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Compatibility of partners in numerology — the definition of the type of union

Compatibility partners in numerology: a simple calculation

In numerology, the compatibility of partners, as a concept, does not exist. According to the dates of birth, you can determine the type of your union and its main features, and make a start from this.

Union type calculation

You will need a pen, a piece of paper and a date of birth: yours and partner. The calculation will be as follows (consider the example):

Compatibility of partners in numerology - the definition of the type of union

  1. First, write the date of birth in the line: 16101991
  2. Then we summarize the numbers: 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 28
  3. We continue to add: 2 + 8 = 10
  4. From the first amount we subtract 2 if the date of birth is before the year 2000. If after, we add 19
  5. And finally, we add the digits of the last value.
  6. All the resulting figures are calculated in the table

Next, we need to look at which psychotype each of the partners belongs to:

  • Chief — units more than twos
  • Artist — Twos is more than one
  • By itself — an equal number of ones and twos

After all calculations can determine the numerological compatibility.

Union Type Definition

In numerology, there are three types of alliances: karmic, fateful and mirror. Each of them has its own characteristics.

Compatibility of partners in numerology - the definition of the type of union

How to determine the type:

  • If one of the partners has a psycho-type by itself, and the second has a boss or a performer, this is a karmic union.
  • If the psycho is the same — mirror
  • If the opposite (chief executive) — fate

Consider the features of each type separately.

Karmic union

The “karma” type of union means that people have already met in past lives and have made debts to each other. As a rule, these are sick, dependent relationships in which both badly and without each other are unbearable.

Such a pair is almost always doomed — parting is inevitable, or people will torment each other all their lives, constantly sort things out, quarrel, arrange conflicts.

You can stop the karmic interaction, provided that the partners create some kind of a common Creation. It may be:

  • Child. Often divorced just after the birth of the first child, at least — the second child
  • Common cause: creation of something creative, business, discovery in science or something like that.

If people manage to fulfill their mission in a karmic union and create some kind of creation, they part and very quickly meet their real second half, joining the “fateful” union.

Destiny Union

The “Fate” type union is considered the most favorable: the compatibility of the partners in this case is almost perfect.

What is typical for such a pair:

  • For a long time, people can be friends, communicate, cooperate without feeling attracted to each other. But sooner or later there comes a moment when they understand: one has to be either with this person or with no one, and love comes
  • Such a pair can part, but only under the condition of annoying external factors. For example, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, or friends insert a stick in the wheel. It is very important to be able to maintain relationships at the same time, because after parting it is almost impossible to find a new happiness in your personal life.

This is a union of opposites: people find the missing qualities in themselves in a partner. Therefore, they develop, help each other to become better.

Mirror union

This is the notorious “love at first sight”, a passion that flashes instantly. The most common type of relationship in the modern world.

The union of two very similar individuals who understand the partner well, because they themselves are the same.

Compatibility of partners in numerology - the definition of the type of union

The development and fate of relationships will depend only on the desire of people in a couple to interact, develop, build love, happiness, and strive for harmony.

Numerological Clues

“Clues” are qualities that one partner has, but others do not. This is neither good nor bad.

Everything depends only on whether it will annoy you or, on the contrary, help develop.

Watch the video about numerological compatibility:

In our example, there is a clue on the fours — a sense of duty, responsibility. That is, hyper-responsibility and the desire to control everything in a man are combined with a constant “creative disorder” and irresponsibility in a woman.

This can cause conflicts if a man starts to “build” and restrict her freedom. But it can also be a positive moment if a woman is willing to submit and give the reins to his hands.

Briefly about hooks for each quality (units, twos and nines) in the numerological test there is at all, we do not consider them):

  • Troika is economic, propensity for hoarding, fouling of personal property, grounding
  • Four — responsibility, a sense of duty, the desire to control all external processes, adherence to the laws and norms of morality
  • Five — sensuality, the ability to express and show their love with words and actions, gratitude and praise
  • Six is ​​a tendency to systematization, the search for new knowledge, the desire to learn
  • Seven — intuition. The more sevens in the dough, the stronger the gift of premonition
  • Eight is success, unlimited luck without effort

Analyze your numerological tables. Here are some examples:

  1. Suppose you have a few fives in the test, and the man does not have them. Then he may seem to you a “cracker”, an insensitive person. You will miss the expression of love on his part, affection and tenderness. In fact, he is accustomed to expressing his feelings by actions; he does not know how differently.
  2. Or you do not have triples, and the men are in abundance. This means that he is very rational in everyday life, a perfectionist, he needs everything to be in their places. And you are lax, accustomed to the mess. This can be annoying, cause quarrels.

It is important to learn to accept the qualities of a partner and explain to him the peculiarities of his character. Numerological calculation also helps with this.

By stopping to expect from the chosen one what he is simply not capable of due to personal, innate qualities, you will significantly reduce the number of quarrels.

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