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Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love — a table of combinations

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love — a table of combinations

Indians adhere to a good tradition; before marriage, they turn to a local astrologer and see how compatible their natal charts are. If according to the zodiac signs the couple has poor compatibility, the astrologer may recommend not to marry, and even prohibit the couple to marry.

In the Russian Federation, a high percentage of divorces. Not many young people are interested in astrology or read horoscopes, but do not take them seriously, but in vain.

It is enough to look at the compatibility table, which is presented below, how well in marriage can you get along with a partner and is it already possible to decide whether to marry or not?

The dream of every guy or girl is to meet a suitable lover, with whom you will develop a harmonious relationship and can live hand in hand together. According to the signs of the zodiac, people can be:

  • compatible perfect
  • neutral
  • incompatible.

How to use the compatibility table?

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love - a table of combinations

  • What is necessary to take into account the compatibility horoscope:
    So that the interested person will understand how you can get along with one or another partner in life together.
  • Astrologers say that zodiac compatibility is important and it helps to understand how beneficial a love union is.
  • Those who study the zodiac horoscope will fully know what can be expected from a person in a given situation, how resistant he is to stress, creative, reacts quickly in difficult situations, about talent in a particular area of ​​knowledge and art. When analyzing compatibility, the month of birth, zodiac sign and elements will be taken into account.

Astrological compatibility is interested not only in love, but also friends, relatives, business partners. Looking at the table, a woman, for example, on the right vertical column finds her zodiac sign, and on the top partner.

You need to look down and where the 2 conditional lines intersect, there will be an answer in percentage terms about the level of love compatibility.

Aries manTaurus manTwins manCancer manLion maleVirgin manScales manScorpio manSagittarius maleCapricorn manAquarius manFish man
Aries woman91% 43%82% 82%71%


81% 73%100% 92%81% 92%83% 75%100% 93%92% 51%85% 93%81% 65%91% 82%Taurus woman72% 100%100% 100%73%


83% 100%100% 100%92% 100%91% 93%100% 100%92% 84%100% 100%84% 75%91% 100%Twins woman81% 35%72% 25%83%


92% 45%81% 53%84% 45%91% 53%91% 44%100% 73%83% 45%92% 54%84% 41%Cancer woman82% 93%94% 100%75%


83% 100%84% 100%82% 100%91% 100%92% 65%83% 48%92% 100%84% 66%100% 100%Lion woman100% 82%94% 77%95%


71% 42%100% 74%72% 71%93% 61%100% 82%100% 84%96% 78%94% 63%82% 54%Virgin woman72% 94%73% 92%78%


83% 100%77% 76%71% 100%74% 90%95% 100%74% 48%63% 100%77% 45%63% 45%Scales woman100% 44%100% 93%100% 64%83% 75%100% 64%85% 56%93% 88%100% 63%100% 74%93% 94%100% 73%82% 64%Scorpio woman100% 100%100% 100%93%


94% 75%93% 58%91% 72%100% 74%100% 45%93% 48%100% 91%84% 53%92% 81%Sagittarius woman82% 48%77% 44%100% 66%73% 44%100% 72%81% 44%93% 73%100% 48%100% 45%83% 66%100% 47%71% 42%Capricorn woman84% 100%86% 100%73%


81% 100%84% 70%82% 100%86% 70%100% 100%91% 60%83% 100%85% 70%78% 86%Aquarius woman100% 55%84% 53%92%


77% 53%94% 52%64% 31%100% 73%94% 55%100% 48%92% 61%72% 33%100% 66%Fish woman81% 93%84% 81%82%


83% 81%94% 91%100% 100%100% 82%100% 94%75% 38%91% 100%93% 64%100% 66%


Let’s take a closer look at how to use the table:

  1. The table is made in the form of a grid with cells, in which information is written as a percentage, as far as people fit together.
  2. For example, a girl wants to find out if a guy really fits her zodiac horoscope, she is looking for her sign on the right vertical column, and on its upper horizontal names. It is necessary to trace the look or fingers to the place of intersection of values. In that cell there will be an answer in the form of 2 percent numbers.
  3. For example, a woman was born under the sign of Virgo, and a man — Aries. The numbers in the cell: 70%, 90%, what does this mean? The top number will show how people are compatible in love relationships (70%), and the bottom number — in marital relationships (90% — in our example). This is high performance and the couple has every chance to go through life together.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love - a table of combinations

What is love compatibility? It shows how good the emotional interaction, compatibility in sex, what is common to psycho.

Compatibility in family life is influenced by how people fit each other in character, their priorities.

«Important! The initially brighter the feelings and the better the sex, the more likely it is that the couple will become stronger over the years. If at the courtship stage everything was dim and someone entered into a marriage of convenience, then the risk of divorce is great. ”

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac are interested as lovers of different ages, and professionals in various fields, for example, marketers, psychologists, heads of different departments. Harmonious interaction is the foundation and it is possible to predict whether friends and partners will get along with each other, can family life be possible for many years?

Now, regarding personal life, work, many consult professional astrologers.

Love compatibility signs of the zodiac:

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love - a table of combinations

Synastric astrology people are engaged in centuries. This science originated on earth long ago and recorded many observations of the behavior of representatives of one or another sign of the zodiac.

Skeptics doubt, but interaction predictions are accurate.

The relationships of people of different signs line up in their own mosaic. At the most favorable, when people of one element earth-earth, etc., or air-fire, water-earth relations develop harmoniously, like puzzles.

Knowing these patterns, one can understand how joyful and harmonious, potentially lasting love relationships will be.

There are only 4 elements: fire, with air, earth, with water. The signs of the zodiac 12 and every 3, depending on the month of birth, belong to one or another sign of the zodiac, are included in a certain element.

Better understanding between people of the same element or at complementary fire-air, earth-water.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love - a table of combinations

What is the task of compatibility horoscope:

  • Show how comfortable people will be with each other in love relationships. They can feel together both 100% at peace and often conflict, but there are many intermediate states between these 2 poles.
  • It cannot be said that one or another, even the best of relationships will last forever and the partners will not cool down.
  • When people are in love, communicate, create a family, there is no predestination. It happens that couples with intense characteristics of relationships live together all their lives, and with very favorable horoscopes will soon diverge.
  • The horoscope of zodiacal compatibility is a conductor helping to navigate in complex human destinies, but for 80% everything depends on the participants in love relationships. On the way of knowing each other there will be ups and downs, disappointments and stormy joy. The main thing is to follow the chosen path, trust the partner, build a joint happy future.

«Important! It is necessary to have firm determination and courage to live life in one person, not to leave him in trouble, share joy and happiness with him, help in difficult moments. ”

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in love - a table of combinations

Those who believe in horoscopes, when they meet a person, try to find out his date of birth. It is encrypted important information about the whole fate.

Using the table of zodiac compatibility, it is possible to say for sure that a favorable forecast of the development of love relationships or is it better not to agree with this person?

Even if, according to the predicted relationship, it seems difficult, you should not despair and give up the union. After all, much depends on the experience of people, upbringing in the parental family, intelligence, ability to forgive mistakes.

Influences on people and the inherent mentality of different nationalities, but if the love is true, she does not know the obstacles and the couple will overcome any difficulties.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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