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Compatibility of signs of the zodiac and year of birth

Compatibility of signs of the zodiac and year of birth

Modern people often have to make important decisions. Each situation should be approached carefully, taking into account all factors.

The choice of a life partner is one of the most important decisions that we have to make in our life.

It is possible to determine the compatibility of partners and predict their relationship using different horoscopes. This may be the eastern horoscope, zodiac horoscope, floral, etc.

This will allow to better understand the person, to understand his character and temperament, to understand whether to create a pair with such a person.

Compatibility of signs of the zodiac and year of birth

One of the most popular ways to compare two people and try to determine their present and future relationships is the compatibility of the zodiac signs according to the eastern calendar, that is, by year of birth. This will help to better understand the second potential partner and help build happy and harmonious relationships.

Compatibility of the Eastern Horoscope

Unlike the horoscope according to the signs of the zodiac, the Eastern system divides people by birth in a certain year. The cycle consists of 12 categories. Each of them corresponds to its animal, according to the Eastern calendar:

That is, if the astrological horoscope divides people into 12 periods during the year, then the Eastern system is due to 12 time cycles. Each cycle lasts for 1 year.

All people born during a particular year are protected by one of 12 animals, symbols of the Chinese (Eastern) horoscope. In the photo you can see the table of compliance of the animal and year of birth. For example, Rabbit protects people born in 1963, 1975, 1987, etc.

The rooster is the patron saint of those born in 1981, 1993, 2005. Other animals also enter their phase every 12 years.

Compatibility of signs of the zodiac and year of birth

According to this system, it is possible to determine the peculiarities of behavior and the fundamental traits of the character of a person whose birth date corresponds to a certain symbol. Having learned such details, one can assume its compatibility with a particular person, if you know his year of birth.

All information that can be gleaned from various kinds of compatibility tables for different parameters, such as year of birth, zodiac sign, names, etc., is useful only to those who believe in all this. Knowing this data, the interested person will be able to have a more detailed idea of ​​his future partner and understand whether it is worth starting a serious relationship with him and his family.

How to determine compatibility

It is believed that animals on the Chinese calendar are characterized by their special energy flows that act on the universe at certain times of the year. They can affect more than compatibility.

Cosmic elements affect all representatives of the year, betraying them to similar features.

So you can learn about:

  • Character traits;
  • Relationship with others;
  • Compatibility in other people.

To calculate the compatibility, only one is needed. Know the year of birth of both people.

Knowing the year, determine their sign on the Eastern system and check the compatibility horoscope.

Compatibility of signs of the zodiac and year of birth

It is important that ideally combined people simply do not exist. The following compatibility table is based on three principles of compatibility:

Character Characteristics

To be able to quickly understand the principles of compatibility according to the Eastern calendar, you need to familiarize yourself with each sign:

  • The rat is the first animal in the cycle of the Chinese horoscope. People of this sign are talented, they do everything with optimism and passion. Many representatives of this sign become leaders in many areas of life, even in marriage. Entering into an alliance with the Rat, the partner must be prepared for squandering and excessive emotionality. Good compatibility with the Rat, Dragon and Monkey.
  • The bull is a hard-working and hardy sign. They are touchy, but quickly depart. They love order and thoroughness. Can not tolerate betrayal and treason. All these features must be taken into account before you start a relationship. There will be no good alliance with the Dragon, Goat and Horse.
  • Tiger — a symbol of nobility, courage and independence. Those who want to connect their lives with Tigris, you need to know about his impulsiveness, capriciousness, temper and squabbling. In conjunction with the Tiger, the Rooster and the Boar, any outcome will be possible.
  • The rabbit is kind, well-mannered, prudent and cautious. People who associate their lives with Rabbit will be surrounded by tenderness and love. They give their warm feelings, without demanding anything in return. A good union will develop with a goat, a dragon and a dog.
  • Dragon — they are characterized by insight and sentimentality. Although at the same time they are purposeful and self-confident. In marriage, they will be very practical and gullible. It is unlikely that they will be able to get along with the Bull, Dog and Tiger.
  • Snake — people who surprise with their intuition and diplomacy, and at the same time very inconstant. Almost all Snakes are splashes. They are also characterized by sensuality and romance. The marriage will require reciprocity from the partner. There may be a normal relationship with Rabbit, Horse, Dog and Rat.
  • Horse — people who are thirsty for adventure, capable of any adventure. They are endowed with talents and industriousness, but they can deceive and commit unscrupulous acts. Constancy, they do not shine. Horse can not be called monogamous. Despite all the shortcomings, an alliance with a goat, a Tiger and a Dog will be successful.
  • Goat — characterized by generosity and indecision. They are shy and irresponsible people. They are not mercantile people, but will be support and support for their second half. They can be Rabbit, Boar and Horse.
  • Monkey — a clever person, an intellectual. Good friends, but in the work will be good rivals. Monkeys in marriage are good partners, but in everyday life they are rather messy. It is unlikely that it will be possible to build an alliance with the Tigris and the Horse.
  • Rooster — have the straightness, practicality and diligence. They will be a good partner for family life, but they will be exacting to the partner and ask attention to themselves. There is a chance for a good relationship with the Bulls, Snake and Dragon.
  • Dog — different modesty and dedication to the second half. In any case, they are honest and require justice in everything. The family will not tolerate scandals, and betrayal just can not forgive. They will not be able to build a long relationship with a goat, a rooster and a dragon.
  • Boar — A generous man, quick-tempered, but easily appeased. Marriage show their romance and can forgive a mistake. Partner will be comfortable with him. Especially if it turns out to be Rabbit or Goat.

It is important to remember to everyone who is trying to predict the development of relations by horoscopes that determining compatibility by horoscopes is not a sentence. Knowing all the problematic sides of each other, it is possible to avoid possible disagreements and sharp corners, to build long and happy relationships.

You need to constantly work on yourself and on relationships, paying enough attention to your loved one.

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