and they can safely go to the registrar, this pair has compatibility. Read more …

Fish and Fish

One element and the general patron, only they can become close by. The ideal partner who understands you and feels like yourself, perhaps this is good, but not for Pisces.

It will seem strange, but the cause of the conflict and the possible separation will be a complete understanding. Fish creatures are original and with an ideal partner, they will become bored. If this stage of the relationship is overcome by them, the marriage can be preserved and even happily live in it.

Types of relations between the signs of the zodiac

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

Aspect Connection — an orange symbol. The pair’s motto is common interests.

When two identical signs of the zodiac are encountered, a certain unity immediately arises between them. Often they can feel each other from a half-look and understand half a word.

  • This is a common energy that a man and a woman in love share for two.
  • The danger for such a union would be boredom in love and excessive predictability of the partner’s behavior.

Plus the fact that many problems in this alliance can be avoided. For example, they do not need to search for something in common for a long time or try to adjust their lives to the desires of a loved one.

Aspect Polysextile is a symbol of blue. The pair’s motto is the pursuit of harmony between two dissimilar people.

In this aspect are the neighboring signs of the zodiac. Such couples are often found in life.

And although mutual understanding between partners does not occur immediately, they seek harmony in love and often find it.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

This union is more favorable for the preceding sign. He perceives his beloved as an understandable and predictable person with whom one can safely go through life.

But the following sign perceives the partner as a riddle, the inner world of which is so complex and diverse that it is difficult to understand its depths.

Aspect Sextile — a symbol of blue. The pair’s motto is mutual sympathy.

Here we are talking about the love compatibility of signs, which are located one by one from each other. They are related to the elements.

For example, in the sextile are signs of Fire + Air or Water + Earth.

  1. In this relationship, people sympathize with each other, they feel a mutual understanding.
  2. But at the same time, they are representatives of different elements, there are noticeable differences between them, which attract each other even more.

This is a favorable aspect not only for love, but also for a friendship or business union. Partners do not need to put a lot of effort to understand, interest or please each other.

Aspect Square — a symbol of red. The pair’s motto is dynamics and passion.

In this aspect there is little harmony and peace, but a lot of drive, dynamics and passion. Stormy relations await such a couple, because they are completely unable to negotiate peacefully and calmly.

Read more in the article about the most incompatible signs of the zodiac.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

  • A man and a woman are drawn to each other, a spark easily flares between them.
  • But due to the fact that the characters are very different, a feeling of irritation or misunderstanding often arises in a relationship. They find it difficult to achieve stability.

Partners tend to move in different directions, pull the blanket over himself. For love to be long and productive, they must learn to look for compromises.

Aspect Trin — a symbol of yellow. The motto of the couple is harmony and grace.

In the compatibility table of the signs of the zodiac for the trine is the symbol of the triangle. This is the most stable figure, which hints us that the love between these people will be just as stable and harmonious.

Both partners belong to the same element. This generates a feeling of unity and mutual understanding, a commonality of views and interests.

Often there is a deep connection between them, which only gets stronger with time.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

The signs of the zodiac in the aspect of trine are good to enter into either a love relationship, or a friendly or business relationship. They will always find points of contact and will be able to develop in one direction for the benefit of each other.

The Quixons aspect is a green symbol. The motto of the couple — the discrepancy of characters.

The man and the woman, whose signs are in the aspect of the quikon, have little in common. This is one of the reasons for the increased interest in each other.

Partners enthusiastically explore each other, each time being surprised at their discoveries. Aspect enhances erotic desire and desire in a couple.

Two people often do not understand why they want to be together, because they are so different. It is not even the attraction of “plus” and “minus”, but rather they are the inhabitants of different planets.

Aspect is good for short-term romance. But in order to build a long and sustainable union, you will need to put a lot of effort in trying to understand each other and be tolerant of partner’s shortcomings.

Aspect Opposition is a magenta symbol. The pair’s motto is the attraction of opposites.

The zodiac signs of these people are opposite each other. From this symbolism it becomes clear that we have partners with opposite characteristics.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love: a horoscope with tables and interpretation

This is a difficult but very promising aspect for a love relationship.

Man and woman complement each other’s missing qualities, creating a steady pair. Together they are stronger than one by one.

But the opposite also means that the grinding will take a lot of time. Their whole life together will consist of the search for compromises and the desire to take into account the interests of the partner.

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